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  1. ICC said its Hong Kong.
  2. The return of the Bhuvi

    Check out the last match videos on starsports.com or hotstar.com
  3. The return of the Bhuvi

    Yup, bowling at a decent pace 135-140k and still swinging it. As Shoaib Akhtar said "Bhivi Tabaahi macha deta agar sab matches kheltaa"
  4. Jadeja on PTV Sports

    Never set foot on which cricket ground? And the only reason he didn't get life ban was less proof against him whereas Azhar was outed by Hansie cronjie. Both Ajay and Azhar fixed matches and then bet that entire amount on India losing that match. Never going to move on from such fixers and criminals. The stories of how they lost money whenever Sachin single handedly won matches is hilarious as well as satisfying.
  5. Jadeja on PTV Sports

    Qayuum report is not much publicised in India and only diehard cricket followers like us know about that whereas Azharuddin and Ajay Jadeja case is known to anyone and everyone in India, even my senior citizen dad says fixer whenever Azhar and Ajay come on screen to give their expert opinions. Star Sports India does know about the people's pulse much more than other channels, remember the mauka-mauka theme?
  6. Jadeja on PTV Sports

    So, this shameless fixer has to go to Pakistan to earn a living. Good, hope he does not return to IPL hosting team, Star won't entertain him or Azharuddin.
  7. Indo-Pak WT20 match to be shifted or cancelled?

    The much-awaited India-Pakistan World Twenty20 clash is in jeopardy after the Himachal Pradesh government expressed its inability to provide security for the match, leaving the BCCI in a bind with Board secretary Anurag Thakur saying that the state should not “play politics”. The March 19 game is to be played in Dharamsala but its fate is now uncertain after Himachal Pradesh chief minister Virbhadra Singh wrote to the Home Ministry stating that the state government cannot provide security for the match. Reacting sharply to Singh’s statement, Thakur, who is also a BJP MP in Lok Sabha, said the state knew of the schedule months in advance and did not specify any such concerns at that time. “The venues of the World Cup matches were decided one year ago, the allotment of matches was decided six months ago. People all over have made bookings and it is not fair to give such statements at the last minute,” Thakur told reporters. “The Congress-led state government is clearly playing politics. Hundreds of Pakistani athletes were given security during the South Asian Games in Assam, why can’t the Himachal government do the same?” Thakur asked. “By claiming that you cannot provide security, you are only giving credence to Pakistani claims that there is a security threat to their team in India. It’s about the country’s image, you cannot play politics over it,” he added. On Monday, the Himachal Pradesh Congress had asked the BCCI to either cancel the proposed match or shift the venue.
  8. Indo-Pak WT20 match to be shifted or cancelled?

