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  1. Wait wait what... ICC T20 WC 2014 Man of the series ICC T20 WC 2016 Man of the series He scored in finals back in 2014 as well. Kohli smashed a 100 against pak in WC. Edit : It's raki07 lmao multi account.
  2. Another MOS for Dhoni.
  3. More triggered about the fact sachin never won a MOS in Australia when it gets to LOIs. Midget fanebase are so triggered. I m loving it
  4. Always been a useless cricketer like..
  5. Golden sun actually posts
  6. He is never gone to be back baby!!!!
  7. Someone check on poor @raki05 @CSK Fan
  8. And you have been really happy #traitor
  9. Bot loading his .txt file. Sachin could never win Bi-series in Aus. Looks like software is upset.
  10. He sent him to retirement after costing India AC.
  11. He sent the biggest mental midget to retirement. Floki LMAO
  12. It was 2 match finals and Praveen Kumar was MOM for one of them. Dumbass

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