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  1. From one side they say they aren't obsessed with India then they come up with BS like this.. If you don't want to be part of it don't be part of it simple as that. I doubt pak has that much power in ICC that can make India bow down to their conditions At the end of the day they ll shamelessly take part in the leauge..so why all this drama ?
  2. Pant ICF hype boy failed again I see.. 1 2 and 15 are his scores
  3. Mumbai batsmen rarely shine in ICC finals

    Sachin is a biggest choker the world has ever seen should be no questions.
  4. Is that my logic or your logic ? Talk about lies.. All I said was he bashed weak teams like WI and SL at their lowest level of cricket and he did fail whenever he played Top teams. He is just an another hype from pak batting factory. Not sure about your comparison between him and kohli.. sounds like a joke to me Virats first 7 100s SL (debut) BD AUS NZ BD (World cup 2011) ENG ENG So he did it against Top teams and matches where it mattered...
  5. Lol congrats on tuk tuk innings against minnows..now just hope that score is enough to win.
  6. GO check who he scored against... what a clown comparing virat kohli to this nobody
  7. Ravindra Jadeja deserves a Top 6 slot

    Didn't watch the match.. Don't hate on him 201 is good enough
  8. Ravindra Jadeja deserves a Top 6 slot

    Sir Jaddu scored 201 today
  9. India A vs New Zealand A, 5th unofficial ODI

    We all know it except few people with agenda.. He flopped in Tri series before that now 2 and 1 run in 2 Odis he played.. End of Hype pant.. Long way to go. IYER had a pretty good series looks miles ahead of pant.
  10. New Zealand A tour of India One-day series

    So India won the match and ICF hype boy pant was impressive with 1 Run and people wonder why he isn't selected 2 and 1 is his score in 4th and 5th ODI
  11. IYER NEEDS to buy it as soon as possible.. Only way he can make his debut
  12. Happy B’day to the World Cup 2011 Hero Gambhir

    Happy Bday Gambo.. Always scored when it matters unlike a choker on other end who never delivered in finals.
  13. Lol not even 1 dude was main starter in those WCs.. Keep moaning now i want pant I want pant.. All you ll get is 2 runs against NZ A and wonder why he isn't selected.. Ashwin didn't play in every WC match prob 1 or max 2.. Axar patel Binny rayudu? How many matches did they even play in WC 2015 and my post clearly says 1 and half Yr and STARTING XI.. Sachin chamchas doesn't even know when Raina has his debut.. Kohli debut in 2008 and he played 9 matches in WC calling him hardly regular.. keep up with your fake stats.. Living up your name very well
  14. It's very obvious.. When was the last time some new kid was selected 1 and half yr before wc and actually went on play in starting XI of that WC. People should stop moaning and get used to it already.
  15. Would love to see IYER but it's alright.. Another Klpd for 10du chamchas
  16. Axcellent Fightback by Pakistan

    Just a matter of time no misbah and younis.. Transition time. Do you guys have any away series coming up?
  17. Sour? Sour about what? Indirectly all i said was he played like crap against Top teams.. There is nothing to be sour about just an another overhyped guy like shezhad. Every new player who starts his career has good average let him play 50 or 60 matches that so called 50+ average will be down.
  18. Sri Lanka's cricketers refuse to tour Pakistan

    What the hell.. Why is ICC bending over to convince players who doesn't want to go
  19. non of that BS when you fail you fail simple as that... So why can't Raina and Yuvi bribe? Earned alot from adverts and IPL
  20. 4 against WI 1 against SL and Aus Won't look much into it. 5 100s against nobody
  21. Beetle has superpowers that can change people's views on bhuvi.. She has done it before and now rewriting history
  22. We cant blame Dhoni for todays result !!!

    Graceful batting that made a historic moment with a 6.. Burn hater burn.. Keep crying till 2019 WC nothing is gonna change

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