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  1. Yasir Shah now FASTEST to 200 Test wickets, breaks 82-year record. Have a look at the 12 bowlers who reached this milestone quickest!
  2. This video features TOP 10 FASTEST Batsmen to 10,000 ODI Runs. Take a look!
  3. @UrmiSinhaRay @DHONI_FANN glad you enjoyed the video. Thanks for watching!
  4. This video features all the 15 Indians have scored a Hundred on Test Debut. Prithvi Shaw is the latest entrant in this elite list. Hopefully, you will enjoy the video. Have a look!
  5. 13 Players have SCORED 150 & a 90 in a Test Match. Can you name any 3 of them? For answer & more, watch this video!
  6. Any idea who is the Oldest Triple Centurion in Test Cricket? Answer & more in this video. Have a look!
  7. Know the TOP 10 YOUNGEST Triple Centurions in Test Cricket. Any idea who is the youngest? Answer & more in this video. Have a look!
  8. Fakhar Zaman became the 1st Pakistani to score a Double ton in ODIs today.Have a look at the video to know about ALL the ODI DOUBLE CENTURIES.Enjoy!
  9. Know the TOP 10 Non-Test Players With MOST ODI HUNDREDS.Any idea which player holds the record & how many hundreds has he scored?Answer & more in this video. Have a look!
  10. Munro is a T20 specialist...one of the best in the format. As far as hundreds in T20Is is concerned, I am expecting a great contest amongst Munro & Rohit along with a few others in future. Ewin Lewis has taken fewer inns than Rahul to score 2 hundreds.
  11. Haven't heard from him for a long time now.
  12. Know the Top 10 Batsmen With MOST HUNDREDS in T20Is.Watch the video!
  13. Yesterday Bangladesh scored the 11th lowest total in test history. Any idea which country holds the record for the lowest test total. Here's the list of 11 LOWEST TEST TOTALS. Take a look!
  14. We often talk about the fastest hundreds in T20Is, but seldom think of the slowest hundreds. In this video, I have compiled a list of Top 11 SLOWEST HUNDREDS in T20Is.Hope you will like it. Have a look!
  15. Know the Top 10 Highest Individual Scores in T20Is? Can you tell the top 3 highest scores? Answer & more in this video. Have a look!
  16. I would be surprised if that's not the case.
  17. They are not the best, but better than their predecessors. To clarify further my earlier remark, I compared them with the Aussie attack playing in this series. When it comes to the likes of Hazlewood, Starc, Pat Cummins, etc there is no comparison.
  18. Even if that is true, it will not be as bad as this because India has a much better bowling attack than the current Aussie attack...perhaps, this attack is their weakest ever in decades; Eng batsmen are just making great use of this opportunity.
  19. England nearly scored 500 against Aus in the 3rd ODI today. Here's a list of the TOP 10 HIGHEST Totals by Teams in ODIs. Have a look!
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