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  1. Absolutely disgusting news if true, BCCI stealing money from young T20 players for paying domestic players will be a infuriating and illogical  step, But this has been the thinking of most of the people in our country. On every online news about IPL or player salaries, you can read the level of vitroil posted by our fellow countrymen who diss and tell that such money should not be paid. Anyone making good money, being successful is looked at scornfully and few expletives are thrown towards the person or his family if they are in business.


    The thousand years of foreign rule followed by the socialist Nehruvian experiments with our country has really messed up the basic economic thinking of most of the general population, it will take us a thousand years to get out of this mentality.

  2. 3 hours ago, putrevus said:

    Who exactly has Ian pont coached and made him good fast bowler.


    Ian Pont has coached and helped fast bowling greats like Dale Steyn and Shoaib Akhtar, both of them have taken Ian's name as a good coach who helped them improve.  


    Shoaib Akhtar even mentioned about Ian Pont coaching him in his autobiography "Controversially Yours". 

  3. MS Dhoni is not an automatic selection in ODIs anymore. A day after India announced the squadfor Sri Lanka, leaving out Yuvraj Singh, chairman of selectors MSK Prasad was asked if Dhoni was a natural pick, if the name rolled off naturally as it used to: "Virat, MSD…"


    "Whenever a player keeps ageing," Prasad's reply began. "I was just reading [Andre] Agassi's book, Open, his life actually started after 30 years. Till then he won two or three. His actual life started after that. He lived with media pressure, 'When are you going to retire?' But he played till 36 and he won so many Grand Slams. So you never know. We don't say it is an automatic this thing… but we will see. We are all stakeholders. We all want the Indian team to do well. If he is delivering, why not? If he is not, we will have to look at alternatives."


    Asked if there had been a discussion around Dhoni, Prasad said: "Discussions happen about everybody. It is not just MS. When we pick, when we talk about combinations, we talk about everybody. You will also see in time to come." Asked how confident Prasad was of seeing Dhoni in the 2019 World Cup and whether he was going to be rotated like other players too, he said: "We will see, we will see. The legend that he is, we don't want to make it… but yes we have a plan."



  4. Times of India has posted some more stuff from email/letter:



     The Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) on Thursday shot a letter to CoA chief Vinod Rai, expressing "pain" at the perception that appointments of Rahul Dravid and Zaheer Khan were forced upon head coach Ravi Shastri.

    The Committee of Administrator (CoA) has reportedly given the impression that CAC has gone beyond its brief in appointing Dravid and Zaheer as consultants when they were to select only the head coach.

    "We spoke to Mr Shastri about getting Mr Khan and Mr Dravid on board in these capacities, and he readily agreed to the idea of having them in the set-up so that it would benefit the team and Indian cricket as a whole in time to come. It was only after getting Mr Shastri's consent that we also recommended Mr Khan and Mr Dravid, in their respective capacities," the letter, a copy of which is with PTI, read.

    The legendary trio reminded Rai of an e-mail where he had apparently given them a free-hand in picking the coach of the Indian cricket team.

    "There have been suggestions that the CAC has exceeded its ambit in going with MR Khan and Mr Dravid and these two legends of Indian cricket has been foisted on the head coach. Also we did inform you (Rai) over the phone along with Rahul Johri and Amitabh Choudhary of all that transpired immediately after the meeting was over."

    In the beginning of the letter the CAC expressed its anguish.

    "You will be aware that we put our heart and soul into the process, approaching a task made delicate by the recent developments with a clear head and with soul aim of providing Indian team with best resources possible to become world beaters they are capable of being.


    "It has both pained and disappointed us, therefore, to see the light in which the CAC has been portrayed in various sections of the media," the letter read.


    That the legends were deeply hurt was palpable where they urged Rai to "come public" with transparency of the system.


    "It is our desire that you come public about the transparency of the process of identifying the next head coach so that the falsehoods are put to bed."



    Their anger and disgust came out while concluding the letter.


    "As we have outlined, that (forcing Zaheer and Dravid on Shastri) is not the case, it is imperative that the cricket- loving public at large is made aware of the reality. We could do it ourselves, of course, but we don't want to further queer the pitch. So we would respectfully request you to clear the air and set the record straight in this regard," the penultimate paragraph read.


    They concluded with another strongly worded paragraph.


    "The three of us played our cricket with great integrity, and we have brought that same trait in fulfilling this important responsibility bestowed upon us by the BCCI. While we are not looking for plaudits, we do not appreciate the tone and the falsehoods of the narratives."



  5. Firstly the COA attacked the CAC via the media over its power of selecting additional coaches and also taking more time in making the decision.


    So, Now a single member of the CAC and with the tone of the email everyone can guess it is Ganguly has hit back at the COA  :bumsmack:




    Reverberations continued to be felt after the appointment of Ravi Shastri as India coach, as tension emerged between the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) that appointed him and the BCCI's Committee of Administrators (CoA). After a CoA member reportedly suggested the CAC had exceeded its brief in appointing Rahul Dravid and Zaheer Khan as consultants to support Shastri, the CAC hit back in an email in which it clarified its role in the process.

    On Thursday, a CoA member was quoted in Indian media suggesting the CAC had overreached. In response the CAC sent the CoA an email addressed to chairman Vinod Rai, making it clear that it had informed both the new coach Shastri and the captain Virat Kohli that they would be joined by Dravid and Zaheer.



    A member of the CAC strongly defended their appointments, saying the panel had got an email from Rai giving it full authority to oversee the coach recruitment process. "We have got an e-mail from the BCCI CEO [Rahul Johri] which had Vinod Rai saying you have got absolute free hand in deciding who will coach Indian cricket," a member, clearly incensed, said. "We have those e-mails. We are writing to Vinod Rai."

