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  1. 20 Innings vs 38 Innings to reach 6 100s
  2. What's Dhawan's average ? Should make a thread soon Dhawan vs little man
  3. Your little man got whitewashed at home to RSA. Doubt his Duffer fans has any right to take a dig at Virat or even Dhoni. Looks like you are more jealous Virat won the series for India in AUS as a captain something overrated midget could never do in his life.
  4. Rasgulla

    Dhawan/Rohit Beat Sehwag/Sachin (ODI)

    Biggest match winner in ICC cups than sachin and Sehwag. Not even a question.
  5. Schedule these days is hectic. IPl, T20Is, Odis and Tests. Back in those days all they had was 2 formats. Sachin can never ever match Virat's fitness in first place. What are the chances of him passing YO YO test I wonder...
  6. Rasgulla

    Resurgence of MSD?

    @Malcolm Merlyn @Trichromatic @Cricketics @G_B_ Can answer that..
  7. Rasgulla

    Resurgence of MSD?

    He forgot his main account @maniac. So it's ok.
  8. Rasgulla

    Dhoni uses the Word CH***ye......Rare moments

    I have a strong feeling that's aimed at ICF armchair experts who got owned yesterday @raki05 @speedheat They act like one... so you know
  9. Rasgulla

    Dhoni Thread (merged)

    I am waiting for your reply to the OP in that Gangu bhai's thread. Are you just gonna ignore That bhuvi thread ?
  10. Rasgulla

    Team for World Cup 2019

    Will you play this team in bradman cricket game ?
  11. We haven't won single match overseas with so called peak sachin in 90s. Got to be the biggest fraud.
  12. Dude you are the one who said, you ll pick sachin in tests because he has more 100s in Tests and has peak average. Wtf was that... babam Azam guy once had 90 average when he scored 3 100s against WI in a row. Peak average doesn't mean rats ass.
  13. Rasgulla

    Dhoni Thread (merged)

    Dude you clearly do. You are posting in a thread that has his name in it.
  14. Rasgulla

    Dhoni Thread (merged)

    How was innings today under no pressure ? aren't you guys asking for his head few days back ? It's a whole different thing he doesn't give a f*** about what you guys have to say...
  15. Wait what ? Who cares about 100s when he averages more than sachin in 4/5 countries listed above. If I have to go by your logic. How many matches did it take for sachin to score his first 100 ?
  16. Work in what way ? He didn't do great in England but in second tour, he was player of the series. India - Virat 64 vs Tandu 54 Let's check averages in SENA RSA - Virat 56 vs tandu 46 Aus - Virat 55 vs tandu 53 Nz - Virat 71 vs tandu 50 Eng - Virat 1 MOS vs Tandu 0 MOS What exactly does ViRAT need to do ???
  17. We won First ever series in Aus with virat. Sachin could never do that. He got Dhoni embarrassed with whitewashes as well. What about Tests ? Looks like he is 10 x better even in tests to me.
  18. Need a lefty. Raina looking good for pant in t20s Thala should play 2020 t20 wc.
  19. Rayudu averages 50. He did alright when ever he got his chance in Odis.
  20. Jack ass logic. Why didn't raina get in ?
  21. One last chance in 3rd ODI. If KL and R9hit can get that many chances over years. Why not Rayudu... One last chance in 3rd odi
  22. Rayudu can now be compared with sachin at this point because of similar average. Virat's level is something else.
  23. Rasgulla

    Virat Kohli vs sachin tendulkar 100's in AUS

    one more 100 ended up with INDIA win. This is so refreshing.

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