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  1. Franco Vazquez

    Reham Khan book

    Since the other thread had a dodgy title due to which it got closed but the book looks good and there is mega publicity which led it to being banned in Pak and probably UK but now she’s saying she will release it in India and US and I hope it’s not banned here because I am definitely looking forward to read it
  2. Franco Vazquez

    Am I a creep?

    My cousin calls me a creep because I am trying to find my crush on social media and I asked for his help he said he’s not a creep like me but how loving a girl is creepy?
  3. Franco Vazquez

    Am I a creep?

    How could I face her when I won’t even meet her again in my life I saw her during my exam
  4. Franco Vazquez

    Am I a creep?

    I just want to be friends with her
  5. Franco Vazquez

    Am I a creep?

    How liking a girl is creepy?
  6. Franco Vazquez

    Wasim Akram, a cuckold?

    Imran Khan is treated like a saint by most Paks even though it is well documented that how big of a playboy he was back in his heyday
  7. Franco Vazquez

    Cricketer Hardik Pandya Dating Esha Gupta

    I thought she was dating Hector Bellerin
  8. Franco Vazquez

    How old do I look?

    How old do I look?
  9. Franco Vazquez

    How old do I look?

    I am 19 year old and what I think is that many guys dont change in facial appearance like after 16
  10. Steve Smith, Shahid Afridi, Chris Lynn, Malinga, Gayle, Southee, Miller, Lewis, Bravo etc Already better than PSL
  11. Itna zaleel toh Zimbabwe bhi nahi hui hogi
  12. Does Mushfiq even watch cricket? Why the eff would you reverse sweep Rashid?
  13. This umpire is one of the worst in the history. He gave some dodgy decisions in Ireland and Zimbabwe series too
  14. You mean sauda timeout?
  15. How is this guy 19 year old? These scammers should be punished
  16. Afghanistan pacers are bang on average
  17. What the hell is Tamim doing there?
  18. Bangladesh will chase this not to forget they chased over 200 against much better Lankan side
  19. The commentator speaking in Pashto lol
  20. What is bujhee kom?
  21. I cant stand these Bengali songs
  22. Franco Vazquez

    How old do I look?

    Yeah and in other words your daddy
  23. Franco Vazquez

    How old do I look?

    Oh so you are zorax. I thought you were someone on PakPassion
  24. Franco Vazquez

    How old do I look?

    Who are you? @kira already knew that I told him

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