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  1. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    At Gandhi's time age of consent was 12 , so if girls were sleeping with Gandhi with their consent then it was not a crime at that time
  2. Actually this experience was getting unsold in first round and picked up for base price in second round
  3. If Gayle can do that so does Kohli and ABD
  4. Worst bowling spells of IPL 2018 - Minimum 45 runs conceded.

    Sran's opponent is KKR not K11p
  5. Old is gold !!!

    Kohli and RCBers are cursing themselves for letting Gayle go to Punjab
  6. Andre Russell thread !!!

    What a panauti thread
  7. Kolkata is too much dependent on Karthik , Lynn , Russel , Once they got out they hardly have any to hit the ball
  8. Old is gold !!!

    That's why CSK is doing miracles.IPL 2018 belongs to Daddu's
  9. TBH its almost impossible for her to find husband in India., Unless she choses to leave her children and run which she did
  10. There are realities which people need to accept.If Indira Gandhi was more practical then she should had removed the sikh bodyguards after bluestar and she was not assassinated
  11. Semen filled Ballons was joke.It will take 25-30 men to fill one balloon with semen.In Holy you need not 1 but many balloons.So it takes entire Mohalla to fill ballon with Semen

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