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  1. Rasgulla

    VIVO IPL 2019 Player Auction

    He is 35.. You know where he is going
  2. Rasgulla

    Viv Richards: I'd pick Sachin over Lara

    Paid PR.. Lara > Pointing >...... > sachin
  3. Rasgulla

    Sachin vs Kohli

    Everyone knows BOLT.. No one gives f*** about Marathan runner. Pointless Discussion. Sachin should be compared with Vijay
  4. hacking like a fool from first ball t20
  5. Rasgulla

    Test Career predictions - Kohli

    Run more than a midget is a victory for every team player out there.. So I predict 15922 @ 56 average
  6. Rasgulla

    Mohammed Shami caught texting 16 year old girl

    Is he really 40 ? Gets emotional like a freaking teenager budda retirement ka time hai @CSK Fan aka @kira @KiraIsBack @KiraReturns @KiraReturnsAgain
  7. Same time you made a fake account and dumb enough to quote me... Right then!
  8. Rasgulla

    Y'all ready?

    Who recruited shashtri in first place ??? Who was in charge ?
  9. Rasgulla

    Countdown to Rahul’s comeback to domestic cricket

    I was clearly talking about footwork. I don't know what you are thinking. Lanni's coaching can only improve KL at the end of the day. He is the pride of Karnataka and Lanni ll do anything for it. Lannister chhatrapati shivaji ke jai hoo00
  10. Rasgulla

    Countdown to Rahul’s comeback to domestic cricket

    Ohh boii.. Now you mentioned it, he ll watch all shetty films to back his karnataka actor. Only if we had uncle lanni back in 1900.
  11. Dublin Business school it is.. Unlike you peasant from Bangladesh who is busy crossing borders.
  12. And Tata owns Range Rover So you are trying to say Rahane is a range rover ?

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