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  1. Rohit Sharma has what Kohli lacks , luck factor
  2. Singh bling

    Is Pak a minnow in longer formats?

    They are not minnows but at present their cricket is not properly managed .They barely play 2-3 tests in a year.With this type of cricket you cannot expect them being good.If their delusional fans don't come back in reality then they will definitely become minnows
  3. Singh bling

    Is Pak a minnow in longer formats?

    2 years is long time , now your team just rest and rest.
  4. Singh bling

    Mohammad Amir avg 80 in last 8 games with jst 3 wkts

    He is extremely overhyped .Pak fans had over the moon celebration when he came back as if Wasim came back again
  5. Singh bling

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    Match should be tie , then India should loose to Afghanistan while Bangladesh should beat Pakistan.Pakistan will be last team of super 4
  6. Singh bling

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    Today there is going to be flood of tears in UAE.Half from tears of Pak fans while other from BD or Afghanistan fans
  7. Singh bling


    Few ICFers .Indian media is covering Asia cup in big way more than SA or England test series
  8. Singh bling


    So what is relevant in ODI's?
  9. Singh bling

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    Great Review
  10. Singh bling

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    55 in 35
  11. Singh bling

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    Looks like BD is on top right now
  12. Singh bling

    Is Fakhar a Stupid man?

    This time ball hits his gloves .There are batsmen who takes review when they clearly edged.How he did not know ball hit his glove

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