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  1. Which Indian celebrity do you hate the most?

    I used to like her until I found my very own Alia Bhatt and by the time I broke up with her my crush on Alia expired. She has literally no features apart from baby face she's not even hot any more
  2. He had been diagnosed with Diabetes that's why he was not that good at the end of his career and the speed reduced as well
  3. I hate Raghu Ram the most. He acts like a gunda on TV but in reality he's such a p***** and the guy gives lecture on feminism etc when he uses Maa behan ki gaali every now and then on TV and now bechara has downgraded to a comic relief
  4. WC Qualifiers

    Even Ireland can qualify
  5. WC Qualifiers

    Afghan fans back on Earth after defeating Zim in few useless matches and thinking of themselves as some great team. The way they are playing, I think they would even lose to us
  6. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    @KeyboardWarrior why don't you post on Passionate website rather than wasting your time here?
  7. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    One of the chicks was my friend
  8. Why people hate minnows in WC?

    Why people hate minnows in WC? It's good for teams and the tournament. We could see some new teams and players play in the tournament rather than same repititive teams playing against each other. Teams could also get a chance to test their bench strength and fringe players and I don't understand the BS about TV revenue. Do people think that people in Caribbean, NZ, SA and even England care about cricket WC?
  9. WC Qualifiers

    Top 3 to Super Six and then Top 2 to WC
  10. WC Qualifiers

    And hootiyas like Itachi support 10 team WC just because it's not a global sport. Rugby is also not a global sport but still they have many teams in WC. I hate those idiots who defend 10 teamWC
  11. WC Qualifiers

    Afghanistan lost. ICC must crapping in their pants
  12. He's out of danger. It was a normal bouncer on head which was sensationalised due to the bowler
  13. 5 year old Pakistani kid bowling like Akram at great pace

    What are your thoughts about PFL?
  14. 5 year old Pakistani kid bowling like Akram at great pace

    LOL This kid looks more like that vaahiyat Imran Khan Jr who bowls 100 different slower ones

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