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  1. what ur talking about is ability ...what m talking about is mould or game I also mentioned babar whose ability currently is not a par or even close to other names i mentioned
  2. Even yuvi n abdv knew how to consolidate but they had that extra gear that virat doesnt have...... At 4 u need someone like them who can get team team to a gr8 total from poor start. ......batsman like kohli, babar, kane, root, smith are best suited at 3
  3. Rahul Pant (just becoz a player is attacking doesnt mean he shud abt in lower order) shankar Gill (discarded after 2 games) all need long rope......Everyone fails problem here is PPl discard the player as soon as he fails as if cricketers in past hasnt
  4. Pandey only knock which was claim to fame was 100 against Aus in Aus.....no way that was soft runs . It was a top knock Whats wrong in 30 age.....35+ i understand....nothing wrong in 30 IM not a fan of pandey but i dnt believe in counting someone out so soon
  5. Problem with no.4 Not trying right players....when they did it was just for 2-3 games not backing anyone
  6. Absolutely not At 4 u need someone in mould of - Yuvi, ABDV, Lara At 5 u need someone in Mould of - Hussey or dhoni during his best
  7. hain?? Manish pandey seen enough...only played 23 odi
  8. Strange few days ago he was announced as next coach of KKR
  9. Ankit_sharma03

    Missing components in all formats

    In Saini and Siraj we have the answer
  10. Ankit_sharma03

    Bumrah as Captain?

    His work load needs to be managed so he shud skip lot of ODi series coz half the teams are anyways below par, captain needs to play more coz he needs to build the team and we need bumrah in test cricket
  11. I hope they dont end up doing a favour to one of their friends who is way out touch of whats happening in modern cricket
  12. Ankit_sharma03

    How will you ever explain this win to kids in future?

    Will tell the Kid- Since ages british always used boundaries to win
  13. https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/sports/bcci-mulling-split-captaincy-rohit-sharma-for-odis-virat-kohli-for-tests/videoshow/70232049.cms https://www.dnaindia.com/cricket/photo-gallery-rohit-sharma-to-lead-in-odis-virat-kohli-captain-in-tests-bcci-mulls-split-captaincy-claims-report-2772326

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