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  1. Rasgulla

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Shamefully bumping his own thread Bangladeshi
  2. Jaddu last time in NZ... Game : Tied Salee ek bar winning runs mar
  3. Rayudu played well today... Yet he gets abused by MI supporters.
  4. Kohli is untouchable... Bambi lobby can try all they want
  5. Wrong Image Na screw that guy, I dislike John Cena. Ruined my years of WWE viewing experience with his BS
  6. Rasgulla


    Absolute gangbang
  7. We will be ok this time. No sachin here we won't choke. He was involved in management decisions last time. Rohit-Dhoni ll make sure we bring the cup home.
  8. How do you think he survived on this forum till now ? Not the first time he was called out Never seen such coward like him in my whole life. He puts Pakistani to shame.
  9. Coward abused his mod power and marked my post as spam for 24 hrs. King had other plans for himself. He is back!
  10. Badrinath once has 60 average in FC. Better than sachin, your point ???
  11. Hack that performed in every ICC event till date. Rather than a hack like that than a choker who got knocked out to BD in 2007 WC. Tendu wouldn't have lasted against Amir, Starc, peak johnson and steyn on a green pitch. He was already Anderson's bunny in Tests.

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