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  1. Countries you have visited/lived

    India,Pakistan,England,Scotland,Sri Lanka,Thailand(airport),Malaysia,Singapore,Turkey,Italy,Germany,Switzerland,Austria,Sweden,Denmark,Norway,South Africa,Russia(airport),Qatar,UAE(HOME),KSA,US,Canada To go list: France Netherlands Spain Australia New Zealand Japan South Korea Egypt Morrocco Algeria Tunisia Namibia
  2. Disha Patani Fan Club - DPFC

    Did she do a boob job because she was in a commercial by Imperial Blue and wasnt that heavy at that time
  3. HAHAHAHAHAH KLPD Now Pakiz will blame Shan Masood only when most of their batting failed
  4. Bigg Boss 11

    Bigg Boss 11 has started but one thing is that there are so many faggots in the house this time.Acash,Vikas and that commoner khusra while Bandagi and Benafsha look really hot
  5. This is the real KLPD for all Pakistani
  6. Indian team for T20 series against Australia . Pura KLPD ho gaya

    What is the point of IPL if same chootiyas are going to be selected again and again
  7. did anyone see the video? It looked like he almost killed the guy with the punch
  8. 28 Hindus = 100,000 Rohingyas(Including Hindus as well) This is pretty bad from even ICF standard
  9. I have a Media Studies A Levels exam where I have to make a music video and I have decided using Bollywood songs and to use those songs I need to request permission by the composer/singer/production etc so from where can I contact them?
  10. Pakistanis up in arms over Mahira Khan photo.

    Smoking is no way a cool thing either for boys or girls.
  11. 2nd ODI IND v AUS | Eden Gardens | 21-Sept-2017 1:30 PM IST

    Pandya cant play pace well
  12. 2nd ODI IND v AUS | Eden Gardens | 21-Sept-2017 1:30 PM IST

  13. Can Krunal Pandya bat at #6 in the ODI team?

    whos Shankar?
  14. cant even hit trundlers like Faulkner

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