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  1. Rishabh bhagat another u19 bowler playing in Ind vs eng. Looks good but definitely can gain a lot more pace
  2. He has highly spoken about Nathu,Sran, kuldeep n Sanghwan as well. He was excited about Manan to and he did had the talent.
  3. How will his injuries be taken care easy is it to ????? The guy struggled against herath in galle and then Santner in wct20.........any lateral movement puts him in trouble
  4. Yuvraj has had always a good eye for a talent. Ny video of shubham gill?
  5. Get in Aniket......whats he is doing in the nets troubling worlds best batsman. How many aussies have seen him????Only very few who must have played in IPl from punjab HE offers a lot of variety- tall, good pace, left armer No point rushing shami.
  6. I dnt know about our team. But this win wil give Aussie batsman world of confidence that they can bat at any surface now and specially better if given better surface which will be the case in next few test.
  7. Agreed....but my post meant as perception that will come out every time there is a collapse specially when we play 5 batsman
  8. 6 batsman or 5 lets see the pitch 1st Here is 1st thing i wud want to do , take few out of the way calls 1. Get in Aniket.C in squad. If a bowler is troubling best batsman in the world in nets......well what the hell is he doing in the nets. A tall left arm bowler wud give variety to the attack. Also aussies wnt have much idea about him. His footmarks will also give rough for ashwin 2. Get in parthiv patel in squad to........m nt saying replace saha. But have an option. HE is a good batsman and a left hander. Also he was a lil more pro active with helping in drs. Rest lets wait for the pitch n weather.
  9. The issue is if we are to play 5 batsman time n again Saha role will come under scrutiny specially post any collapse
  10. doesnt have the bowling talent of sehwag.... But it wud depend on the pitch, i think on aus- A tour he took few wkts. Right now the issue is our main bowlers arent doing that well, in that case dont know how much wud he be able to do Pujara was practising leg spin for a long while, dnt know what happ to that. Nt to sure either to rely on Nair as 3rd spinner, i think 1st we shud get our bowling soughted. Lets nt make a raging turner like this were evn adding 2 more batsman wnt matter much as on such pitches any ball can jump n kick and get u out. If we have 4 really good bowlers, 5th one can be nair If we are struggling with one of them in 4 like we did with Ishant, ill be worried about nair's bowling. We might need to think out of box by having someone like Jadhav or hooda as another batsman in place of rahane who can play spin as well and then have 6 batsman with nair. As then u have 2 part time option.
  11. Part timer......he does bowl keep bowling so he wud have better control On such pitches i think if part timer bowl at good pace the pitch will do the rest
  12. Ok i have a question How come playing only 1 test has proved Karun nair as the best player of spin bowling. Acc to post maker Wasnt pujara our best player against spin bowling