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  1. MOST Runs in IPL | RAINA Breaks KOHLI's Record, Reclaims Top Spot

    Yep, but once Virat returns he will give Raina a run for his money. Should be an exciting contest.
  2. This video features Top 10 Highest Run Scorers in IPL. Have a look!
  3. MOST Sixes in IPL

    Great job, bowl_out. Hope you enjoyed the video.
  4. MOST Sixes in IPL

    That's why he is called the King of T20s. He has hit 88 sixes more than Rohit in only 91 inns compared to Rohit's 138. That's really insane.
  5. MOST Sixes in IPL

    Have a look at the top 10 batsmen who have hit most sixes in IPL. Any idea who holds the record? Answer and more in this video. Watch!
  6. BORDER-GAVASKAR Trophy, 2017 | 7 HEROES of Indian VICTORY

    Everybody contributed, but only key contributors got featured in this video. Fully agree with your observation about Rahane. Being a key component of this team a lot is expected of him. Wish him luck for future outings.
  7. India defeated Australia 2-1 to win the Border-Gavaskar Trophy, 2017. This video features 7 key players who contributed the most to this victory. Have a look!
  8. This video features Top 10 Longest Test inns by an Indian Batsman in terms of balls faced. Have a look!
  9. FASTEST to 5000 RUNS in Test Cricket!

    Have a look at the 10 Fastest batsmen to 5000 Test runs. Any idea how many innings the record holder took to reach the milestone. Answer and more in this video. Watch!
  10. IPL 2016 Highlights

    Sure, thanks.
  11. IPL 2016 Highlights

    What's "yosorts?"
  12. IPL 2016: Virat Kohli v David Warner v AB de Villiers

    The partnership was a treat for fans, but misery for the bowling side.
  13. SMALLEST Targets DEFENDED by INDIA in Test Matches

    My pleasure! I hope you liked it.
  14. This video features 10 smallest targets defended by India in Test matches. They have been at their best against Australia.Take a look!
  15. HIGHEST Individual Scores in ODI CHASES

    Ya, that way Dhoni's knock stands out.

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