    This is just congress govt. at Himachal playing politics at the right moment to embarass BJP, congress knew about the match since one year but kept quiet till now.
  9. Pandya bowls 137 and 138k consistently without exerting himself. Can bowl 140+ if he wants to. But i am happy with these speeds as well, the Best seaming allrounder in India.
  10. Nope, using 3G mobile data for watching some overs. At new place, Should get broadband connection by tomorrow.
  11. Pandya bowled consistently at 137 and 138K, saw the speeds on hotstar Hindi feed
  12. The ICC has announced it will carry out a complete constitutional review of the changes brought about by the "Big Three" takeover in 2014. Moves have already begun to dismantle the system of governance proposed by the BCCI, ECB and CA two years ago, with confirmation of the expected change to make the ICC chairman an independent position. The outcomes from the ICC board meeting on Wednesday also included removing permanent positions for India, England and Australia on the Executive Committee and the Financial & Commercial Affairs Committee - the ICC's two most powerful forums. In a statement, the ICC said the board had "agreed to carry out a complete review of the 2014 resolutions and constitutional changes with a view to establishing governance, finance, corporate and cricketing structures that are appropriate and effective for the strategic role and function of the ICC and all of its members". Shashank Manohar, the BCCI president who is also currently serving as ICC chairman, signalled his intention to roll back the changes overseen by his predecessor N Srinivasan in an interview last year, when he referred to "the three major countries bullying the ICC". Manohar will now head the five-man steering group set up to conduct the review, with an aim of putting forward recommendations at the ICC's annual conference in June. Alongside Manohar on the steering group will be ECB president Giles Clarke, in his role as chairman of the F&CA Committee. Clarke was one of the architects of the ICC revamp and had been expected to run for the position of chairman. The rest of the group will comprise heads of the ICC's Governance Review Committee, Executive Committee and Associate/Affiliate Member group: Nazmul Hassan, David Peever and Andrew Armitage respectively. The introduction of an independent chairman was intended to "avoid any potential conflicts of interest and to follow best practice principles of good governance". The ICC's next chairman, to be elected later this year, will no longer be able to hold a position on their home board, as Srinivasan and subsequently Manohar did. Candidates to succeed Manohar must have served as an ICC director. The chairman will be able to serve for a maximum of three two-year terms. Manohar said the board had agreed on a need for greater transparency and would reinstate the practice of Full Member boards presenting their audited accounts to the ICC on an annual basis. Three of the boards four annual meetings will now take place outside of the UAE, where the ICC is headquartered, with the Annual Conference set to be held in Edinburgh from June 27 to July 2. "We had very purposeful and positive meetings, and the decisions taken clearly reflect that we collectively want to improve the governance in a transparent manner, not only of the ICC but also the Member Boards," Manohar said. "This, in turn, will enhance the image and quality of the sport. No Member of the ICC is bigger than the other and I am determined to make a meaningful contribution in this regard with support of all the Members." http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci-icc/content/story/968983.html
  13. Good to see that Dhoni is not discarding Hardik Pandya and seems to be fond of him and other batsmen who can ball a bit like Yuvraj and Raina. A bowler needs captain's backing and confidence to do do well. Dhoni's comments: "Allrounders are important. If Hardik doesn't bowl me four overs in every game; even if he gives two overs or three overs, I can still use others." "What I don't want is top five or top six batters, including the keeper, where you don't have a bowling option. If somebody goes for runs, you don't really know what to do. In this format, you will have bowlers going for runs. At that time, you want your part-time allrounders to come in and give you that one over because that one over can help. "We will wait and watch how it goes. I think it's important to have players like Yuvraj Singh who can bowl and bat, Suresh Raina, who can bowl and bat. Because if you have too many one-dimensional players in your top order it becomes really difficult when someone has a bad day." When it comes to international cricket it is all about handling the pressure," Dhoni said. "Once you are given the ball, there is some pressure on you because it's your first game and you don't know what kind of bounce is there or what kind of pace is there. There would be some kind of pressure. After the first over I knew the second over would be better. I was happy with the second and third over. Still he [Pandya] will have to be more consistent with line and length. That will give me a lot of confidence to consistently play him as the third seamer when the need arises." http://www.espncricinfo.com/australia-v-india-2015-16/content/story/965761.html#
  14. ICC announces review of Big-3 restructuring

    Read this thread again.
  15. ICC announces review of Big-3 restructuring

    This is not "India intends to", This is all Manohar's brainchild and he has not even consulted other members from BCCI. Manohar is behaving as it is his own money instead of Indian cricket, this man is a bigger Meglomaniac than even Srinivasan. He does not understand the infrastructure and facility disparity between India and other developed countries like New Zealand, England, Australia.
  16. How much Ranji trophy player earn in 1 year

    Domestic players earn 40k per day plus daily allowance and travel allowance.
  17. Sunil Dev accuses Dhoni of fixing matches

    Why are posts making baseless allegations tolerated here? Is there no legal implication for Admin/ site owners here? Also change the thread title.
  18. IPL Player Auction 2016 - 6 FEB . 351 Players under the hammer.

    The Hooda goes for 4.2 crores, thoroughly deserves it.
  19. IPL Player Auction 2016 - 6 FEB . 351 Players under the hammer.

    As i said, all the good Indian players will get picked for good price. Nair for 4 crores, Pant for 1.7 crore, Eklavya Dwivedi for 1 crore and Kishan for 35L.
  20. IPL Player Auction 2016 - 6 FEB . 351 Players under the hammer.

    Did you watch last year IPL??
  21. IPL Player Auction 2016 - 6 FEB . 351 Players under the hammer.

    RCB have Milne as backup for starc, Harshal patel and Abu Nechim along with Varun Aaron provide decent options for RCB. Not to forget that Starc will be back by the time IPL starts.
  22. IPL Player Auction 2016 - 6 FEB . 351 Players under the hammer.

    Barinder Sran got 1.2 crores. As i said, there is enough money to go around for all the decent Indian players. So, no need of worrying why someone went for more money or less.
  23. IPL Player Auction 2016 - 6 FEB . 351 Players under the hammer.

    Even they will go for decent money, there is enough money to go around for all the good Indian players.
  24. IPL Player Auction 2016 - 6 FEB . 351 Players under the hammer.

    Yup, the high price is justified due to low number of quality Indian bowlers available for the 8 teams, foreigners can't fill more than four slots in a team, it is all supply and demand.

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