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  1. This is the best IPL season so far!

    agree till now its been the best ipl, franchises were smart at auction, india has a huge pool of talent which is why the standard of IPL has improved Very few trundlers this IPL
  2. He can surely go to 2019Wc But As commentator
  3. IPL 2018 script watch

    More like Savdhaan India
  4. Pujara's county performance thread

    1st innings - 2 runs n LBW 2nd innigs - 18 runs and got run out
  5. Pujara's county performance thread

    Last time ashwin scored more then pujara
  6. Nearly 6cr for Gowtham Krishnappa???

    age is overrated , also since when is 29 a wrong side
  7. Nearly 6cr for Gowtham Krishnappa???

    sundar is a proper batsman , gowtham is just a power hitter so yea in that way he looks ahead But krunal beats both in that case
  8. Nearly 6cr for Gowtham Krishnappa???

    Tooo early as an off spinner all rounder- sundar is better Spinner -all rounder Krunal is better he has to do this consistently over a period of time before we jump the gun
  9. MI is fulll of selfish players, hacks and they start tournament on loosing side in most games and the list goes on
  10. he has been a good hitter in domestic for a while how good is he at next level, will find out as he will go through many testing situation n challenges But he has power hitting abilities for sure
  11. Nearly 6cr for Gowtham Krishnappa???

    u shud follow domestic
  12. Halla Bol Thread 2018!! - RR Fans, Idhar Aavjo

    Archer return to RR and this win will boost their confidence a lot As tournament will progress pitches will slow down and those spinners dhawal n unadkat will come in play to
  13. wah pakistan fan type reply, past ki duhai chus chus past ko baith ke chus ....aj to kuch nhin muh lagne wala
  14. Mumbai indian ek baar fir Haath ko aaya lekin muh na laga
  15. CSK Fan Club [ 2018 ] !!! We are Back

    maggi is better
  16. This is what IPL needed, jofra archer Pace n yorkers
  17. that lady is one of the finest actress of India Supriya pathak
  18. Rayudu 2.0 should get a chance back in Indian team

    No please, lets keep the diff between IPL n International cricket intact He has always been gr8 in IPL
  19. in close games its mostly the fielding thats the diff, thats why CSK likes having a bunch of good fielders

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