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  1. Poll: Should Navdeep Saini make his test debut at Wanderers?

    Not drop but rest, i knw his importance in LOI and the WC approaching in an year . He will be playing all formats and imagine the work load on him. M just finding ways to rest him in between Pandya was also rested in SL, i dnt mind a rest given to player to control his work load So m saying rest not drop Why to wait for someone to get injured Ishant/umesh/shami inconsistencies gives enough reason to look out for more options We are calling out kohli on dropping performing people like bhuvi Shami has fitness issues and he has been given a rest so many times in last yr, a test match rest that allows us to use him better in ODI ill take that Shami vs navdeep- it all becomes about who will give his 100% This team is playing musical chairs among same set of player hence not enhancing its potential A year ago introduction of bumrah n pandya added so much power to our team so why fear trying more as this series is over now. Kohli is being called out for picking non performers like dhawan n rohit and dropping performers like bhuvi, rahane, rahul No one is bashing for giving youngster chances, infact its vice versa that youngsters arent getting chances under him.
  2. Poll: Should Navdeep Saini make his test debut at Wanderers?

    So ur saying u guarntee navdeep will fail and other 3 will guarntee perform Shami has been inconsistent in 1st place Lets not forget bumrah started his career from a dead rubber only
  3. Poll: Should Navdeep Saini make his test debut at Wanderers?

    Shami has only bowled well in one spell, test cricket is not about one spell. M one of the biggest fans of shami but i dnt want a bowler who is holding himself either due to injury or some other issue . Bumrah from now on will almost play all games, bumrah shud be given rest time to time Umesh - if its a grassy track the guy will try for extra and go for a lot of runs. They all are good bowlers, but the lookout to find better shud always be on. Look at the trouble it has caused us as we were satisfied with same bunch of batsman....suddenly the batting has more questions marks then ever. Bhuvi, Ishant/umesh (depending on pitch), Saini for me With all these bowlers we know what we are going to get, lets try to find something new and we have already lost the series . The guy is in great rhythem, his bowling will be suited to Sa pitches , SA wudnt be prepared for him, he is bowling at a gr8 pace. What better place to debut. He may fail, but what if we discover a match winner. A great team is build by the number of match winner.
  4. Earlier i cud sense the changes coz their was some sense but not this has gone to a bizzare level so anything can happen. The only thing that im sure is some stupidity in selection wud happen again
  5. What part of cricket u dnt understand , choices are not made on one game Dhawan n rohit has been atrocious over the years in test cricket overseas Outscore Outscore......16 run hi maare Vijay has been successful in past, dhawan has never been in past nor in present coz 16 is still a failure Vijay has scored enough to earn breathing space during failure, dhawan was kicked from test squad and hadnt it been minnow SL series he wud have been playing domestic cricket while team wud have been in Sa
  6. Team for 3rd test

    ye laga reh maths ke saath, it cannot change the fact that dhawan has been a failure overseas and vijay has played some good knocks overseas.
  7. Team for 3rd test

    Dhawan made 16 runs and this guy made 93, huge diff Dhawan has been given more then 20 innings overseas and been an absolute failure. Even if pandya fails with bat he comes n takes wkts with ball n creates run out like of amla MR. dhawan drop catches Dhawan competeion has done better then him overseas Pandya has no competition
  8. Poll: Should Navdeep Saini make his test debut at Wanderers?

    Series over, nothing to loose . If we gain a good bowler that will be such a huge plus. Shami , bumrah can be rested. Cant keep having the same batch of bowlers through out. Any injury to a main bowler and we wudnt know where to look at, so it important to create bench strength . Look at the batting same set of player and since most are struggling now we cant find options And he is in great rhythm , bowling at great place . What better place to debut then in Sa where there wud grass to and it wud be a good test against Amla, ABDV
  9. Team for 3rd test

    Hmmmm and pandya is the 2nd highest scorer from indian team
  10. Manju XI for next test......he thinks like kohli

    Agar na hua to
  11. Manju XI for next test......he thinks like kohli

    Shreyas is not even in SA, what ru smoking .
  12. Manju XI for next test......he thinks like kohli

    Nhin yaar jaisi bakwaas wo krta hai uske liye talent chahiye, no one can write that
  13. The Kohli-Kumble fiasco started even before Kumble started as Coach

    when did u stop watching cricket 2-3 yrs ago The whole post has to be one of the worst and senseless post i hve seen. N i have seen many from @Khota But this beats all.............. Kya bakwaass likha hai

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