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  1. I'm giving you a warning 4 days in advance. India will score 400, England will score more... There'll he rain as well. No result to this match since England doesn't need to win
  2. It will be a draw. England will score 700 in second innings
  3. Looks like it's a conspiracy to make Indian batsman look good. Rohit would 100% have got a hundred here judging by how things look. India most definitely 300+. Why did he opt to bowl?
  4. Rohit on a bad day is better than Dhawan and Vijay on a good day based on current form. rahul will get better. Vijay and Dhawan are done and I kept on saying it but all I got was hate. So all those who predicted Dhawan and Vijay was going to score a ton or whatever should be disappointed.  Moving forward Rohit and Rahane should open and Dhawan and Vijay should sit out. Start the hate I can handle it.
  5. I am not saying squads should be picked by polls lol. I am very aware of the public's deficiency. I was addressing the post made by Switchblade that only me and Maniac support Rohit.
  6. If you did a poll of India right now I'm sure Rohit would win over any of the other 3
  7. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/451212797619994624/479614256854204437/YiNygS.jpeg Please look at this. Rohit is our second best batsman overseas
  8. Every time I get a notification and it's a Switchblade reaction my blood boils
  9. Did you not see his 47 in South Africa when next best score was 28 in low scorer? He could have done that again in the first test and won us the match. Not trolling
  10. sage

    Commentary gems tracking thread

    lol Bhaji going to ask Bopara next
  11. 50s at worst on the other pitches. This pitch I'm thinking 200+
  12. sage

    Why did England opt to field first?

    I am kicking myself as well. I wanted 1 more top order collapse and that would be enough to fly Sharma in. Now these hacks will stay for another 100 matches
  13. That's right. Rohit Sharma. To think some lunatics still have the gall to put him down. Rohit >>>> Dhawan > Rahane > Pujara > Vujay > Rahul BCCI should charter him a plane for the next test and show some respect!
  14. Rohit Sharma is the most popular test-eligible cricketer in India after Kohli if you guys leave your bubble.
  15. Bat him at 1 or 11 he will perform. I promise you
  16. What will I do if the sun doesn't rise tomorrow? I have not considered it
  17. Agreed. I have started to find myself cheering when Indian top order fails because it means it will improve Rohit's chances of a comeback.
  18. He proved himself in tests as well. Have you forgot his deadly 47 in that pitch in South Africa? 50% more runs than second highest Indian batsman in that innings.
  19. Yes, I'll try Rohit any day to provide a match winning knock for India over those 3. Let alone the fact that he already proved himself scoring 2 centuries in the limit overs matches IN England.
  20. If there is any Indian, at all, along with Kohli who could single-handedly save our batting woes and provide match winning knocks when we need it most it is Lord Rohit. The time has come

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