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  1. 15 hours ago, velu said:

    i am not 100% sure that matches will be shifted .. somebody will bell naam tamilar group



    4 hours ago, beetle said:

    They should be. Itvis time to call their bluff. People should know that they cannot hold the nation/ state/ people to ransom with gundagardi...no matter what the cause.

    Did people not see the peaceful farmer protests in mumbai ? 

    The hope the wrath of the people makes these gundas hide behind their papas.


    The shifting of matches from Chennai to Pune has been confirmed: http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/23112063/ipl-matches-moved-chennai-security-concerns

  2. 23 minutes ago, vvvslaxman said:

    Settle down bro. We are talking about cricket. No need to bring other profession here.  Not all of them are T20 specialists. They pick random noobs and use IPL as a training platform. We have been witnessing since 2007. We have even discussed about how worthless these hacks are. Out of 10 , 1 or 2 clicks. That's about it.  


    9 minutes ago, BeautifulGame said:

    And they are picking players for T20.No need to bring test specialist into the team .


    These random players are discarded if they don't perform.Just like Pujara was dropped after failing in previous IPLs.


    I bring other professions because he earns load more than most Indians .So no he isn't serving the country and deserves an IPL pay.


    Agree 100 per cent, Pujara makes 5 crores every year just playing one format of the game, he will retire with more than 60-70 crores as lifetime income. This is insane level of money, only cricket players from Big 3 countries make this much. And No need of crying for IPL money, he does not have skills for T20, so does not make money in that format.

  3. 10 hours ago, Mosher said:

    Aaron has clearly worked on variations. He is not just a one dimensional bowler who can just bowl fast. Watch the video below of him bowling a beauty of a knuckle ball in SMA. He was pretty accurate too. 




    That is an excellent ball, I was watching auction live. felt sad to see nobody picking Varun even after requesting his name for second and third time in the evening. So much money was spent on so many people, 50 lakhs is peanuts in auctions, Varun would have been a good addition to many squads. 


    Still the fastest amongst all the current Indian fast bowlers, bowled 151.3 KPH in that match against Sri lanka in India. Should reach 155K is places like Australia.

  4. "At this level you don't want to get into too much technique but he is the one who studies a lot and is very good at managing bowlers," said Bhuvneshwar on Saturday (October 28). "He pin points things that really help improve your bowling. When I added pace, I lost my swing a bit. But he gave me suggestion, pointed some small things which I couldn't catch. In me getting my swing back, he has a big role in it.



    "As you play, you grow as a player; I have improved a lot in the last couple of years as a bowler. I have added a bit of pace but haven't lost my swing. That's something which I am really happy about. My batting also has improved, overall I have grown as a player."



  5. Absolutely disgusting news if true, BCCI stealing money from young T20 players for paying domestic players will be a infuriating and illogical  step, But this has been the thinking of most of the people in our country. On every online news about IPL or player salaries, you can read the level of vitroil posted by our fellow countrymen who diss and tell that such money should not be paid. Anyone making good money, being successful is looked at scornfully and few expletives are thrown towards the person or his family if they are in business.


    The thousand years of foreign rule followed by the socialist Nehruvian experiments with our country has really messed up the basic economic thinking of most of the general population, it will take us a thousand years to get out of this mentality.

  6. 3 hours ago, putrevus said:

    Who exactly has Ian pont coached and made him good fast bowler.


    Ian Pont has coached and helped fast bowling greats like Dale Steyn and Shoaib Akhtar, both of them have taken Ian's name as a good coach who helped them improve.  


    Shoaib Akhtar even mentioned about Ian Pont coaching him in his autobiography "Controversially Yours". 

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