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  1. Junaid slips in chucks mixed with legal deliveries to obfuscate his action. He will not be reported until the white masters of ICC, that is English or Australians get wreaked by his chucks.
  2. Ironhide

    WTD | S3E5 | Sachin Tendulkar & Virender Sehwag

    Excellent episode, both of them were very comfortable, specially Sachin as he is not this open with other interviewers.
  3. Ironhide

    I ADORE Ashish Nehra.

    This is another plus point of IPL, you get to spend time with good quality coaches and improve your confidence after being out of the International team.
  4. Avesh bowls heavy balls, even 143k feels like 150k. His 149K bouncer bamboozled even an Aussie who is used to playing fast bowlers on bouncy pitches.
  5. Ironhide

    Chennai Super Kings' remaining home games shifted to Pune

    The shifting of matches from Chennai to Pune has been confirmed: http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/23112063/ipl-matches-moved-chennai-security-concerns
  6. Ironhide

    IPL 2018 to Be Live Streamed in VR by Hotstar

    Don't have VR headset, waiting for the Oculus GO launch.
  7. Ironhide

    Varun aaron to play for Leicestershire CCC

    Good step from Varun, can make a comeback if performs well.
  8. Rishabh Pant will not get a game, the team management have selected Karthik as back-up to Dhoni till 2019 World Cup, so we must keep our expectations in check. Pant is back-up of back-up for the management which is what matters in the end not us here crying in different threads.
  9. With CoA running the BCCI and Manohar running ICC, All i see is traitors and backstabbers. Fresh news is that Manohar is sanctioning a committee to investigate Pakistan's claim of 70 Million USD against the Indian board, this request would have been thrown out if there was any leader like Srini either at the ICC or BCCI. Srini's son-in-law spoiled it for everyone.
  10. Ironhide

    10 of 22

    Dhoni is a disgrace now, nothing else. He will hang on till he is disgraced further in the World Cup.
  11. Ironhide

    Cheteshwar Pujara: Yorkshire re-sign India Test batsman

    Agree 100 per cent, Pujara makes 5 crores every year just playing one format of the game, he will retire with more than 60-70 crores as lifetime income. This is insane level of money, only cricket players from Big 3 countries make this much. And No need of crying for IPL money, he does not have skills for T20, so does not make money in that format.
  12. Ironhide

    Disappointed with these IPL owners

    That is an excellent ball, I was watching auction live. felt sad to see nobody picking Varun even after requesting his name for second and third time in the evening. So much money was spent on so many people, 50 lakhs is peanuts in auctions, Varun would have been a good addition to many squads. Still the fastest amongst all the current Indian fast bowlers, bowled 151.3 KPH in that match against Sri lanka in India. Should reach 155K is places like Australia.
  13. Ironhide

    Michael Holding - Anti Indian commie

    Good thread, i was thinking about opening similar thread. Holding has always been Anti India, he hates everything Indian like Gavaskar, Sachin. Even disparages IPL, And is a English Bootlicker as well.
  14. Ironhide

    IPL Auction Live thread

    Miller with kings XI Punjab, they used RTM card during auction
  15. Ironhide

    IPL Auction Live thread

    That is the reality of TV viewing figures and Stadium attendance as well. Test matches have a niche following.
  16. Ironhide

    IPL Auction Live thread

    Parthiv Patel would have been good cheap buy instead of this stupid bidding war for Ishan Kishan. Poor parthiv went unsold
  17. Ironhide

    Who is smart ? Kohli or Rahul Gandhi

    Even Ishant Sharma is smarter than Rahul Gandhi, Mr. Raul Vinci is a disgrace to everyone.
  18. Another nice article on Javagal Srinath apart from the " Javagal Srinath: One in a billion" which can be found here: http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/story/111878.html Posting few lines from the new article: In 1992: "And yet when the series came to a merciful end and we were told it was safe to come out, the highlights packages were full of Srinath. He was everywhere: running in silkily, sliding into a lovely, wrenching side-on sling of an action, almost like a proper fast bowler. There he was, pitching it up, making the batsmen play, taking wickets at a rate second only to Donald. There he was, sending Meyrick Pringle to hospital with a monstrous lifter that beat Pringle's hook shot and burst between visor and grille. Almost like a proper fast bowler." In 1996: "We were almost right. Spin dominated the first three innings. The South Africans clawed ahead; found themselves set just 170 to win. And then, out of nowhere, they were 0 for 2: Srinath had trapped Hudson in front and nicked off Darryll Cullinan next ball. It was all over inside 39 overs: South Africa rolled for 105, and Srinath supreme with 6 for 21." In 1997: "One man, however, went with his head held high. Srinath's wicket tally was second only to an utterly dominant Donald - 18 to Donald's 20 - and he had taken almost twice as many wickets in the series as the new local hero, Shaun Pollock. I had to admit it. The guy was almost a proper fast bowler; making the new ball swing in or seam away; getting the old one to cut back; finding the outside edge, beating the inside edge." "By 2001, though, when India returned for another series, I was sure he was done. It felt as if he had been bowling at South Africa for decades. I was midway through high school when I first saw him. Now I had left university and had a job. But there he was - "Oh it's him!" exclaimed my mother - still gliding in, still pitching it up, taking five hard-fought wickets in Bloemfontein; 6 for 76 in Port Elizabeth, snuffing out Gary Kirsten and clean-bowling Jacques Kallis." You might have seen an honest toiler who could nip out a few here and there. But I saw a strike bowler who dismissed South Africa's batsmen at a better strike rate than Warne, Murali and McGrath. I saw a man coming back over after over, Test after Test, year after year; excellent to the end. Only six bowlers have taken more Test wickets against South Africa, ever. No seamer of the last 50 years has taken more. Yes, I saw a proper fast bowler. http://www.thecricketmonthly.com/story/1086094/wolf-in-sheep-s-clothing
  19. "At this level you don't want to get into too much technique but he is the one who studies a lot and is very good at managing bowlers," said Bhuvneshwar on Saturday (October 28). "He pin points things that really help improve your bowling. When I added pace, I lost my swing a bit. But he gave me suggestion, pointed some small things which I couldn't catch. In me getting my swing back, he has a big role in it. "As you play, you grow as a player; I have improved a lot in the last couple of years as a bowler. I have added a bit of pace but haven't lost my swing. That's something which I am really happy about. My batting also has improved, overall I have grown as a player." http://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/98060/new-zealand-cricket-team-india-bhuvneshwar-kumar-credits-arun
  20. Ironhide

    Arjun Tendulkar selected in Mumbai U-19 squad

    Yup, that bouncer was by Arjun, you can identify from the clothes and the coloured hair.
  21. Ironhide

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    AHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAH Boo Yeahh !!!! Bahut Mazaa Aayaa !!
  22. Absolutely disgusting news if true, BCCI stealing money from young T20 players for paying domestic players will be a infuriating and illogical step, But this has been the thinking of most of the people in our country. On every online news about IPL or player salaries, you can read the level of vitroil posted by our fellow countrymen who diss and tell that such money should not be paid. Anyone making good money, being successful is looked at scornfully and few expletives are thrown towards the person or his family if they are in business. The thousand years of foreign rule followed by the socialist Nehruvian experiments with our country has really messed up the basic economic thinking of most of the general population, it will take us a thousand years to get out of this mentality.
  23. That was some retarded batting from Sri Lanka in the second innings, most of the wickets were thrown away.
  24. Dhoni missed easy stumping and then next ball Bhuvi dropped easy catch, Yuzvendra very unlucky today
  25. Adding two wrist spinners has completely transformed India's LOI spin department.

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