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  1. Pakistan Super League 2018 - Tournament Thread

    Very bad international contingent. Even Ajman league might have had better international players.
  2. Pakistan Super League 2018 - Tournament Thread

    2 years ago
  3. I applied for 3 unis in the UK in mid-Jan and 2 of them had replied in which one was asking for more details in PS and other Gloucester had sent 5 questions which should be answered but I still didn't hear back from Nottingham Trent.
  4. Final 10 World cup Qualifiers teams confirmed. Predict the two

    What you talkin about? Kenya has plummeted to Div 3 for the first time in the history
  5. I cant remember who the hell was that journalist
  6. Why does India have such a long tail? Bhuvi is a no 10 at best in this era
  7. Guess if this is a batsman or a bowler?

    English speaking specialist fielder.
  8. Pandya se bas English bulwa lo
  9. LOL Pandya failing the New Kapil
  10. Iyer has got such an ugly backlift.
  11. Which team is Shamsi playing for in IPL?
  12. Beghairat Shamsi first drops a dolly then expects other to catch
  13. Paisa vasool in terms of that century and money. No losers here.

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