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  1. Cannot stand "take it deep" Cannot stand the leaves to short, wide deliveries in a chase when every run matters Cannot stand the fawning commentators Cannot stand the faux "coolness" Cannot stand tuk tuking Cannot stand him getting all his partners out before ultimately losing the game Goodbye. You might only catch me outside BCCI offices waving a placard
  2. Now that the dust has settled, the answer is YES. Give the armband to Rohit!
  3. DLS is genius most utterly compelling high IQ formula out there. Predicted 148 needed from 20 overs.
  4. MSD will knock out NZ if he faces 20 balls - 5 runs 40 balls - 15 runs 60 balls - 30 runs 80 balls - 50 runs 100 balls - 70 runs 120 balls - 95 runs 140 balls - 115 runs 160 balls - 150 runs
  5. Who will score an Inzi 60 (36) to put us back on track?
  6. sage

    Why is Thala hiding?

    What the * is he doing?
  7. sage

    Why is Thala hiding?

    We literally have two wicket keepers fielding next to him. Why is he so selfish?
  8. sage

    Why is Thala hiding?

    Still hiding! This is pathetic. Forget going up the order now he's hiding behind juniors and giving them his position. Ganguly bamboozled
  9. sage

    Why is Thala hiding?

    Even his biggest critic in myself would agree that if there was ever a time his tuk tuks and lunges would be useful would be now, with a collapse in a low total chase. Why is he hiding?
  10. sage

    Sachin's 673 record in danger

    Rohit bhai showing respect to bhagwan
  11. sage

    World cup Tweets

  12. Yograj Singh... true Indian legend. Name will be remembered far longer than Thala's

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