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  1. In that same logic, Pakistan should not play against Afghanistan but we dont see any whining from either side
  2. You seem to be on fire right now so could you please answer my question what do cricketers have to do with border skirmishes?
  3. What do cricketers have to do with that? Please explain
  4. India fielding has been really poor today except for run out
  5. Not many Mallus here now. There are a lot of rich indian brats here
  6. LOL they cant play Jadhav toh Rashid aur Mujeeb ko kya inn ka baap khelega?
  7. He's able to stand that means it is not that dangerous. Will get fit for Sunday
  8. Every team is playing in these conditions. Credit should be given to HK players. They live in much colder conditions and never showed any type of weakness
  9. Hardik Pandya played his last match on 2nd Sep and he has had rest since then so no excuses about conditions
  10. Afghanistan played in Ireland just before this tournament as well and they didnt have any problem in playing whereas Hardik is falling like dominos after just bowling five overs
  11. Chalo abhi se dramaybaazi shuru hogayi. Should call in Kohli to replace him in the squad
  12. Can't blame Kohli for his fitness issues when his wife is Anushka
  13. Kohli saab just played 2 tours this year and he needs rest whereas workhorses like Sharma and Dhawan have been playing for almost all games this year.

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