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  1. Srinivasan emerges favourite for ICC role

    All these communists or socialists want India to get 4% just like everyone. Srinivasan took it up to 22% under Big-3 takeover and now Manohar has already either taken it down or wants it to be at 16%. All this Extreme Hoopla while India contributes around 75% and we are asking for just 22%.
  2. Srinivasan emerges favourite for ICC role

    Nice to see Srini mama back, the sad demise of Dalmiya created an opportunity for snakes like Manohar who first left India high and dry in this moment of instability and then is attacking from outside, BCCI needs a strong person who can bitchslap him to reality.
  3. ICC trying to cut the hand that is feeding them: BCCI

    Apparently there were some amendments to ICC Chairman position which were cleverly made by Manohar when he was BCCI president which makes it impossible to replace or impeach him. This snake has planned it too well and will hurt India in the long term. Should just extend IPL to 3-4 months and see the ICC and other countries reaction to it.
  4. ICC trying to cut the hand that is feeding them: BCCI

    Any way to recall or impeach Manohar as ICC president? He was an Indian nominee, must be some provision to replace him. Manohar has always been a brown-nosing, glory hunting snake and he is taking it to another level by aligning with the England and Australian cricket boards when Indian board is weak domestically.
  5. Sony buys Ten Sports for Rs.2000crs

    can charge whatever they want for their channels, that day is not far away when we stop getting sports channels in total bundle and have to pay separate heavily priced sports pack like other countries.
  6. Sony buys Ten Sports for Rs.2000crs

    Duopoly is never a good news.
  7. As long as Kuldeep stays at UP under piyush Chawla, he will not get many chances.
  8. Good to see Supreme court allowing ads between the overs, this was the only dangerous suggestion and rightfully rejected by the court. Rest all do not matter much to normal public, the votes were bought earlier and will be bought in future too, so nothing changes on that front. No ministers and 70 yr plus rule is also a big positive.
  9. Should have just selected Tom Moody and be done with it. All this conflict of interest issues would have not arisen, this Laxman selling his shares in Tenvic looks like a weak excuse, as if the association goes away within a day of selling the shares. No fast bowling coach too as Kumble wants to coach bowlers himself, this is idiocacy at its best.
  10. Good decision, 2 weeks format will be short and sweet. The overseas Indian population will also get to attend matches and BCCI will be able to offset the draconian and foolish Lodha Ad ruling.
  11. Some foreign coach should have been selected to stop this idiotic regionalism and Player academies like Tenvic coming into discussion. With Ganguly, Sachin, VVS in the committee it was a given that Kumble will get selected. Heck, they asked for his name eventhough Kumble was not in the shortlist of 21 names due to criteria reasons.
  12. The beauty of the "C" word - A tribute to RCB

    MTC getting back into the groove But need csk for his original peak writing skills
  13. KL rahul In place of msd for odi/t20 ?

    Naman Ojha is the only option now who is a decent keeper as well as batsmen. Rest all need to improve a lot as keepers.
  14. Manohar steps down as BCCI president

    Good Riddance, hope the ego-maniac doesn't end up as ICC president. what's the latest info on the big-three financial deal, Manohar was trying to reduce India's share? What his masterplan? Any news @Malcolm Merlyn
  15. Atul Sharma is back again after 7 years. Wow! or Lol.

    Atul was busy romancing Rhea Pillai and fighting Leander Paes, he is not one of those people who will lie low for a long period of time. Atul Sharma is not a cricketer, so no point comparing him whether he is good or average or bad. Just someone who wanted to play cricket and trained hard for it then left everything after a big injury and in the process ruined his reputation and also caused financial and mental harm to Ian Pont who supported him a lot but Atul did't pay heed to his advise on injury management etc.
  16. It is definitely ok for him to bash Dhoni and it is perfectly ok for you to bash Sachin but don't go about calling out other people for negativity and fanboyism or insulting legends or making off-topic comments by including other players. You yourself do the same and i called out on your hypocrisy.
  17. Atul Sharma is back again after 7 years. Wow! or Lol.

    LOL how do you expect to see a spell against a Quality batsmen when he has not played any match at any level, this is the best we can get from youtube and the rest we can infer from what Ian Pont said about him. If you read the first post of this thread, he clearly says he has the aim of playing club cricket, these 7 years he should have played cricket instead of doing a runner on Pont and maybe he could have become a cricketer.
  18. You call him out on bashing Dhoni out of nowhere and do the same with Tendulkar in this post, shows the hypocrisy.
  19. Atul Sharma is back again after 7 years. Wow! or Lol.

    The same training video shows his bowling at the end, he had two actions at that time developed with the help of Ian Pont and a Javelin coach:
  20. Atul Sharma is back again after 7 years. Wow! or Lol.

    I hope he can play at least at some club level or domestic level for some time, if not for him then for Ian Pont's sake. Pont backed him a lot and suffered because of Atul running away.
  21. The Hindi and English commentary box were separated by a VIP box in between. If that door is shut, the commentators will have to run around using stairs to reach the other place, Bhogle was sometimes panting on air due to all this running around and hence got angry and argued with the Vidharbha Cricket Association staff at the ground. When the two faced Snake named Shashank Manohar got this news, he asked them to make an example out of Bhogle. Manohar is a meglomaniac dictator just like Srini was but at-least Srini didn't undermine India's interest at the International stage. Manohar is a Gloryhunter, two faced snake and i can't believe we went from Srini to someone even worse now.
  22. All these Amitabh and Dhoni reasons are hogwash. Bhogle was fired by the two faced snake Shashank Manohar due to the incident at Vidharbha Cricket Association, Nagpur ground. I am at Nagpur now and know what happened here.
  23. Awesome teaser trailer, this looks and feels much better than the Fixer Azhar's image whitewashing movie project. Dhoni movie also looks good.
  24. Why was Amit Mishra ignored over the years?

    Amit Mishra is one of the best leg spinners in world cricket, should be a default in the squad.

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