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  1. Singh bling

    Manohar Parrikar Succumbs to cancer.

    RIP , One of the finest leader of bjp
  2. Singh bling

    Is it a coincidence or ???

    After reading this thread , Sri Sri
  3. Singh bling

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    That is your assumption. Can't say about Goa or some tiny NE state , but if sikhs had been settled in UP on the land that muslims leave then they had no chance of demanding homeland . They had and still have only waffer thin majority in Punjab. And you are saying less because because of present situation. If ever nuclear buttons are pressed then you cannot say that the cost was less.
  4. Singh bling

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    At what cost? , Hindu sikhs almost wiped from west Pakistan , while terribly declined in East Bengal. The environment was communalized it was congress just supressed it.
  5. Singh bling

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    Yeah if you believe that Mandirs being broken , Hindu's taken as slaves or forcibly converted. Preferable treatment to muslims and converts , while jaziya from hindu's are some of examples living side by side. I don't think even muslim league had problem if hindu's accepted it before partition. Look at Europe , German territory was given to poland and Germans were kicked out, while polish territory was given to Soviet and poles kicked out. Result hardly any conflict today Ideally both countries should had population exchange program for years after independence even if that means giving up more land for india. This would have bought peace in subcontinent.
  6. Singh bling

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    Hindu's and muslim had been fighting for over 1000 years , it is not just we have spent 7 decades fighting with each other. The 2 nation theory was not the cause ,. The cause is rag tag implementation of two nation theory and obsession of congress leaders to keep hindu's and muslims side by side.
  7. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/live-updates-foot-over-bridge-collapses-outside-mumbais-cst/liveblog/68412963.cms#_ga=2.203531664.126107228.1552513091-1553368044.1541777801
  8. Singh bling

    Chinese materials find way into army bulletproof vests

    China is as corrupt as India
  9. https://m.economictimes.com/news/defence/chinese-materials-find-way-into-army-bulletproof-vests/articleshow/68384425.cms
  10. Hum hindustanion kaa bada dil . Jab bhi pakistani yahan aata hai uski achchi mehmaannawazi karte hain. BTW Khwaja did great favour to India by exposing this team is not good for WC.

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