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  1. Then you'd be completely and utterly incorrect.
  2. Tweets about Virat !!

    What a man. Narrating his life story on twitter.
  3. No, Tendulkar much better in 50 over's and never really played T20's so you can't compare.
  4. Rohit Sharma Appreciation Squad

    I look forward to a good knock by Rohit against WI.
  5. Virender Sehwag Hindi Commentary

    Does anyone have any links to his commentary?
  6. than you at reading? Perhaps.
  7. I've come back after a long time to remind people to calm down.
  8. Nope, even when the ball was low he played fantastic shots. His stock reaction after getting out is meaningless to this discussion. Thank you
  9. He is the Anakin Skywalker of cricket.
  10. Well, Sachin Tendulkar Often bamboozel us with his inhuman timing and precise shots but there are moments in his career where he forces us to think what if He was a pure bowler. The question here is that " Is Sachin Tendulkar way too talented and gifted for a single human???" We shall discuss bout this. Everyone knows bout his batting prowess so that should be out of discussion.Well apart from batting, Sachin is a very good swing bowler, Off spin bowler and a leg spinner.Swing Bowling: People might not agree but Sachin is one of the best swing bowlers in the India at the moment. I am talking bout the talent of swing bowling. He can bowl inswing,outswing,seamers,slower ones, you name it he has it in his armoury. He has perfect wrist position for in swing and outswing. His seam stay dead still when he releases the ball and he likes to keep the ball full when he bowls the swingers. It is only that he is small in physique thats why his swing bowling is not that effective. So Sachin could have been a very dangerous swing bowler had he got the physique of Lee or Bond. So thats second talent apart from batting he posseses. Off Spinner: He is not a very deadly offspinner but certainly better that most of run of the mill spin bowlers that England,New Zealand,Australia(Shane Warner,Macgill being exception) have produced over the years. He has every variation except dussra.Leg Spinner: Well i am going to make a bold statement here. Sachin Tendulkar could have been a leg spinner of Warne's Caliber had he concentrated a little bit more on his bowling. This is one of the greatest regrets that i have. I am not questioning his love for the game, it is just that captains didnt used him enough and thus he never felt urgency to practise his art much. He himself has a lot of time accepted that he often get to bowl directly into a international match after months without practice. Sachin can bowl every bowl that a leg spinner can. There isnt a leg spinner in the world at the moment who extract the amount of turn that Sachin gets(Warne and Macgill are retired). Just ask Kiwis how they felt during Sachin's charismatic spell on the last day of recently concluded test. Yes it is true that he is not a very consistent bowler and he will bowls 1 or 2 full toss or loose deliveries in a over,but it is also truse that he will bowl 2 great balls per over which would be unplayable. Thats why he gets the breakthroughs more often that not. Just ask Aussies, i remember a ODI match in 2001 series in vishakhapatnam. Aussi were crusing for 161/1 in 30 overs chasing down 262. then came sachin, Took 5/32, all five were op order aussies and won the match for india. Thus Leg spin is the greates talent wasted in Sachin, if amit mishra or Piyush chawla had sachin's Leg spinning talent, well then india wouldn't worry bout replacing Anil Kumble. So Sachin could have been a Fast Swing bowler, Off Spinner and Leg spinner. Did i mention that Sachin is ambidextrous?? yep, He is Right handed batsman but can write with both hands and prefer to write with left hand. Thus he can attack the ball from any side without any worry. Next time watch the match closely, you will find sachin returning the ball with left hand and sometime with right hand. Thoughts?

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