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  1. Again like really.................have we reallly misunderstood him as a robot
  2. Match Thread

    Missed the match............WTH just happened. Reading all about gambhirs super captaincy........could anybody tell in details about how did he go about his work
  3. Gr8 point that fast bowlers shud play less number of days, something i believe Aaron shud do.....only concentrate on test format
  4. Maggi and leg spinner- newest affair in the cricketing world
  5. Kya mazak bna rakha.......... Retirement ke saath akkad bakkad khelte hai ya musical chairs
  6. gr8 to see bhuvi guiding siraj......
  7. Only Sachin sachin part was the master quite an avg trailer
  8. Hell no.......... Kuch log sirf IPL men hi chal sakte hai International cricket men unka brain fart ho jaata hai
  9. Ab rahane jayega
  10. Erre wah they heard me
  11. Not only ICF, watch many interviews of gr8 fast bowlers they ll say the same . YEs pace can be increased but bhuvi did have a decent pace when he came in to.......he was always faster then these dibbly dobblies.
  12. Was he not picked or there were some injury or discipline issue???? I have my doubts that he was dropped
  13. PK played only in ENg n WI ENg offers swing, ideal for his bowling and always regd him as smart bowler so he did exploit them well. In WI, there is some swing offer at times.....but biggest advantage for PK in WI is those batsman who have no footwork and has t20 technique so they struggle against swing bowlers. PK test would have been in SA, Aus (were he would have struggled once kookabura went old) India (were he wont have been able to reverse due to less pace)