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  1. Very impressive ... Should have debut in Eng LOI series but never too late
  2. Glad he chickened out... kuldeep got a chance atleast
  3. so a guy who chickened out will have his say in who ll play in his place.... Should be management's call
  4. 300 all out how bow dah
  5. At this point they r looking at 100s from both of them... Disspointing
  6. Keeps backing it up every test almost
  7. Agreed to first part and not to last line No one is taking pleasure just stating out facts.. different opinions i guess we can still co exist
  8. May be i m not ? Just a myth just like sachin 100s are for team and not for himself Sachin fan like you should tell me more about it..
  9. Added more to please you
  10. Match gaya when captain chickened out.. his presence was enough to shake aussies
  11. No need mate.. its quite evident the one that needs to see already saw it.
  12. Yep he did... We have it from ganguly to sachin and from dhoni to kohli Dravid laxman even they retired so they are all chickens according to that logic We lost series in Aus already then he is out
  13. Don't take his posts seriously... just ask him to take a look at his previous posts how much hated he has for previous captains and some other players he should be the last one telling you how to behave on this forum.
  14. Prob wouldn't want to embarrass himself again with that type of innings and Series loss.. So he took easy way out