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  1. Khaleel was on A-tour to NZ and did play a ranji game also i think DK also i think has played for TN I think he also played ranji n scored a 100
  2. Ankit_sharma03

    Dhoni uses the Word CH***ye......Rare moments

    Image- at such point when match is hanging and its a high pressure situation plus with all the running ur levels are high kisi ke dimaag men nhin aata that i wanna be nice for camera . Its easy to say but something we ll never understand is the pressure these guys are in specially in such games
  3. Ankit_sharma03

    Dhoni uses the Word CH***ye......Rare moments

    hows it a big issue specially for a team whose captain is kohli.....Seniors have a go at youngsters in dressing toom to. Their are many stories of sachin , imran , ganguly n all blasting juniors. Thats ok. John wright held sehwag by his collar in dressing room once.... Happens in every team. Much better then pak dressing room which has crazy stories of miandad running after somenoe with a knife, akthar breaking asif leg
  4. Ankit_sharma03

    ‘Want India to be a superpower in Test cricket’ : Virat Kohli

    doesnt kumble work for KSCA in administraion and i dnt think anyone wud decline team directors job Yes we do but The top players can play due to hectic schedule , my suggestion was avoid poor series like Lanka n all n play against each other. I dnt mind it happening in 4 day games also but thats looks very difficult . The competition wud be far more tougher and it wud also be a good platform. During the chappell-ganguly era to when team was looking for new players it was that challenger trophy that bought chawla n sreesanth in limelight when they got tendulkar out . Naam Challenger rakho ya deodhar the idea is to make compete best 30-40 players against each other on the best pitches of the country
  5. Ankit_sharma03

    ‘Want India to be a superpower in Test cricket’ : Virat Kohli

    Ok then quit ODI captaincy Hire - gambhir, agarkar , yuvraj as selectors post 2019WC not some week guys Use kumble in some capacity post WC...may be as team director Have a coach like tom moody Bring back challenger trophy and let top 30-40 cricketers of the country play against each other rather destroying lanka or WI at home
  6. Ankit_sharma03

    We need to replace Rayudu from his #4 slot ASAP !!!

    Well lets not be even that harsh the guy has alway been a good IPL player not one but many seasons
  7. Ankit_sharma03

    Dhoni uses the Word CH***ye......Rare moments

    khaleel was walking over the pitch with water water cud spill
  8. Kohli somewere- Bol wo rahe hai lekin shabd humare hai
  9. Ankit_sharma03

    We need to replace Rayudu from his #4 slot ASAP !!!

    Wasnt this expected We all saw how he was clueless last time he went to Aus n NZ
  10. Then kudos to his family to be so open.....big societies are bunch of hypocrites as well. they are weird thats their problem . I hangout with whomever doesnt change that i also come from a middle class family n was bought in Chandigarh a conservative city . But i took it upon me to have discussion regd these atleast from my to next generation. Why to follow being like how old generation was. Trust me bigshots are also humans most of them are conservative as anything. Him sharing his views of checking out a women doesnt change the reality that all men checkout women in that or even more secual ways. Truth remains same and if we are having a problem with that we are a bunch of softies. This aint the 1st incidence as wehave lost our sense of humuor. We cant take a joke, opinion....whats wrong with us. Really does these thing are going to change our lives upside down ...or some serious problems and if its awkward then bloody change- stop saying hum to aise hi hai Why cant parents be friends i have seen many parents acting as friends Most guys do yaar .....we all knw such a guy in our lives big deal . Its come to point that his career is getting harmed Afridi got away with 2 match ban for biting the ball no one shud have any problem with conseual sex btw anyone be it after marriage or before.
  11. Even Watch Badhai ho were sanya malhotra tells that she discusses her sex life with her mother.....no one had an objection. If pandya family is open .....saari dunia ko mirchi lag gayi.
  12. Here is a Bishen singh bedi interview , the old man is far more open minded then most in country who is acting like jokers 1. many created a hooplah about players taking girls to room. Here bedi telling how karsan ghaveri had 6 girls in his room and wascaught by manager. I saw bhajji saying what are they talkinng about- yeah right as if u didnt do or ppl before u 2. Bedi - we also come from a land of Kamasutra
  13. why alone blame those whole country acted like buffons.....hypocrite sabke sab .......wont change jackshit about the issue they are getting vocal about but wnt leave a chance to target someone these guys took action watching public anger and they also wanted to show off their power
  14. wait for a year and let him perform everyone will forget n sponsers will be back Aamir khan was also dropped after his intolerance comment and today no one will think of sigining Sab bas apne gusse ke showoff kr rhe hai
  15. Ankit_sharma03

    Get Dhonified !!!

    cant bat at that s/r unacceptable , in his head he thinks he ll cover in the end but his ability isnt same now and if u see in recent times after doing all the hard work he gets out at a wrong time. That hard work then becomes trouble for others Consolidator role can be even done by vijay shankar at double s/r + bowling

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