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  1. "Dravid's contract issues are all sorted. He has a two-year full-time contract [India A and U-19]. He has said that he is not available for tours abroad [senior team]. He does not want to hang around," said Vinod Rai, the chief of the Committee of Administrators [CoA].
  2. Ok so when we play 3 spinner, i always have this idea why not go for a 2nd seamer like Pandya Coz 3 spinner if they bowl 25-25 each will give u 75 overs, remaining 15 can be shared among 2 pacers easily infact someone will go underused Instead batting gets boosted Now obv its tough to make a call btw umesh n shami as they are really good but another factor that makes me think about it is much of reverse wud be avl with kookabura But ill prefer 2 pacer, 2 spinner + pandya Pandya as batsman cnt be worse then rohit as test batsman
  3. Not assumption, jadeja has played with kookabura .....and we have seen the effectiveness wasnt same Now how are u assuming they both are our best when kuldeep hasnt even gotten a chance, who knws he might be better or even worst But the balls used are diff- kookabura n SG and spinner dnt like Kookabura Why werent kumble n bhajji as effective in SL as they were in India , Bhajji has said this a lot of times that he use to find it diff with kookabura Ashwin is the only guy who has mentioned that he enjoys kookabura
  4. In India, now we are not playing in India In India u play with SG ball, in overseas u play with kookabura He was always sensational in India
  5. Someone has to sit out This is my opinion M still not sure about jadeja's perfomance with kookabura Ashwin did well last time Come overseas The 2 options wud be ashwin n Kuldeep, i dnt see jadeja being one so lets give them a go Ashwin is a better batsman Jadeja becomes a wkt taking bowler on indian pitches with SG ball
  6. A wkt taking option like kuldeep who is still not knwn by opposition much shudnt be ignored in the the 1st place only Jadeja shud be benched
  7. One of the most outstanding t20 innings
  8. Raina 223 games- 36 wkts Bevan- 232 matches- 36 wkts Since when have these guys become all rounder since when have we started calling part timers as all rounder.....
  9. I have already given u this answer tell me the day raina bowls as much as ur given examples of even half of it Hey Roshni, I do casting for Ad films n music video. Came across ur profile. Can u please mail ur profile Than Yea raina hasnt even bowled half the number of deliveries as these guys n played more games then most u mentioned in that old post. Infact wkts column is bizzare Bevan - hahahaha.....that guy has bowled lesser then even raina . Bevan was never considered as all rounder Raina, bevan has 36 wkts in their entire odi career .....taking 36 wkts doesnt make u an all rounder .
  10. Oh telling someone is called bragging .......wahhhhh Raina is a batsman who is a part time bowler u genius ......that doesnt make anyone an all rounder. Neither he was ever given that role to bowl 10 overs regularly
  11. Yup we did well, we reached finals.....Some idiots call reaching final a debacle Its a good team that has improved every area so it will keep doing well and with consistency its kohli's job to take it to next level. He has more responsibility specially the bench strength we have........those players can actually give many of our main player a run for their money . Our criticism only comes from a point that we are not playing upto our potential not that we are playing badly. For a team like Pak who doesnt have to much strength or backup in batting its easy to get a combination right, but for our team their are to many good players that we need to try a few to find the best combination which is actually tougher. Problem of plenty is good but also brings in a responsibility and challenge . With Dravid handling A-team and the exposure to IPL these players will keep getting better. Now someone like Kohli has done n shown whole generation the way to.........thats y he is a an inspirational leader in a huge way. The approach to fitness in Indian cricket has changed which very evident if u come across young player social media accs . Now its whole mngmt responsibility to give right players chance at right time and we have missed a few opportunities recently
  12. Are u jobless or unemployed that u keep bringing my profession U cant even talk about cricket properly which we all are here to.......dnt even get into my profession worry about urs if their is any . When people have failed to explain u here that raina isnt an all will they explain a retard how the likes of miandad, lilee were Dnt even try understanding someone's point when ur adamant on urs despite having no proff of it
  13. In that case m also from punjab, lets not say such thing "only punjabi woman could have done that"......her talent has got nothing to do with were she was born. Once that blue jersey is on states matter. We often criticse manju n gavaskar for singing mumbai cricket lets not do that ourselves Tendulkar belong to whole india as much as mumbai Yuvraj singh is from my city, yet never been bias for that or used it privilege card. It saw that innings and enjoyed it without even knowing she is from punjab or which ever city she is from and the fun of that innings didnt even change for me even after finding out that she is a punjabi
  14. u think u deserve better then this, have u even come up with one logic apart from imparting ur morality like khap panchayat Thank god their werent many fans like u in Aus or Pak or mnay like minadad, warne , ponting , lillee wudnt have been even their .........