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  1. Rohit Sharma is the Best Captain India will never have.

    Almost screwed us with Shankars promotion
  2. If it wasn't for sachin's politics.. DK would be playing along Dhoni @Khota http://www.indiancricketfans.com/forums/topic/106586-dk-pant/?do=findComment&comment=3615995 DK turned out be to Dhoni's student as well just like Pandey. What a legend
  3. in DK I still dont trust !

    But he is.. Captain kohli got that right. Karthik and Dhoni can play in same XI
  4. More like Sachin chamchas vs Cricket fans Cricket fans vs Dhoni haters
  5. Katy Perry kisses a teenager on American Idol

    Or we're millers.. Where she kisses a kid
  6. Katy Perry kisses a teenager on American Idol

    Velu is dangerous (womanizer) lock him in a cell and save the world.
  7. in DK I still dont trust !

    Then you have to face @Khota bhai's anger..
  8. Twitter messages

    Karthik said it himself in post match.. He learned it from dhoni. Ofcourse Laaloo will make a meme on twitter.
  9. Mohalla experts who are going gaga over DK today are the once who said pant should play ahead of DK and abused everyone and especially a legend like @Khota bhai
  10. Karthik said he learned finishing from Dhoni.. Another student of dhoni @velu
  11. KKD hatsoff

    ohh boyyy he is getting it tonight
  12. Pandey and Shankar !! What was that ?

    More like what was that Rohit ??? Sending shankar over inform Karthik
  13. DK > Pant

    Miles ahead of pant.. Not even worth comparing at this stage.
  14. Everyone ICF mohala experts hype turn out to be bunch of jokers Another one added to the list
  15. Rohit is a g**** promoted this guy over in form karthik
  16. Lol your hype didn't turn out well did he ??? Icfs hypes are nothing but bunch of jokers
  17. Better than hack pant and shankar.. You tell them today
  18. But he played in top order right ??? Back to insults when proved wrong
  19. Shankar doing a sachin here... disgusting
  20. Sachin played at #4 in that match.. LOL Real choker
  21. Zaheer Khan 15(22) who scored more than your ailiaaa in less balls
  22. Nice batting from pandey 44444 Take that.. losers
  23. 7(26) he didn't ask for your ailiaaa sachin lol

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