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  1. Franco Vazquez

    Most disturbing Indian movie you ever watched?

    Those movies are actually light hearted movies but the movies like Nishabd are actually really disturbing and makes you think why the hell director made that movie
  2. I have watched many disturbing Indian movies like Sairat, Dharak, Dusre ke liye but the one which was most disturbing was Nishabd starring Amitabh and Jia. Even its tagline implies how disturbing the movie is. An old-young relationship which could be similar to pedophilia is really disturbing and more disturbing was kissing scene between Amitabh and Jiah and its really unbelievable too
  3. Franco Vazquez

    Rank MI films

    I watched 4 and 6. Both of them were atrocious, to say the least but 6 one was really pathetic and predictable. People can call Bollywood illogical but tell me what was the logic in the action scenes of this movie? All BS with Tom Cruise romancing with women half his age and this mask BS is so outdated, overperformed and unrealistic. I knew from the first scene that who John Lark was and I am not the smartest person either
  4. Franco Vazquez

    Navjot Siddhu in Pakistan

    Nothing wrong with it. He was invited and he accepted the invitation like a grown up man rather than chickening out like Aamir Khan or Sunny.
  5. Franco Vazquez

    Is Arijit Singh's career going downhill?

    No big and hit songs in 2018 yet and not even a single song in hits of this year like Sanju, Race 3 (not a hit movie but still big enough), Gold, SMJ. It seems like he's experiencing a bit of bad patch with singers like Sukhwinder, Armaan, Jubin really getting the songs and then there are superstars like Atif Aslam and KK. I think what he did with Salman might be coming to bore fruit after few years or people are just fed up of his 100 songs per year out of which merely 5 are superhits whereas even one song of Atif and Rahat per year can get the limelight
  6. Firstly, The money thing doesn't apply here. My family is filthy rich and I haven't gone to school since Jan and I appeared privately for exams. Secondly, I do have other interests but the main problem is that in A Level everything is complicated, They don't want you to learn something new but just memorize and apply stuff which wont be useful in future
  7. Franco Vazquez

    Does India need a foreign coach?

    Of course, the team will be difficult to control when even failures like Karthik think that they are failures
  8. Franco Vazquez

    Does India need a foreign coach?

    I'll tell you what happened with me. It was breakfast time and the Indian team started coming to at the hotel restaurant. There was one of the Indian team's manager who was constantly looking at me and later when I was waiting for the elevator to come, he came to me and said that you can't take pictures of any players and I was like WTF I wasn't even trying to take any pictures or even meet the players
  9. Franco Vazquez

    Does India need a foreign coach?

    Yes. I was in Leeds and at the same hotel where the team was staying.
  10. Franco Vazquez

    Does India need a foreign coach?

    Team management is more concerned about stopping people from meeting cricketers than whats happening on field
  11. I have my result on my 14th and I am not really good at studies and my mom takes a lot of stress about it and most of them is because she's afraid that she will face embarrassment in the family if I don't get good grades. I don't know why people dont understand that its personal matter and most of those people who make fun are those who haven't even completed their education and failed most in their exams.
  12. Franco Vazquez

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    People are really getting fooled by his speech. They need to realize that Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler were all great orators but showed their true colors when they came into power
  13. He became captain because he was related to Majid Khan, He won WC due to rain against England and he won the elections through rigging
  14. Franco Vazquez

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    Dirtiest elections in the history of Pakistan
  15. Franco Vazquez

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    It’s a lanat on Bollywood movie if a movie like Sanju is blockbuster but then what else could we expect from single screen jahil. Hirani made a choochiya out of public and the public fell for it. Anushka role was cringeworthy and I love how everything bad which Sanjay did was not his own fault

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