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  1. TuK Tuk is PP from rohit always helps... Last time we had that many boundaries was back in 2007 vs NZ Kohli should open and play like that and put that MI filth out of T20I
  2. bambi lobby is there to protect their golden boy
  3. Ok Rules are different for different individuals I see... I rest my case.. That was greatest innings ever and Kohli is the reason we lost
  4. Wow at the end of the day cricket won
  5. Well he hasn't faced Starc has he ? He will split his head into 2 halves.. Everygen had its bowlers its a myth that he played against quality bowlers.. You can't average 50+ in all 3 formats being an average player.. His fans are insecure that Kohli is breaking his records one by one few years down the line people wouldn't know who the hell that old guy is cause he will break every record IN PROCESS OF IND WINNING not taking a run of Final ball of the innings when on 99 instead of going for big shot... Kohli is a Legend already.
  6. He should be alright at #4 still averages over 50 with 100 SR this year..
  7. It was well known he is a padosi from start... He gets owned everytime by someone here regularly
  8. Srini mama is not there to back him
  9. Proud man that ankle was just an excuse
  10. Sachin he acted like he cared for IND cricket.... Couldn't get a better actor than that. Ruined many cricketers career for not letting him score those 100s. He can be everything in one movie except hero
  11. 190 was never enough the way they batted it looked like they would have got even 210. we were defo short by 30 runs and he killed the momentum and running out Dhawan didn't make it any better. There is nothing kohli could have done there.. Part of blame but he is not the reason
  12. That shankar is not even in selectors radar... What are we making here fantasy team that will play in moon
  13. Blaming kohli is even more shameful.. It was given on a plate #3 in a patta which no one gets these days..
  14. Agreed no rubbish excuses for picking just 1 wic Bhuvi Bumrah Kuldeep Need 2 other bowlers