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  1. yaar dhoni is on his dip so his dots has a reason , ye baakiyon ko kya saanp sungh gaya hai
  2. Dhoni ne advie nhin diya usse bahar ka rasta dikhaya tha bol ke middle overs men khelna tere bas ki nhin
  3. Well explained by harsha , with a lot of sugar coating as usual. @Khota - i have said the same thing, atleast a cricket expert agrees with me. Find me someone who agrees with that IPL stats matter over international stats
  4. Virat Kohli+ MS Dhoni

    They are like , the song of ice and fire
  5. jadhav also gives us 6th bowling option which can be needed any day . Iyer wnt give us that option Also wud be unfair to give him a chance at 5-6 , wud prefer if he gets a chance by resting one of top 3 in upcoming series
  6. Not odi's but t20 specially pant I dnt knw how will we fit iyer and were wud we fit iyer
  7. Do me a favour dnt give me a benefit of doubt, coming from u ill start doubting myself
  8. Ishant to lead Delhi in upcoming Ranji season

    When u have guy like gambhir , a brilliant captain......well what to Say Delhi has so much of talent....and DDCA is full of jerks
  9. Rishabh pant has to make this opp count, this A - series he shud really pile on runs MSK prasad did that they wud look to gradually start pant from t20 to odi .......If australian team gets whitewashed selectors will have more faith in throwing more youngsters for t20s
  10. This is what pisses me offf , calling someone god. He was a genius, one of the top most player, many will say best or in top 5 but god is too much ........thats what i call overrating someone .
  11. Thats the whole point of my debate Agreed, Even Zimb was decent side
  12. Why ....why to make such a statement. Why beg for encouragement. Kohli is known to be someone who is good with encouraging players and if he is playing kuldeep m sure he ll be backing him . Ohh yes he could have, gambhir did it to kohli but well not everyone's style. Many greats in past didnt and it was not their style maybe. Adhe India ka ronna ye Unclon ne daala hua hai. Kisi ka baap kisi ka coach
  13. “Kohli is a senior member of the team and he could have encouraged the junior players by sharing the honour,” Pande said to Deccan Chronicle. However, he was happy with Kuldeep's performances on a pacer-friendly wicket. "The wicket (at the Eden Gardens) was new and only helping the pacers and on this wicket the hat-trick achiever’s performance was remarkable. Initially, Kuldeep’s bowling was not up to the mark. There was no proper line and length in his deliveries. I did bring this to his notice after the match when he called up and also advised him to concentrate only on proper line and length without worrying about the wickets. The wickets will come automatically.” https://www.sportskeeda.com/cricket/virat-kohli-shared-man-of-the-match-award-kuldeep-yadav-coach-india-australia-2017
  14. Reserve / Backup players available for Team India

    I doubt specially the angle at which his bat comes down and the face of his bat, wud get out to a lot of oustide edges Ill be really worried about him against outswing bowlers
  15. Sachin teams batting Line up vs Kohli's team batting lineup , Man to Man comparison. Who had better players around him??? Why this question???? We always have this debate that sachin had the burden of whole team and kohli didnt. But if we compare their team with Man to Man players is their that a big difference Im gonna make their on very comman players who played most games around them . Sachin 94-96 onwards team vs Kohli's post 2011 team Dhawan vs Ganguly (I expect a debate on this) Sachin vs Rohit sharma (Sachin obv) Dravid vs Kohli (kohli obv) Azhar vs Yuvi/rahane/raydu (Azhar wins as in todays team no one has that position fixed no.4 of this team has been an issue) Ajay Jadeja vs Raina ( ill take Ajay jadeja. Lets forget Fixing saga aside) Mongia vs Dhoni (obv Dhoni) Robin Singh vs Sir jadeja (Robin singh for me as batsman ,as bowler may be jadeja. to early to put pandya) Sachin had likes of Sidhu, kambli and few others in 90s era and in 2000 Sehwag, dhoni, yuvi Kohli has the likes of Sachin, gambhir, a diff yuvraj singh at start of his career . Obv Fitness culture has improved and choking culture has gone down with our team now. The debate is ......was when we compare and sachin vs kohli and give sachin the points of having a poor team. Did he really had that a poor team????? Debate

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