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  1. Franco Vazquez

    Will this be the most boring world cup ever?

    It will be boring as hell. 3 out of 4 semi finalists will be determined in just 4 round of matches.
  2. They are batting as if they are chasing 250 and not 350
  3. Is Buttler playing a Test match?
  4. Franco Vazquez

    Should we worry about Sri Lanka

    Dhananjaya is not even in the squad
  5. Denly is so modern un-English player. 33 year old and bits and pieces. England would do better with Dawson
  6. England have slowed down against two chuckers
  7. How does Junaid's action go unnoticed by ICC?
  8. Franco Vazquez

    Will you watch Pakistan matches after the Pulwama attack

    Most of the Pakistani students dont even know about Hafiz Saeed or any other Kashmiri terrorist. Most of them were not even aware of any attack in India until they were told by Indians. No one gives a flying eff about Kashmir here in UK because most of the Pakistani students here are from elite family and same about other rich Pakistanis as well, they dont care about Kashmir. Elite Pakistanis are not patriotic at all. The biggest shock for me was when an Indian guy here was hating on me because I got along with European friends and he himself couldn't get out of his own Indian circle. It depends on the person as well. I have a lot of Indian friends as well and most of them are nice and know Pakistanis as well who are overtly Islamic and patriot and were calling me out for not fasting so there are sides of every coin
  9. Franco Vazquez

    Will you watch Pakistan matches after the Pulwama attack

    People here are saying that Pakistanis are brainwashed to hate India but when you come to this forum, it seems other way round. Same is in uni as well. Pakistanis mind their own business and enjoy their lives whereas Indians are always talking about deshbhakti and forgot to tell how they were celebrating "air strike" but went shunned when their pilot got captured. Few deshbhakts were even on verge of getting expelled due to their deshbhakti against Pakistanis. Mirpuri Pakistanis are something which I would avoid because they are deshbhakts and hate India but people from mainland Pakistan like Lahore or Karachi don't hate India and in fact have Indian friends as well
  10. Pitch. This pitch is 400+ yet they are striking at less than run a ball so that means they are not batting as good as it seems
  11. Franco Vazquez

    WC 2019 official song

    Is this a joke? Like seriously? What the fook ICC is upto? Asking a girl with not even 200 subs to sing a WC song?

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