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  1. Singh bling

    Ind polled as the most dangerous country for women

    There is nothing wrong with psyche of Indian men, It's just extremely large population.With more population you will find more doctor's , scientists , and many high achievers , but with same you will find more criminals , some extremely inhumane people.Divide India into hundred nations and all countries will have 3-4 news of rape annually but with united it becomes a daily news
  2. Singh bling

    Ind polled as the most dangerous country for women

    The Indian economy is characterised by the existence of a vast majority of informal or unorganised labour employment. As per a survey carried out by the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) in 2009–10, the total employment in the country was of 46.5 crore comprising around 2.8 crore in the organised and the remaining 43.7 crore workers in the unorganised sector. Out of these workers in the unorganised sector, there are 24.6 crore workers employed in agricultural sector, about 4.4 crore in construction work and remaining in manufacturing and service. http://vikaspedia.in/social-welfare/unorganised-sector-1/categories-of-unorganised-labour-force -_----_------- read above 52% of unorganised sector workers are in agriculture.More people are employed in construction sector than entire organised sector .only 2.8 crores are in organised sector.
  3. This is not about English , maths teachers don't know maths , science teachers don't know science. Your imagination of teachers meeting with parents fits in with public schools of big cities not large majority of schools of India
  4. Singh bling

    Ind polled as the most dangerous country for women

    Office going jobs are only with tiny fraction of Indian population, most are self employed or in unorganised sector _------------- In 2011 there were 28.9 million workers in organised sector [2][3] out of a total labour force of 469 million[4]So approximately 6.1% of the labour force are in the organised sector.There maybe some salaried people in the unorganised sector but I believe it will not vastly change the number. So my guess/estimate is approximately 6.1% of the labour force in India are "salaried class" https://www.quora.com/What-percentage-of-the-Indian-population-is-the-salaried-class
  5. First look at condition of Govt schools of India Unless India increase its budget massively and improve education sector particularly schools your suggestion will be a total waste in 90% of schools
  6. very shameful ,all deserve no less than death penalty
  7. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/swami-agnivesh-attacked-by-mob-in-jharkhand/articleshow/65022733.cms Waiting for justification how these things use to happen earlier
  8. https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/muslim-personal-law-board-plans-to-open-sharia-courts-across-india-1280854-2018-07-08
  9. Singh bling

    What happened to tennis

    The youngest semi finalist in Wimbledon is 31 year old , While in 1993 oldest was used to be 27 yeard old , where are all young guys?
  10. England's stupid captaincy despite that T20 final they still give death overs to Stokes
  11. 28 in 50 by padd dadu
  12. Bhul jaayo WC aur abhi se chun lo meri dusri country
  13. Singh bling

    2019 World Cup: Challenges ahead for Captain Kohli

    Kick oldies out.Look at Fifa WC , big names fell .Youngsters of France outplayed most.Whether it is cricket or football , golden rule is old war horses never deliver.
  14. Singh bling

    The solution for Triple Talaq, which could really work

    What Rubbish , the same logic is also applicable on Domestic violence.So why not allow husbands to beat wives , especially the poor class
  15. Singh bling

    Football equivalents of cricket teams

    Actually France is UAE of cricket. .Just like you don't find original Arabs in UAE team , you don't find Frenchmen in France football. The only thing differ is UAE don't have success of french team
  16. Singh bling

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Its 4
  17. Singh bling

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Its in November , December .So don't think it will be that hot
  18. Singh bling

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    France , this is what happens when Best African genes get the facilities of European nation.They become unstoppable
  19. Singh bling

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    What a comecial goal
  20. Singh bling

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    France too good for Croatia
  21. Singh bling

    WIMBLEDON 2018 discussion (and grass tune ups)

    Too easy for Djokovic , Anderson is too tired after marathons
  22. Singh bling

    What happened to tennis

    Imran retired at 39 , Miandad played 6 world cups.Most test pacers still retire in early to mid 30s , Workload for them has not much increased as they t20 or test matches once they cross 30. In this Fifa WC 19 year old Mbappe is emerging as new star while most stars failed to advance their teams.their retirement is on the cards after WC and most of them has yet to cross 35
  23. Singh bling

    What happened to tennis

    So it improved only for tennis? Footballers , cricketers are retiring at almost same age as they used 20-30 years ago .Only tennis has changed.I think new talent is not interested in tennis, that's why poor quality of players are emerging
  24. Singh bling

    WIMBLEDON 2018 discussion (and grass tune ups)

    Djokovic wins

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