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  1. CricketBuffOne

    TOP 10 HIGHEST Totals by Teams in ODIs

    I would be surprised if that's not the case.
  2. CricketBuffOne

    TOP 10 HIGHEST Totals by Teams in ODIs

    They are not the best, but better than their predecessors. To clarify further my earlier remark, I compared them with the Aussie attack playing in this series. When it comes to the likes of Hazlewood, Starc, Pat Cummins, etc there is no comparison.
  3. CricketBuffOne

    TOP 10 HIGHEST Totals by Teams in ODIs

    Even if that is true, it will not be as bad as this because India has a much better bowling attack than the current Aussie attack...perhaps, this attack is their weakest ever in decades; Eng batsmen are just making great use of this opportunity.
  4. CricketBuffOne

    TOP 10 HIGHEST Totals by Teams in ODIs

    England nearly scored 500 against Aus in the 3rd ODI today. Here's a list of the TOP 10 HIGHEST Totals by Teams in ODIs. Have a look!
  5. I understand this format isn't the most enjoyable for you. But my personal experience suggests that having pictures not only helps in identifying individuals (especially, when players from the yesteryears are involved) but also helps in better recall, plus the music adds to the viewing experience. More so, in the absence of video footage (due to copyright restrictions), this is the next best option for me to share info with my viewers.
  6. Know the 6 Batsmen who have Scored HUNDREDS Before Lunch on 1st Day of a Test Match. Dhawan is the latest entrant to this list. Have a look!
  7. CricketBuffOne


    Feel likewise.
  8. CricketBuffOne


    Great choice. Seeing his form in the 2015 WC, I felt he could have easily carried on for some more time. Last I remember, he was doing very well in the County cricket & T20 leagues even after retirement... a true legend.
  9. CricketBuffOne


    Not at all, Lala...truth cannot be denied...bowling has never been India's strength. As for your 2nd point, without taking anything away from the players who have achieved this rare feat, I feel perhaps Indian batsmen weren't so fortunate with the kind of bowling attacks they had to face often, or sometimes purely because of luck they missed out on achieving this rare feat. Since you mentioned the names of those 2 gentlemen, I was curious to know as to how close they got. Here's what I found: Sachin had many great series with the bat but came very close to achieving the above feat on at least one occasion when in 1998 he managed scores of 128, 77 & 127*. Earlier in the same year, he scored 38 (run out), 143 & 134 in the tri-nation series played in Sharjah where he was adjudged the player of the tournament. Had he not been run out in the first game, who knows he might have scored a hundred in that game. Besides this, in the 1996 WC when he managed scores of 127, 70, 90 & 137 in 4 games. Overall, several times during his illustrious career, he had 1/2 not so good games separating two hundreds. As for Kohli, in the ODI series against SA earlier this year, in 6 games he managed scores of 112, 46*, 160*, 75, 36 (run out) & 129*. Had SA not been bundled out for 118 in the 2nd ODI he might have scored a hundred in that game as well since South Africans never really looked like taking his wicket in the entire series. In 2010, he managed scores of 118, 105 & 64...in 2011...107, 37 & 112*. He was most unlucky in 2012 when in 5 games he scored 133*, 108, 66, 183 & 106. In 2017...121,29 & 113. There were several other instances when he scored consecutive hundreds or had 1/2 bad games separating two hundreds. But he still has the time to make amends. Hopefully, he will enter this exclusive club soon. Taking the focus away from Indians, I am rather surprised, how come no one from the West Indies and Aus is part of this list. Guys like Viv, Lara, Gayle, Ponting, M Waugh, Hayden were all very capable of doing this. In fact, digging deeper into Gayle's stats reveals he also came very close to scoring a hat-trick of hundreds or rather 4 consecutive hundreds on at least one occasion when in 2002 he managed scores of 103, 72, 140 & 101. Another instance was in 2008 when his scores were 110*, 113, 0 & 122. On one more occasion, he scored 2 consecutive hundreds but missed out on a 3rd one. Inzy also came close once in 1992 when he managed scores of 60, 101 & 117 against SL. All these guys were/are greats of the game. Its a shame they missed out on the hat-trick of hundreds. But with so many talented guys around, I am sure many new entrants will find their way into this exclusive club in future.
  10. CricketBuffOne


    Nailed it. Great job, Zero_Unit.
  11. Yesterday, Jonny Bairstow joined a select club of Players Who have Scored HUNDREDS in 3 or MORE CONSECUTIVE ODI Innings.Till date, only 9 players have managed to do so. Any idea who all are part of this elite list?For answer & more WATCH this video!
  12. Till date, 15 Players have Represented 2 COUNTRIES in Test Cricket.Can you name at least 3 of them?Answer & more in this video. Have a look!
  13. CricketBuffOne


    Have a look at the TOP 8 All Rounders of IPL 2018. Hope you will like the video.
  14. Have a look at the TOP 10 Highest KNOCKS in IPL FINALS.Can you name the top 3?Answer & more in this video. Enjoy!
  15. CricketBuffOne

    6 Players Who Helped CSK Win IPL 2018

    This video features 6 Players whose immense contributions helped CSK win the IPL 2018 title.Have a look!

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