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  1. Why should someone pay over 100 dollars for this match?
  2. Pollard is now only good for IPL where he can hit 4 sixes in an over to some domestic bowler.
  3. LOL the tickets for these 2 matches are more expensive than WC
  4. Dhoni is a con artist lmao
  5. Pitches in Australia would be better than this.
  6. Horrible umpiring in this match as well. That day is not far when umpires will be replaced with technology
  7. Oh I thought there were 5 ODIs and 3 Tests
  8. WI is the most overrated team lmao
  9. Kohli to score 1000 runs in this whole series
  10. More like I play for my wife because whenever India tours UK, You can always see him out with his wife
  11. You gotta salute Pavel for his love of cricket. He plays cricket in a ground 500km away from his house and once drove 9 hours at night just to play cricket
  12. First ever Romanian born and bred cricketer. https://twitter.com/heraldsunsport/status/1156481372292206594?s=20
  13. I have heard this cough excuse so many times Its BS. Cough doesn't stay forever. Why not just wait for few days and it will go itself. I am 20 and I have coughs after every few months and it goes after few days.
  14. He keeps on saying Islamic phrases in the match presentation so he’s religious as well at least for the show. Everyone has lust
  15. A girl leaked this because he refused to marry her. Why do Pakistani girls think that their bf should marry them? Women here don’t even get married until they are 30 and bore children without getting marrie d
  16. he can do this stuff in a conservative society of Pakistan, imagine what Indian cricketers do
  17. Sachin continued to play for his greed of stats and now dhoni is playing due to greed of money through sponsors and all. Can’t compare the two
  18. Why didn’t he retire after the WC? It’s kinda hypocritical of Tenda’s fans to be asking Dhoni to retire when their FAVOURITE didn’t retire at the right time even though he was a shadow of himself after the WC
  19. Really desperate to leave Tendulkar behind
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