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  1. Rasgulla

    Captain Kohli turns vegan, feels it has improved his game

    man these freaking vegans......
  2. Rasgulla

    Captain Kohli turns vegan, feels it has improved his game

    Do you realize how hard it is ???? with or without shakes... Requires lot of hardwork, dedication and mad diet.
  3. Rasgulla

    Manchester Airport

    That's his specialty on this forum.
  4. Rasgulla

    Shades of Sachin in Shaw

    Are we listing jokes are we ?
  5. Rasgulla

    The Dhoni Haye Haye Thread

    Wankade says HI to Sachin
  6. Not from South India or have any interest fighting for 'people of karnataka' like you #triggered
  7. where is karnataka savior @Lannister when we need him His people are waiting for him
  8. Sehwag and Lara that's it. He is playing for the team.
  9. What about karnataka ka veer KL ?
  10. Rasgulla

    Time to blood in Prithvi Shaw

    Batting with 100+ SR.. tendya couldn't even imagine that.
  11. Because that's KING KOHLi bitches!
  12. Rasgulla

    Will Pant put pressure on Dhoni to perform better

    They saw posts on ICF and they were so scared of you guys, that they selected pant Yehhhh!!!

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