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  1. What exp does kumble lack?????
  2. ohh i read that comment i liked it......thought u deserved it.....gave it to u UNCLE
  3. @BeautifulGame team will win Warner, ABDV, YUVI all ahve enjoyed pace bounce against quality attacks and they ll love patta as well And with sehwag u dnt knw if he has a good game Bond, starc, marshal is dream attack and hogg will enjoy the bounce @Unstable Joe has few match changing players as well like akhtar, sobers but a few only Guptil rohit will enjoy only patta and them against bond, starc n marshall......wnt even let them breathe
  4. these hacks are good for patta wkts avl.....we arent playing on seaming tracks. These are same set of batsman who won us last CT
  5. What has karthik done in international cricket compare to each n every other name. Infact has he even done half of it................ The only thing he has done in so many years is to eat youngsters chances. All are top players and karthik has been a failure even today
  6. in a match were jadeja n ashwin batted at 100+ s/r these guys were batting at below 50...........chullu bhar paani men dooba ke maar do inko
  7. Lets not blame MSK alone, We all know much kohli, kumble likes yuvi n rahane Had it been dravid, ganguly, sehwag,sachin they all wud have even supported both as they have gone on record n said that When Dhoni openly criticized rahane, media went bonkers after him In regds to karthik, every selection committee has done the same blunder......its not only one selector its basically Indian mindset of being safe and going for tried and tested things Even rahane selection shows their safe mindset.... 1. what if we collapse. Need a batsman to stay there so rahane(As if he plays long innings in odi,he generally throws wkts after 30-40) 2. What if conditions are helpful for fast bowlers so we need rahane (aj tak to kabhi chala nahin jab jab ball move hua hai ) Look at the mindset in regds to pace we have Umesh n pandya bowl fast so they ll surely leak runs and they are brainles......Saala jaise pace control karna asaan hai na . Jiske pass pace kum uske pass dimaag......logic to dekho Take yuvi example- he won big tournaments and after that has failed miserably so many times but yet every big tournament people want him Its a whole mindset issue in regds to Indian system, will take many more yrs n decades to change Ull see such decisions time n again
  8. Karthik ka problem swinging condition nhin mental condition hai
  9. Says who ? You ? Who didnt even knew smith n rohit hasnt bowled in ages....apart from a over here n there Who didnt even though before quotting faulkner that he wasnt even picked Bowler with brain has a poorer record then umesh n shami..... Umesh hasnt improved.....yea right he was the bowler of season. Yes bhuvi has improved, but yet to show in International cricket. IPL dekhna kum karo If todays match showed signs, pandya might share new ball with shami. Now before u say its my opinion i have written above ill play bhuvi against those pakistan hack batsman
  10. I meant age old........ i have also always eng wkts are patta right from 2002 natwest series.......apart from few games were ull see weather play a part or may be early season pitches Yup if weather helps it ll swing
  11. His line n length has improved massively, again that a last yr delusion which people created from t20 which is harsh format for any bowler. Pandya plays at matter what unless he fails a few game My bowling line up Shami (if fit) Bumrah Jaddu Bhuvi/ashwin/ Umesh (rotate acc to opp, pitch, weather condition) Pandya at 7 Ill play umesh against Aus- as he has done well against them, he has picked up warner quite a few times. Ashwin has struggled against aussie Ill play ashwin against Sa as Sa doesnt like spin and much and they choke easily so spinners come in handy in reg to that . Sa have always taken a liking for bhuvi bowling so no bhuvi for me Against Sa. In case wkt is good for seamers may be yadav Ill play bhuvi against Pak, SL, Wi, Eng as those hacks dnt move their feet well and play across a lot. Bhuvi always does well against them Ill play jadeja at 7 incase pandya fails in group stages, but he deserves that backing and he has earned it. There is no reason to be worried from Pak n SL . Shami fitness has to be checked....shami indeed is the best bowler even if he is 80% but his runup was getting worst by the match Now u may think we ll play with a settled unit, that use to happen under dhoni ......kohli is a diff captain he likes chopping n changing acc to situation .
  12. No.........specially after his bhaichara with Ishant no Way
  13. That will happen with time n exp....... BRavo n russel also took time ....we are comparing a fast tracked product to finished n t20 legend products . U cant get finished product from a cricketer who was kind of fast tracked, he has shown improvement till now and thats what matters
  14. Jadhav n yuvi has bowled more then smith ......smith hasnt bowled for long Faulkner isnt even selected Wait stonis, henriques arent no morris with the ball so why are we so harsh on Pandya Umesh isnt reliable either, we all knw even umesh can leak runs heavily Yes obv he is way better bowler then pandya but pandya bats also Rohit sharma hasnt bowled in ages, giving him ball for 3-4 over will be suicide JAdhav n yuvi are better Bhuvi isnt confirmed....... Shami....his running has put some doubts, hope its just him holding back Bumrah n jaddu are confirmed
  15. Again there is no prove.....his stats talk opp to a perception that has been made. He may be even horrible then ur expectation but let him fail 1st......he has done exceedingly well till now specially he was short on 1st class exp. At 7 u wnt get a chance to make 100, so those 20-30 does look small........ If Indian batting was better we could have actually dropped him n had jadeja at 7 Our batting needs cushion n firepower both