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  1. Afridi is a good t20 hack.. doubt he has ability to play 100 balls in Test.. Tu rehne de.. No one ll even agree with you on this..
  2. That's with shoes.. tell us his real height
  3. Wa re wa kotha bhai.. I never expected anything less from you. when ll you give pujara T20I debut
  4. Pujara ll play for T20i team if he listens to khota bhais advice.
  5. Incoming random bot comment from him That's all he says these days...
  6. That day will be remembered forever... REAL golden era of Indian cricket has started with his debut.
  7. Sehwag was a proper definition of an opener.. Bowlers are of him. Does all the hard work while other so called opener yuk tuks and plays 20(69) innings and slowly reach 50(121).
  8. I m more concerned about upcoming kothe facts and virgin bots replying to their own posts.
  9. getting a bit worked up here. Stick to IPL
  10. Sachin can't even come close in Odis and T20s so your agenda switched to Tests now.. Sachin has 6 100s in Aus in 21 yrs Kohli has 4 100s in 1 series alone.. 5 100s from 2 series so Don't talk about Kohli who plays for the team.
  11. Then no worries sachin will come back and try to get to some milestone think he needs 2 or 3 runs for some milestone.. He ll try to get that in 100 balls if he can last that long on this green mamba
  12. No you ll say how Karthik is a better player than pointing..backed up with kothe facts If I ever feel like hearing a joke I ll ask for your opinion

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