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  1. Infairness that was pretty good, credits where due but end of the day we won * all
  2. Rasgulla

    Far from madding crowd, MS Dhoni trains alone at NCA

    Getting sexual now Think about Bangladeshi kids like @speedheat before saying such thing.
  3. Rasgulla

    Far from madding crowd, MS Dhoni trains alone at NCA

    Looks like you don't want India to win.. now it's Confirmed that you are Bangladeshi..
  4. He is 10 x better than tendulakar. Plays for the team. Doesn't cry when captain declares at 194* or Doesn't even get upset when DK finishes off the match
  5. Rasgulla

    Far from madding crowd, MS Dhoni trains alone at NCA

    Kohli 189*(120) Dhoni 36*(45) INDIA WIN THE MATCH BY 5 WICKETS Credits to Dhoni for playing his anchor role @velu COMS : That's exactly what the doctor ordered, Dhoni Knew how to play in this situation instead of personal milestones like that midget from the past.
  6. If he got out that day.. we would have scored much more. He played 115 balls at 73SRwhile.... Sehwag blasting at 152 SR for his 38 and Raina at 92SR for his 36*
  7. Ronaldooo who's gonna stop him
  8. He may not have 100s but he has good innings last time they were in SL, when the whole team collapsed. http://googleweblight.com/i?u=http://m.cricbuzz.com/cricket-series/2438/australia-tour-of-sri-lanka-2016/matches&hl=en-IN 2nd and 3rd match especially
  9. Rasgulla

    Highest average speed in test cricket since 2010

    Starc, Johnson, Steyn It was going so well till I saw that bowling machine Yadav phasttttt
  10. That was gunner steyn, not Umesh Yadav. It was acceptable to get out to that Legend.
  11. Ailiaaa was putting too much pressure from nonstriker end via bambi fans. SEHWAG - 82 runs in 2003 WC ( SR over 100+ ) vs SACHIN - 18+ 4 runs in 2011,2003 WC Sehwag is still leading by large margin
  12. Ailiaaa choked at the start, not even a fight in that final. When tough gets going.. He goes missing Sehwag > Sachin anyday
  13. Raina has less SR than match, They are all Better than any tuk tuk by your Ailiaaa for his 100th 100 who no one cares about and his 7(26) at WC which led to embrassing exit like never before.
  14. Software know when to use " ," first. Stop torturing us with your Bangladeshi english. Looks like your creator took this way too seriously.

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