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  1. I am. Batting suddenly looking good, scoring big - admittedly against South Africa attack on dream T20 wickets. A fit Dananjaya will boost their attack. They're well prepared having been in scotland for a while and playing actual LOIs. Fear they will do well this WC.
  2. I wonder how many millions Rohit would get if bcci allowed to him to play in an overseas league
  3. sage

    Should we worry about Sri Lanka

    I am no longer concerned then
  4. Chasing down 340 from 210/5. This team shouldn't be legal FFS.
  5. India would not have come close from the position England were in. Don't trust our bottom order to bat like curran and stokes
  6. He should leave faith outside of cricket... it is a secular sport
  7. Rohit captaincy - Kohli batting + Replacement batsman > Kohli captaincy + Kohli Batting
  8. sage

    The ICC cricket world cup commentators

    Isa Guha's voice is cute
  9. sage

    The ICC cricket world cup commentators

    Where is Geoffrey Boycott and Alan Wilkins?
  10. 20% support is better than expected in a server full of Rohit haters...
  11. Only thing Kohli should be picking is his haircut
  12. While Rohit adds +25 runs to the team as captain Kohli takes away 25 runs from the team as captain. So overall replacing Kohli with Sharmaji would add 50 runs to our team
  13. Rohit's influence as captain for Mumbai is easily +20/30 runs every game
  14. Harshal Patel would swing the ball left and right and leave the batsmen in tears in English conditions
  15. He will score the first 300 in ODI cricket. Screenshot this post.
  16. sage

    Rohit takes credit for Malinga's last ball wicket

    Rohit haters in full flow. Tells his bowler to bowl a slower ball on the last delivery what a champion... Kohli would've been at long on biting his nails
  17. sage

    2 (8) in a final

    dhoni lovers - eat a crow!
  18. was watching BBC Planet Earth today. wish they dubbed David Attenborough with sharmaji's soothing resonant voice
  19. sage

    New rule on WAGs.

    sharmaji's wife is true first lady material
  20. sage

    IPL cannot be scripted

    Any writer pitching superstar and India captain to be last every season would get fired in the first table reading
  21. sage

    IPL cannot be scripted

    Only people casting a shadow on the tournament are jealous of hitman

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