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  1. There is not a single good two wheeler in market and you are saying that in a decade indians will be riding two wheeler?
  2. Singh bling

    Sidhu kicked out of PUNJAB cabinet

    The PSE survey, conducted by Axis My-India for India Today TV, showed Sidhu's popularity in Punjab has increased four-fold over the past three months, with 16 per cent supporting him as the state's next chief minister, up from four percent in October. In November, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan broke ground to give visa-free access to Indian Sikh devotees to Kartarpur Sahib, the sacred site largely referred to as the final resting place of Guru Nanak, who passed in 1539. But the symbolism associated with Kartarpur is much higher, especially for the Sikhs. Guru Nanak settled at Kartarpur after his lifelong missionary travels across the subcontinent to as far as the Arab world and back. The institution of a community kitchen, or langar, which broke caste, social, religious and geographical distinctions, was also formalised in the same village. According to the PSE, 42 per cent of Punjab residents credited Sidhu for the corridor project. Only 15 per cent acknowledged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and 14 per cent Capt Singh for the cross-border initiative. As chief minister, Capt Amarinder Singh's popularity, on the other hand, has dropped from 42 per cent three months ago to 33 per cent now, the survey indicated. Akali veteran Parkash Singh Badal's ratings, too, registered a plunge as a future candidate for the CM post -- from 29 per cent in October to 24 per cent in January this year. His son and party chief Sukhbir Singh Badal has been found to be trailing far behind at eight per cent, down from 12 three months back https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/hug-kar-di-aap-ne-sidhu-more-popular-after-kartarpur-1429086-2019-01-11 Sidhu already has approval rating of 16% as next CM more than Sukhbir Badal. The Bajwa's and Manpreet Badal are nothing compared to him. Even if congress win's and they give unpopular CM assuming Amrinder is not on scene , it could be fatal for Congress in Punjab in future. As I said the guy is planning his moves to be next CM.
  3. Singh bling

    India should have better prepared their No.4- Yuvraj singh

    Ashwin only played 1 match in 2011. Bhajji was main spinner at that time.
  4. Singh bling

    Different fans, personal experience, UK, world cup 2019

    Only Pakistan is good team that takes T20 bilateral very seriously O/W other teams just send b or c teams for T20 Bilaterals.
  5. https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/ranchi-court-directs-teen-to-distribute-5-qurans-for-making-communal-remarks-1570034-2019-07-16
  6. Singh bling

    Sidhu kicked out of PUNJAB cabinet

    The incident happened in 1988 when he was barely riding on 1987 WC success. His status was no more than today Rishab pant has. The other party too was wealthy so it is not a question of rich vs poor The fact is the case went from trial court to supreme court and yet he was acquicted shows that he was not guily.
  7. Singh bling

    A few points about our semi-final loss

    Shreyas Iyer had very good IPL in 2018 , he should have been groomed as middle order batsman.
  8. Singh bling

    Sidhu kicked out of PUNJAB cabinet

    Amrinder Singh has already said that this is his last term and we all know the biggest bootlicker of Gandhi family will be next CM and we all know who is doing that at this moment Sidhu just need one thing and that is support of jat sikh population because they mostly decide who will be CM.
  9. Singh bling

    This match has brought cricket back to life in England

    If Indian football team will do as good as England I think they will also surpass cricket
  10. You are upset because oldies lost in sports . You should be happy that at this age Federer and Dhoni are still fine and not in ICU after taking so much on their bodies.
  11. Singh bling

    Sidhu kicked out of PUNJAB cabinet

    Amrinder will have no say who will be next CM . Sidhu is already buttering Rahul Gandhi . He was one of star campaigner of Congress in Elections . I think Amrinder never liked him as he went for review petition in road rage case.
  12. Singh bling

    Sidhu kicked out of PUNJAB cabinet

    Victim died of Cardiac arrest. Several courts examined the case and acquicted Sidhu.
  13. Singh bling


    First India should see what team of West Indies is playing , if its B team then India should also send B team.

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