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  1. SA is not that good after all. They need AB back for WC
  2. I think this Rassie guy was picked in IPL auction too
  3. What a shootiya review from Sarfraz
  4. Why did my Tanveer Ahmed thread get deleted?
  5. Franco Vazquez

    Southafrica vs Pakistan 3rd Test: at Johanneburg. Jan 11-15,2019

    Lol there’s an edge
  6. Franco Vazquez

    Southafrica vs Pakistan 3rd Test: at Johanneburg. Jan 11-15,2019

    Hassan Ali bowling with sunglasses and gets a wicket
  7. Franco Vazquez

    Southafrica vs Pakistan 3rd Test: at Johanneburg. Jan 11-15,2019

    Amazing bowling by Pakistani Pandya
  8. Just watched the episode. I think Rahul has been trapped into this due to lalloo Pandya
  9. When woman harass a guy its zaroorat but when a guy does it it's a crime.
  10. I think their punishment in the West would have been way worse. There's a reason why teams like England, Australia keep their players away from media.
  11. The worst thing about this whole saga is that Johar will go scotfree. His show should go off air.
  12. Now Johar will use gay card for sympathy otherwise he is the root cause of these suspensions
  13. Did Pandya make reference to Pollard as well as he said he's been influenced by black culture
  14. Johar should be thrown to jail for potentially destroying two careers.
  15. They shouldn't have been allowed to go to the show.
  16. Franco Vazquez

    Documentary : Crossing the line (Sandpaper Gate) by SuperSport

    I don't think Pakistani bowlers tamper the ball anymore otherwise you would have seen them win at least one match in SA series which they wont.
  17. What were these idiots even doing on that bc's show?
  18. It's India loss that they are not playing Pakistan in series otherwise H2H would have been much different.
  19. Shan turning it up against the best bowling attack in the world
  20. Franco Vazquez

    What is the payment system in IPL?

    How are benchwarmers paid? Like the player who KXIP bought for million dollar, will he be paid as he plays or he will be paid even if he warms the bench for all season and what about players who get injured mid-tournament?
  21. I think they are the worst couple atm. I mean she actually looks like his mother and Jonas is a has been average singer. I give it 5 years before it goes down the drain because Priyanka wants American citizenship
  22. Franco Vazquez

    Disha Patani Fan Club - DPFC

    They are not real. Watched her in an Imperial Blue ad from 5 years ago where she had small

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