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  1. Delhi chokers at it again. Pant as usual careless
  2. Ashwin is like that slowheat just not likeable
  3. Dhawan playing sensibly today. They should be fine Classic Delhi choke can happen anytime even if RR is below 3
  4. Pant takes a wicket. His valuable comments like " ee acha hai " has got DC a wicket. I think India found next captain after Virat
  5. RR went from 6 to almost 10 after his advice
  6. Man's trying to be big MS.. "ee acha hai" , " yaha daal"
  7. Brilliant script another drop from ambani ka bimani archar
  8. dropped 3rd catch.. Everything going according to ambani script
  9. Ambani made sure Jos isn't avalilable for this match using his mafia power.
  10. Rasgulla

    IPL 2019: Remaining matches and status

    KKR now needs 4 out of 5.. Man i feel so bad for Russell, What a season it has been for him. He doesn't deserve this. Good work zen
  11. He really pissed me off today man. Match would have been even more interesting if he atleast played run a ball or even if he got out 1st ball.
  12. Only if Russell was promoted ahead of that idiot uttapam
  13. They should check his bank account.. He is a coward gave up when he came to bat
  14. IF RCB wants to win this already won match just make sure uttu stays
  15. So from here on They need 3 x 6's or 2 x 6's and 1 4 per over... Easy pezy JUST BRING IN THAT BIG BLACK BEAUTIFUL GUY
  16. 2 cowards took the RR from 11 to 15 Atleast try.
  17. Just send Russell next.. 14 RR what are they waiting for 20 RR ??? what can Russell even do then ?
  18. UTTU... Look at run rate man. what kind of batting is that
  19. Rana we don't have Test matches anytime soon man. Selectors and IPL fans are impressed by your shot selection though
  20. My hack can't deal with swing.. He needs perfect patta without STEYN's first 2 overs. I think he would have done well if Umesh was playing instead of Gunner steyn. Score is bit too much for DR. DRE to do his magic. He needs help from other end as well. I m not counting him out though
  21. This batting lineup somehow has to contribute even little bit for Russell to do his magic... All they managed to do is waste PP so far

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