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  1. Abhe.. He said it himself that he is Kira/Newguy. Do you not know that Global.baba is @maniac as well ?
  2. Ye, Pity that I am still holding on to the power because I know my aukat without it. Don't think any mod on ICF gets this much abuse but shamelessly holding on.
  3. Crap that you came up with are now banned. Good to know. This thread wouldn't have reached 2nd page if they weren't replying to me. Wtf you even on about Thats second para is hilarious. You are basically describing your own posts. Such a hypocrite. Rasgulla : you need mental help What was the comeback for that ? Laaloo : No, you are mentally ill Jeez lot of work to be done here! Putting Kira to shame.
  4. Irony!!!! Yayyy You are posting from your second account while your original account kira or Newguy is banned Chalo got this hardcore chamcha kira/Newguy into this thread. All bhakts triggered.
  5. Looks like you are completely ttiggered. Now you are making up stuff which I never said.
  6. Eating lot of Dhoklas can affect your brain. Velu bhai ll get you an appointment with sunny jee. You need mental help. Chalo atleast you grew a pair and replying instead of hiding like a coward.
  7. He pulled the biggest plug in history by dropping Aliaaa. I am so happy we went on to win CT2013. Ailiaaa had plans for 2015
  8. you are getting triggered for no reason. It was just a comparison to your fav player. You need to drink glass of water and do some yoga. When you are relaxed, reply me back.
  9. Correction 127 is his SR which is pretty good considering T20I scores aren't big back in those years. Rohit And Afridi has better SR than Sachin in Odis. That makes them better than sachin right ?
  10. Are you trying to say my other account is nikola ? How am I supposed to know what he is gonna type today
  11. According to your logic CSk oldies won because opponents respected them. Same logic applies here Small boy Sachin got booed in India. Can't top that
  12. Atleast India has a T20 under him unlike senior citizen like aliaaa who isn't even good enough to make T20I team from 07 to 2012.
  13. but was he dropped though ? Pant already got dropped in Odis won't be long till he gets the cut from t20.
  14. Just like that.. All teams ll respect our seniors members of our team and hand us WC. Chal bhaag ab

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