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  1. Bang on
  2. No need to play every year 1-2 season are enough but he hasnt even done that
  3. It was his last series.........keep that nonsense in ur pocket Kohli still has to play for years. He is the backbone of the team and our team relies heavily on him .........u have to be foolish to enhance ur main players injury.
  4. I hope he does.....coz 100% he wont have control and we ll get 2-3 full tosses every over...... HALWA
  5. Have been screaming before home season started to give him chances Wanted him to play whole aussie series has aussies did struggle SL chinamen and even shamsi
  6. Ab ye select ho jayega
  7. Hooda gone
  8. I hope with De kock out DD campaign Pant opens n keeps whole season He needs to be told that he shud aim for that position. No better place to bat in LOI then top 3
  9. Shame hooda being wasted at 7.........he shud bat at 3 or 4 A lot being left for lower order..........Bhajji fuddu captain hi rahega saari zindagi
  10. Dnt knw why we are trying to make mandeep an opener, he opened In A games in Aus then against Eng as well The guy has no technique
  11. Match Thread

    Gavaskar talking about kuldeep bowling as if he knew what gr8 talent he was - Dude u were crying when mishra was dropped calling it unfair If Rahane wasnt Captaining Kuldeep wont have got 4 wkts- S Manjrekar
  12. Kaul takes a does these trundlers take so many wkts
  13. Rahul chahar is lucky that he ll get to learn from Rahir , zampa and ashwin And will get to bowl to smith, faf, dhoni, rahane, stokes in nets.........upto him to make the most from it
  14. This time they ll perform better then Last time reasons 1. They are experienced 2. Kohli spoke how they all are working on fitness to put in more at those part of days when start to get tired and loose steam. Thats where many test matches changes and the gr8 australian side was ahead of others. 3. 5 bowler will help them rest and bowl their overs with full intensity
  15. Match Thread

    IF 11, that means kohli is out. But no such info as yet