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  1. Indian ODI 11 for world cup 2019

    CT is not equal to world cup , after 5-10 years people don't even remember CT Champions.I don't even knew That SA was CT champion in 1998 World cup streaks are different , look at associate teams along with weak test teams are fighting like dogs to just gain entry in WC
  2. Ahahahahaha - Lets take a moment and laugh at Bangladesh

    Mugabe is ousted and New president is their , if he will solve their racial problem and revive economy then Zim will again become cricketing force.This time they played with white captain and 7 white players which clearly showed that Zimb now has liberal policy
  3. Ahahahahaha - Lets take a moment and laugh at Bangladesh

    Just like Ishant Sharma
  4. WC Qualifiers

    Scotland and Ireland should start their T20 leagues.It will help in growth of cricket
  5. Indian ODI 11 for world cup 2019

    Stop living in past and come in present
  6. WC Qualifiers

    It is mix of hard work and luck, looks like Pathans have luck on their side when they are cornered tigers
  7. WC Qualifiers

    I have to say this Qualifier itself is more interesting than WC
  8. WC Qualifiers

    Their bowling is way better than Scotland , Zimbabwe Ireland and even Windies
  9. WC Qualifiers

    Afghan require 59 in 60
  10. Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Afghan Bowler Dawlat 2 bowls at 149 kph
  11. WC Qualifiers

    149 kph from Dawlat
  12. WC Qualifiers

    Star sport. Select 2
  13. TDP quits NDA

    Breaking news TDP quits NDA
  14. Pugs are the ugliest dogs !!!

    Dogs are not creation of nature but humans , from Great Dane to Chihuajua all belong to same species.
  15. WC Qualifiers

    Don't be do harsh on Irish men
  16. WC Qualifiers

    Losing 2 games is crime in super six, Both Zim and Scot committed it more over you both teams by playing a tie killed each other's chance . Afghans don't deserve it but if they manage to beat Ireland then you have to accept that a team that defeated Ireland and West indies in super six deserve to qualify
  17. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/congress-to-support-ysr-tdp-no-trust-motion-in-lok-sabha/articleshow/63327535.cms 2 Seat lost by BJP and now they are in trouble
  18. WC Qualifiers

    I am not hypernational cricket fan , I just prefer to watch any good game of cricket So I prefer all world cup matches to be worthy fighting for each team. This preliminary cup was very good , For first time I enjoyed watching associate teams along with poor test teams , each match was worth fighting for.This type of tournament will give so much exposure to associate teams .I want next time 4 test teams to participate , and I have to say if India falls in ranking they too should play this cup to qualify no mercy
  19. WC Qualifiers

    Where did I say Indian team should not be on same field with associate team ??? All I am saying is that bad decisions are part and parcel of the game
  20. WC Qualifiers

    Zim out of WC
  21. WC Qualifiers

    Zim out of WC
  22. WC Qualifiers

    7 th wicket gone
  23. WC Qualifiers

    This Naveed guy is much better than Unadkat
  24. WC Qualifiers

    22 in in 17
  25. WC Qualifiers

    Until very recently BCCI and Dhoni were dead against DRS and all teams have to play against India without DRS And that guy has real problem with connecting the ball even at that time Scotland was behind in Duckworth lewis

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