    According to the CAC member, they have not received any direct communication from the CoA questioning their efforts in bringing Dravid and Zaheer on board. He also pointed out that the CAC had made sure both Shastri - "he was taken into confidence on everything, he was absolutely ready with it" - and Kohli were in the loop. "We have taken Virat Kohli into confidence. Every person who is involved knew about this".



    The CAC member said that the panel was trying to clean up the mess created by the BCCI in the first place when it gave Anil Kumble a one-year contract. He added that the board had asked the panel about their recommendation for the position of coach - after an advertisement inviting new applications had been sent out - and they had replied saying Kumble remained their first choice.

    But when he decided to resign, the CAC tried hard to, first repair the damage between Kumble and Kohli, and when that couldn't happen, pick the best available option in Shastri.



    "We spoke to Kumble and we spoke to Virat on separate days. Then the BCCI representatives spoke to both of them together. After which Anil went out and resigned," the CAC member said.


    But after all of this, the CAC member could not understand why they were being criticised. "You ask us to pick a coach and we do it honestly. And then we get battered for no fault of ours. We were asked to pick a coach last year independently. We picked the best candidate. That candidate gave you results for one year then you kicked him out. The CoA was nowhere in picture to solve the problem. We don't have the authority to solve the problem. If the CoA was in England and solved the problem, it wouldn't have come this far.


    "Anil Kumble resigned. You advertised for the job on May 25. Then you advertised again accepting fresh applications till July 9. You got applications. Who picked the best person?"



  6. Excellent panel of coaches appointed by the CAC, Ravi Shastri is a good choice for head coach work like better man management, Zaheer Khan was needed since long time now, so good to see a good bowling coach finally appointed. Sanjay Bangar and Sridhar have always been praised by the players, specially Bangar got good praise even by IPL teams and players.

  7. 39 minutes ago, Rasgulla said:

    This guy was brutally honest :laugh:


    What did he say when Ganguly said ali junaid and amir ? Didn't get that part

    He said "most of them were getting high in Sheesha Lounge", which is true as many people have seen Pakistani players getting high in Lounges this week.

  8. Have to get Umesh or Shami (Depending on fitness) instead of Ashwin but i doubt that the team management will make any changes, they will say winning formula/winning team etc and go with the same XI

  9. 3 minutes ago, New guy said:

    Actually Bhuvi bowled that intentionally as he was right back and across, so a full toss became a yorker for him. And dare I say, it was Bhuvi's pace which did him, it is difficult to hit across like that

    Inswinging ball at 142k's is difficult for anyone to hit. Bhuvi is in beast mode and hope his form continues in Champions Trophy.

  10. 7 minutes ago, Vilander said:

    i think its time Srinivasan quit cricket and setout his conflicting interests properly. I dont get the logic behind trying to get him back, he is not some don figure to scare anyone, there needs to be shrewd politicking to get BCCI's interests protected. India is filled with people who do politics all the time, yes most are dumb but surely we can find some third rate politicking administrators who play dirty politics well, that should be pretty easy to find in Mumbai or Delhi,comeon it should be too easy, why do they need Srinivasan to do it.


    The State units just want to be sure that the person going to the ICC meeting will protect their interests and who better than Srinivasan for the job as he knows the last financial agreement inside out as he was the one who fought for it and drafted it.


    The ICC chaired by our own traitor is hell bent on reducing the India's share to just 10% along with reducing the total pot itself by ICC banking many millions too which then they can use as they wish. ICC new agreements also has the clause for India losing points for refusing to play Pakistan in the rankings, there are many such things which compromise Indian crickets' position which need to defended and the meeting is in  ten days time, there is nobody better than Srinivasan for this job.


    Also, what more conflict does Srini have? His son in law did betting and the team was suspended for two years for that , punishment is already given. I am no Srini fan and i think he should retire after tearing up this new ICC agreement but we have to look out for the best person to protect Indian cricket's interest which will affect the next decade if a strong counter-politics, counter-pushing is not done at the next ICC meeting in ten days time.

  11. So, Again the great Supreme Court has come back between the wishes of BCCI state units to have Srinivasan fight for BCCI's rights at the next ICC meeting, lets see who attends the meeting and what happens to India's share of money (currently at 20% eventhough the contribution is more than 70%).



    " A shock return for N Srinivasan to the boardrooms of the ICC has been ruled out by India's Supreme Court.


    In a ruling delivered on Monday in Delhi by a three-judge bench, the court ruled that Srinivasan, a former BCCI president and ICC chairman, cannot attend crucial ICC meetings next week as the Indian board's representative. Instead, the court directed the BCCI's acting secretary Amitabh Choudhary and CEO Rahul Johri to attend the ICC's second round of quarterly meetings in Dubai between April 23-27.


    The ruling should temporarily end a recent push by BCCI officials to bring Srinivasan back into the fold for the ICC meetings. It is an important week for world cricket as members are expected to move closer not only to deciding how to govern the game, but, significantly, how to divide its financial pie. The BCCI left the last board meeting in February unhappy with the new financial model that was presented, in which its share of ICC revenues was considerably reduced from the previous model created by the Big Three. "



  12. 1 minute ago, NareshK said:

    Perhaps for some fans but most Indian cricketers have managed to play it as a game which is the way it should be. That's why Pakistan always lose it on the cricket field because they let the pressure get to them. India manage to raise their game on the occasion as well.


    All this hoopla or chest thumping over a bloody cricket match is annoying to me.


    Just because cricketers don't say things in media doesn't mean that they play Pakistan as any other team, just check out the Yuvraj interview with Preity Zinta to get a glimpse of what they actually think, even then he told to change the topic saying everyone knows the history of our countries and what feeling we get but i cant say that on TV etc..

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