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  1. Cow discussion thread

    Then why do Keralites , even Hindu's consume Beef.are they against indian constitution
  2. Well played Latham
  3. Cow discussion thread

    I feel really sorry for humans who think animal life is equal to human life. Last time I check pest control is legal business in world , so should we allow human killing business? Similarly ox is castrated and forced to plough field as human life is equal to animal we should allow slavery and people should be allowed to purchase humans castrate them and serve them for entire life
  4. Biggest Cricket Chokes

    Biggest upset was 1983 world cup when a team never known for limited over game defeated team that had bowlers which are still known as best ever produced .reaching Final was almost impossible.
  5. Is it any wonder that West Indians have stopped taking cricket is career
  6. http://indianexpress.com/article/sports/cricket/india-vs-west-indies-odi-series-winston-benjamin-virat-kohli-4729895/
  7. FIFA U-17 WC : India 2017

    Mauled by USA 3-0
  8. Tom Alter dies aged 67

  9. Demonetisation, GST hit electronics, automobile sector http://www.freepressjournal.in/bhopal/demonetisation-gst-hit-electronics-automobile-sector/1146267
  10. BJP too opposed GST when they were in opposition,Several other reforms were opposed .This is democracy , opposition always oppose for the sake of opposition
  11. Stop giving name of economic stupidies as reforms.Economists are very much clear on this that India needs big labour law reforms , other Ease of doing business reforms Here is article supporting Modi but still it accepted that Once DeMo or GST were brought in, MSMEs lost their tax-arbitrage-driven USP. The only way to fix this was to raise their efficiency —that requires big reforms in labour rules, tax policies … what are called ease-of-doing-business (EoDB) rules Modi’s failure is that he felt EoDB had been fixed and was unwilling to accept any criticism of this. http://www.financialexpress.com/opinion/by-following-up-demonetisation-with-gst-did-pm-narendra-modi-kill-the-economy-here-is-what-you-really-must-know/867027/
  12. From 2011-14 the world economy was in bad shape , 2014 - 17 world economy improved .And who told you blac money is curbed. 1) Has Govt officials stopped taking bribe? 2)is there any jump in EODB( ease of doingg business) Go to buy property and still you need to pay in white and black From past 6 months I am doing renovation and I had seen so many depressed shopkeepers , Labour rate at present is going downward and you people are just saying same thing , just wait future is great
  13. What was Congress's vote bank.What they did to them? The reforms in India were initiated by Rao Manmohan Govt and that did not survive more than one. Useless commies ruled Bengal for 34 and 1 progressive CM Budhadev bhatacharya came and they got booted out . Development in India hardly gets you vote Anyway I don't see Modi going because we have become country with no opposition.This Sunday Municipal elections were held in Gurgaon and out of 35 seats BJP got 13 , 21 independents got elected.AAP and Congress did not fight election and BJP easily got mayor's post.
  14. You need a proper system for change . Unfortunately this Modi Govt hardly did anything in Ease of doing business (EODB) Yet they unleashed so called reforms which were back breaking for small businesses and informal sector which are giving employment to most of people

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