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  1. 3 wicketkeepers for 3 formats

    what are u typing, i put this video to show u how bad a keeper is parthiv patel A dismal failure cannot score at any position . U are questioning rahul the guy who has 100's overseas ......
  2. n both are outside india, if m not wrong rohit highest score oustide india in test is around 70
  3. I will give u time n time n lot of time to 1st come up with fact what has rohit sharma done in test cricket specially out side india.....and since u wnt find anything ill suggest wait a few yrs so he can play a knock in 20-30 games Take ur time n a lot of time .....coz u wnt be able to come up with defence to rohit sharma test career
  4. Indian ODI 11 for world cup 2019

    good ur most welcome to live in past , specially when the future doesnt look so gr8
  5. K11P Playing 11

    IF the pitches in mohali are slow axar, ashwin, mohit sharma, rajpoot, tye, stonis wont be a bad bowling attack. Also mujeeb can be a surprise package
  6. RR Playing 11

    samson, tripathi Gowtham can be a surprise package
  7. Indian ODI 11 for world cup 2019

    yes players from the past are playing- akram, younis, anwar, inzy, younis wakeup ur stuck akmal , shehzad, azhar ali U can youtube ur ex cricketer videos to see that they played at higher s/r 20 yrs ago then ur current batting lot
  8. Pandya is a better test batsman then rohit Heck even ashwin n bhuvi are
  9. Somebody has to be the 5th bowler Its ur inability to understand he is not a bowler , he is an all rounder. Binny was a better bowler So who knws what pandya will become, u aint bejan daruwala that ull predict the future Do u think ben stokes can be the lead bowler Yes pandya merits a place as power hitting batsman in ODi team over anyone Find me one better power hitter then hardik pandya in whole country to play at 7 so get ur accumen check becoz the likes of sachin, akram, ganguly think otherwise and they are much more intelligent then u About ur question - how is he better then binny He is a better hitter he is hits the deck hard He bowlers 10-15km quicker he is an oustanding fielder , binny was avg He has played many crucial knocks, binny wud have played hardly one or 2 on a soggy pitch binny wud be even better then shami,umesh and many but u aint playing in ireland everyday yes other he has good slower ball n yorker only bif u watch cricket. Did u watch SA Odi series where pandya bowled brilliantly. Pandya was MOM in his debut odi game for his bowling He picks a wkt every game which is the similar ratio to bhuvi To tv dekh pe match dekh, kisne bola hai aaj tak pe vikran gupta ki bakwas sun ne ko Lets see how good or bad pandya is..........till now their is nothing that can be taken against his perfomance
  10. A contribution is a contribution Pandya 90+ was as good a contribution as any batsman in Sa wud and apart from kohli none came close to that score. Pandya bowled brilliantly as a bowler in Odi , thats a contribution His fielding was an asset thats a contribution Small small contributions also matter A specialist if fails in one dept cannot come back n do much, but an all rounder wud. Pandya is a better test batsman then rohit sharma Pandya has a 100 outside india, rohit doesnt have it in test Pandya made 90+ in one innings in Sa and if i combine rohit 2 tours it ll be less then that or almost their and then pandya has 4 ,5 wkts as well..............so rohit sharma has no claim at no 6 over pandya even ashwin n bhuvi are better batsman then rohit in test cricket yes bhuvi is a better bowler but pandya is a better batsman
  11. 3 wicketkeepers for 3 formats

    1st reason as given below 2nd reason- to try a left hand right combo to upset bowler rhythem at start 3rd- KL has been mishandled by team man management so u shudnt be shocked N if u really think that team mngmt thinks parthiv is a better open then rahul, bet ull see rahul in squad in next test not parthiv....N if u havent watch cricket before batting changes is done sometimes to surprise the opposition as well, doesnt mean they ll start opening with parthiv from now on and watch this video 100 times before even giving parthiv case, the guy doesnt even go in the right direction of the ball Such keeping has no place in international cricket.
  12. I dont see anyone capable of contributig in all 3 department ... U have any player in mind who wud ...let me know. Wasnt he n pandya competing for no.6 spot so how is it a diff topic Pandya the test batsman is better then rohit sharma Well pandya did better as bowler then bhuvi in Odi series. N if i take their bowling odi stats i doubt their wud be much of a diff M not saying anything, m just showing what happen. M answer have been pretty respectful now , i dnt recall me abusing u till now
  13. 3 wicketkeepers for 3 formats

    vijay made 25 which is more then 16 and played 127 balls now that what u call shielding n taking the shin of the new ball
  14. Indian ODI 11 for world cup 2019

    a team who performs consistently is a better team A day doesnt make better team. SA always choked on the cruicial days but yet no one will deny they have been an excellent side over the years
  15. Indian ODI 11 for world cup 2019

    even if i go by ur logic lets take our 6-7 players are better, which i wud disagree i think only hassan ali will give a competition rest with everyone their is a huge diff Ill tell u the major diff between team 1. running between wkts 2. fielding 3. batsman who can play at higher s/r Actually indian cricket n pakistani cricket has a huge gap now, india will only loose if they play badly which they did in CT final but overall pakistani cricket is nowere close to indian cricket
  16. 3 wicketkeepers for 3 formats

    shielding, he just made some 16 runs...how is that shielding . U knw what shielding go watch aakash chopra innings in Aus or bangar in headingly Neither did he made many runs of played many balls Parthiv is a terrible keeper , having him in the side acyually cosst u 2-3 wkts .....he proved agian in Sa test where he missed around 5 chances. Huge M quite sure we have seen the last of him in international keeper Karthik is a better batsman , but yet to prove his keeping better then saha who is the best keeper in world
  17. In test - Pandya made runs created wkts in field took wkts gave rest to our bowlers who need it what did the specialist rohit sharma do, i can see pandya contribution way more then him In odi failed with bat but contributed with bowl Was terrific in field The specialist bowler BK was struggling to get wkts If u call that a liability , son u need to check the meaning of liability again
  18. no u dnt u already have 4 , u need to someone who can add batting plus give rest to ur bowlers A 5th bowler will mostly be underbowled n the inconsitent batting lineup we have we need some cushion their as well strangely ur specialist logic doesnt apply with wkt when u ask for parthiv even after seeing how horrible a keeper he is
  19. 3 wicketkeepers for 3 formats

    a miscue , their were 4-5 . its all about 20 wkts cant have some one screwing those 20 wkts with horrendeous keeping
  20. Best Fast Bowler in the world

  21. 3 wicketkeepers for 3 formats

    Did u even see parthiv keeping in SA, Ball kolkata ja rhi thi , wo dive kanpur men marta tha Parthiv shud never wear india's cap again
  22. why are u comparing a main bowler n a 5th bowler ...... n how come such a good bowler has such similar stats Do u understand the role diff being a leader of the pack vs filling overs......thats the two ur comparing ...yet stats arent much different
  23. Umesh will make the tail long n chahal isnt considered a long format bowler prospect yet 3 pacer n 2 spinner , 1 bowler will guarnteed be under bowled Specially when u have inconsistent batsman u need some cushion in batting.....n thats why u look for an all rounder
  24. no u have no comeback, the thing is that many foolish people like u is on rampage comparing a legend career to a young career..........legends dont become legends overnight These stats are an eye opener...... Go find any thing that ll prove against pandya n ill show u how the stats of top player worse then him, showing how important it is to back a talent
  25. Indian ODI 11 for world cup 2019

    pakistan is not a better team then us, surely they or anyone can defeat us on the day but doesnt make them a better team then us.

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