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  1. Pace ace Mitchell Starc is unlikely to feature in next year's Indian Premier League after he was released by his club Kolkata Knight Riders via text message Starc was picked up by KKR in last year's IPL auction for a whopping $1.8 million but missed the 2018 season with a leg injury sustained at the back end of the infamous South Africa Test tour. The left-armer will miss out on another lucrative pay day unless he nominates for next season's auction that is set to be staged next month, reportedly December 16 in Goa. But it's more likely Starc will forgo the IPL to rest up ahead of a grueling winter of cricket in the UK where the World Cup and Ashes will be played back to back over a six-month period. "I got a text message two days ago from the owners of Kolkata saying I've been released from my contract," Starc told reporters in Sydney. "At the moment I'll be home in April. "I obviously didn't go last year with my tibia injury and it was a great opportunity to freshen the body up, let everything heal by itself. "I guess barring a little niggle in my hammy I've felt pretty good with my body and my strength and the rest of it. "That little period of time has really paid off for the body. If I don't play the IPL next year it's a good opportunity to freshen up for a massive six months of cricket in the UK." The reason behind KKR's de-listing of Starc is thought to be because of the uncertainty around the quick's availability. With the World Cup a major focus for Australia, Cricket Australia is expected to limit how much its players will feature in the tournament with an eye to keep them fresh for the 50-over showpiece event. Due to the tight window between the end of the IPL and the World Cup, it's understood the Board of Control for Cricket in India is trying to push the start of the IPL as forward as possible. That would mean a start in mid-March as opposed to the traditional season launch in April, with a finish around mid-May. The first match of the World Cup takes place on May 30 in London. It's believed IPL owners have until tomorrow to tell their players if they intend to keep or release them for the upcoming season, with a host of Australians set to be impacted. Allrounder Marcus Stoinis is likely to play some part in the IPL after he was traded from Kings XI Punjab to Royal Challengers last month. Link- https://www.cricket.com.au/news/mitchell-starc-australia-ipl-released-contract-kolkata-knight-riders-world-cup/2018-11-14?fbclid=IwAR06c2X_A-15DxDAUqy15V9Vr8Pfg3KdM3GVtsDN1_33pv53W35JizdWabA
  2. Ankit_sharma03

    Krunal Pandya’s knock today is a breath of fresh air

    Hardik has a good eco acc to modern day cricket , what more choking u want We had jadeja play for many many yrs , he use to be a tight bowler but absolute poor with bat as a result we lost so many games We hve tried this n failed how is it done right???? their is no proof of this theory working well ... Unless u hve absolute world class atg 4 bowlers + few part timers , playing 7 batsman wnt work Unless u hve 6 gun ATG consistent batsman, playing 5 bowlers wnt work + ull still need 1-2 part timers
  3. Ankit_sharma03

    Dhoni v Rahim - who has been better wk-batsman in tests?

    Dhoni was ATG in Odi In test , a force in India Overseas above avg ill say at best
  4. Ankit_sharma03

    Krunal Pandya’s knock today is a breath of fresh air

    tumhari gaadi dhaakka maar ke bhi chal jayegi But this indian team needs 2 all rounders for balance which is what pandya bros are We have wasted yrs with jadeja before and xar wnt hve done much diff either Someone like n dislike is not related to teams problem Teams problems 1. power hitter- hardik answers that 2. 6th batsman who can bowl regulalry, hit as well - Krunal ( now ull say jadhav, his lollipops will be figured out soon, in deodhar everyone smashed him) 3. Seam bowling all rounder- hardik answers that Liking and disliking are not the solutions
  5. Ankit_sharma03

    Krunal Pandya’s knock today is a breath of fresh air

    No he wnt work, their is a diff hitting in powerplay and death overs their is a diff between hitting a new ball that comes better on bat then an old ball And u do understand the massive role diff that shaw will struggle batting from open to 7 Power hitting is also a special skill and not everyone can come n do that from ball 1, which is why Raina was valued so highly for many yrs despite being xtremely inconsistent and found wanting in many areas. Even The likes of Rohit cnt go hitting from ball 1 and currently their is none better then hardik in this country who can do the power hitting job and it is also a specialist job , i dnt knw why its is so looked down upon
  6. best competition btw kohli n rohit Shastri
  7. Ankit_sharma03

    Krunal Pandya’s knock today is a breath of fresh air

    consistent hitting video game men hoti hai U knw better hitters in the country please do mention their names
  8. Ankit_sharma03

    Is time running out for KL Rahul fast?

    he avg around 40 in test not bad, more so has 100s overseas which is not easy Havnt got chances in odi properly Look at his record in t20 absolutely phenomenal cricketers take time- rohit , yuvraj, Zak were gr8 xamples ( these guys were written off by many and now those ppl look fool) Whats the urgency ??? he hasnt even gotten proper backing ....give each career its breathing space U dnt find talents like rahul every day
  9. Ankit_sharma03

    Is time running out for KL Rahul fast?

    This is what i posted regd pant few days ago, same for rahul Patience rakho youngster ke saath ya budho se kaam chalao
  10. Ankit_sharma03

    2.0 - Official Trailer

    Charishma Thats what makes a star
  11. on what basis are these teams made Kohli will always choose YUZI Kuch naya nhin milata XI bnate rehte ho
  12. Ankit_sharma03

    Krunal Pandya’s knock today is a breath of fresh air

    Hype????? No said that they are the second coming of sobers or kallis Stop proving ur point by using oh ppl hype, No one hypes them those are the best all rounder option avl in country in LOI and that is a reality ( if u differ find me option or else end it here) Stop calling reality a hype
  13. Ankit_sharma03

    Thugs Of Hindostan - Official Trailer

    A bad film is a bad film who doesnt enjoy out n out masala films, it bombed coz its a bad film Thats an excuse, IF it wud have been entertaining no way it wud have accepted by public straight away Never seen a entertaining film with such a huge star cast bomb like this , has to be a bad film obv Told u after the trailer Vijay krishna acharya has never made a good film in his life, neither Amir reads script when it comes to yashraj (fanna, dhoom 3 n now this are proof of it) Audience threshold is going lower regd big star cast film with low content - Race -3 faced a huge backlash n NOW TOH, coz they promised one thing being an entertainers and failed at that. No smart person wud go in expecting that TOH wnt be a masala film. I remeber few yrs back even Ra.One faced the same backlash

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