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  1. Ankit_sharma03

    Will Ind make it to the last 4 in WC19?

    yes we will, we may not be the be best but still a top team . We ll have to play very poor cricket to be not in top 4
  2. Ankit_sharma03

    Should we worry about Pakistan

    i knw, i shud have deleted the word conditions but be it any conditions pak have always done well in england and CT was 2 yrs ago only . Pak is one team that can play **** on any day and can lift themseleves from no-were....such teams shudnt be taken lightly. Acc to me they ll end in top 4
  3. Ankit_sharma03

    Will you watch Pakistan matches after the Pulwama attack

    kya gaddari kar di bhai tune
  4. look how comfertable he looks against international bowling, thats why i rate this guy highly .................IPL shudnt be taken to srsly
  5. Ankit_sharma03

    Who will be top scorer for India in 2019 WC?

    thigh slapper
  6. Ankit_sharma03

    Should we worry about Sri Lanka

    any team can beat anyone on given day so worry about everyone
  7. Ankit_sharma03

    Kedar Jhadav declared Fit for WC 2019

    ye fir injured hoga
  8. UR the one who started to say he hasnt played an innings like that.......i showed u he had and much better one just didnt get the support And this mix of aggression n calculation comes with time.....stokes is far exp then pandya
  9. Ankit_sharma03

    Kohli & Pant ad

    no what johnny lever n anupam kher have been depicting on screen sardar thats stereo typing Since when is getting close to reality stereo typing. I didnt say make it look one type.....but atleast make it look real
  10. didnt he make 76 in 43 balls in Ct 2017 final, stokes made 71 in 64 so hows is stokes innings better, pandya played a much better knock only to be ended by an idiot In before u say coz england won, well the diff was due to other not pandya or stokes Our 2nd n 3rd highest scorers made - 22 n 23 and england's -114, 43...... Pandya made another 70 against aus in chennai when dhoni also made runs with him hence we made a good total, so one player cant do much.
  11. depth which england has in their batting and pak lack in their bowling and pressure, i feel eng wudnt be able to chase this in a pressure Wc game.....bilateral are diff
  12. Ankit_sharma03

    Should we worry about Pakistan

    Every team shud, they always do well in England conditions

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