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  1. Singh bling

    Indian feminists !!!

    Family values means family first . As long as people have these values people will have families
  2. Exclusive: As people fear gau rakshaks in UP, NGOs make cash cows out of scared farmers https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/exclusive-as-people-fear-gau-rakshaks-in-up-ngos-make-cash-cows-out-of-scared-farmers-1433325-2019-01-17
  3. Singh bling

    Indian feminists !!!

    So motherhood = slavery ? If given choice nobody wants to be slave , by your logic no woman wants to be mother.
  4. At this dairy in UP, stray cattle are no longer stray, farmers fighting hordes From a distance, it seemed as if they were trying to break into Parag Dairy near the Hathras-Mathura highway, repeatedly banging on its locked metal gate. Except, it was a group of desperate villagers from nearby Hardpur, trying to get rid of a truckload of stray cattle The number of stray cattle has reached around 50 in our village, which houses about 200 families. It is getting out of hand. Our potato cultivation has been severely damaged. What do we do? There are no other designated gaushalas where we can put them,” said Tomar. The demand is intense. Ye kareeb-kareeb waisa hi hai, jaise aapke udhar nursery mein dakhila dilana (This is like getting admission for children to nursery schools in your city),” said Shyam Babu, 50, a potato farmer. https://indianexpress.com/article/india/at-this-dairy-in-up-stray-cattle-are-no-longer-stray-farmers-fighting-hordes-5522477/ _____________ now-farmers-perform-aarti-of-stray-cattle-to-make-them-spare-crops https://m.timesofindia.com/city/bareilly/now-farmers-perform-aarti-of-stray-cattle-to-make-them-spare-crops/articleshow/67506188.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst
  5. Do you even read news of India now ?There are many many news of stray cattle destroying crops in last year. https://www.newsclick.in/stray-cattle-menace-escalates-farmers-lock-cows-schools For the firth time in the recent past, farmer have locked up cattle in schools to prevent them from damaging their crops. As per reports, in some areas of Kanpur, angry farmers allegedly beat up police personnel, pelted them with stones, leading to violence. ------------------------------------- But but these are all manufactored or fake news . No cattle are roaming streets or destroying crops.
  6. Planet is for everyone logic is for wild animals , not for artificially bred domestic animals. If unproductive cows will be thrown in forests then there will be no forests and wildlife left.
  7. No tax or budget can solve this problem. Unproductive cows will keep increasing year on year. How much budget will Govt allocate for old cows.?
  8. https://www.timesnownews.com/amp/india/article/cow-shelter-uttar-pradesh-gaushala-yogi-adityanath-students-uttar-pradesh-school-complain-after-cows-roam-around-in-campus-village-banda-bisanda/346531 Most BJP supporters of ICF madly support cow protection. There already many news about stray cow menace. Now what should Govt do.? Cow protection slogan is very good for 1 or 2 term of elections. But in few years this policy is so devastating for agricultural states that ruling party will end up losing election. Farmers cannot take care of old cows because then they have to add cost in milk which will make cows milk unviable in market . Govt cannot take care of unproductive cows because with each year the population will keep increasing. So any solution ?
  9. Singh bling

    Amazon Prime

    No sense in netflix. I pay 300 to den digital cable for non hd Tv and 400 for HD .In That I got almost all channels. While 600 is for one bloody Netflix.
  10. Singh bling

    Amazon Prime

    Don't know. Some offers are specific for particular number.
  11. Singh bling

    Amazon Prime

    It is also free with most Voda and airtel plans. To my surpise when I recharged with 95 my prepaid phone I got 1 year membership. On the other hand netflix is not free apart from very expensive plan of vodafone. It is horribly priced at 500 per month which is more than I pay for for all the channels with hd box to my cable.
  12. Singh bling

    Amazon Prime

    Prime is dirt cheap while Netflix is very expensive. I recently got prime free when I recharged my airtel number with 95 rupees.
  13. Many people here either don't know or just pretending they don't know anything. Cricket played in gardens in India is one of the biggest racist , castist , sexist etc etc is sport. The boys that play best cricket are most abusive. There is no place for soft , so called good boys . The only thing matter is how good you play cricket .

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