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  1. Selfish batting by Kohli and Rohit?

    Not selfish But considering the lower order we have . Rahane next in line, dhoni well nt at all his best n pandey nt sure So best option for them was to bat out Indian Odi side Needs some srs middle order fire power- Samson, pandya, hooda, sarfraz , iyer Raina if improves his game is a srs package( i knw m hoping a lot with him)
  2. Team selection for Australia tour 2015

    Why is this guy even selected. He did ok ok only today. But my point if Spinner cnt take wkt abroad, bhuvi is nt taking wkts dhoni doesnt have confidence in Umesh So who is expected to take wkts ..... R we planning to squeeze them for runs. It didnt happen with 309 N every day there wnt b 309 . Let these two fail there wud b not even 250 on board
  3. Match Thread : IND v AUS 1st ODI | WACA | 12th Jan 8:30 AM IST

    Why was umesh ashwin n jadeja bowling without slips wen they all started their spells aus was struggling that time
  4. Match Thread : IND v AUS 1st ODI | WACA | 12th Jan 8:30 AM IST

    thank god atleast they practice it
  5. Match Thread : IND v AUS 1st ODI | WACA | 12th Jan 8:30 AM IST

    HE ll b in t20 squad. So they ll get a look at him
  6. Match Thread : IND v AUS 1st ODI | WACA | 12th Jan 8:30 AM IST

    HE shud b pretty aware of pandya In ipl finals he was bowling dot balls at 140k to csk n i think dhoni was batting N also he smasehed 3 sixes to negi
  7. Match Thread : IND v AUS 1st ODI | WACA | 12th Jan 8:30 AM IST

    JAdeja will b playing ahead of rishi dhawan tomm Saw ms dhoni press Conf. He mentioned 3-2 combination n said we r still looking for a seaming all rounder n we dnt hve such one shows he has no faith in rishi dhawan Also gave a hint about playing mann as he feels doesnt a single batsman who cud bowl incase one of his bowlers have a bad day
  8. Hardik Pandya hit 39 in an over today in SMA T20 trohpy

    I love csk But currenlt i care about indian team more We need this guy Its nt tht he has competition n he has to wait Axar , rishi , binny .......Matches given to them is the matches wasted which we cud invest in him Lets nt forget we wasted a same player like For a year in 2004 named MS dhoni Whose hitting abilities were insane then n no other keeper or infact any batsman possesed tht. N we kept giving chances to parthiv patel n dinesh karthik Coz we had to go the logical way
  9. Hardik Pandya hit 39 in an over today in SMA T20 trohpy

    Unfortunately he bowls around 140k Dhoni doesnt like that
  10. Hardik Pandya hit 39 in an over today in SMA T20 trohpy

    Wat a sharp catch at slips. for this only add him to test squad
  11. Hardik Pandya hit 39 in an over today in SMA T20 trohpy

    Another Pandya innings- Were he is hitting umesh, andre russel n narine He really clears them. N wat i like about him is his hitting ability against pace
  12. Hardik Pandya hit 39 in an over today in SMA T20 trohpy

    watever format watever bowler The way he is hitting it his power He has been the lower order batsman we r looking for N added bonus he bowls around 140k as well Y is he sitting in India This guy
  13. Dhoni's struggle as Twenty20 batsman

    The whole T20 Batting line up needs a change Ill Srsly make Virat n Rohit open. Rahane n dhawan doesnt give me that confidence n Tht will also make virat, dhoni raina all bat low UR best batsman needs to play more balls dhoni has to bat at 3 or 4. Ny more below this wud only make our team suffer. People Like yuvraj raina doesnt take to much time to get offf The whole batting order needs to b changed this time n we shud stop going convential way All this yrs i have never seen any diff in our odi or t20 batting lineup Virat has always been some who can bat throughout so keep him at open My suggested batting order Virat n rohit open Dhoni/ raina/ iyer 3-4 If yuvraj is in form get him at 5. Dnt trust him to much these so dnt wanna give him to many balls 6-7- Mann, pandya, Sky , hooda n jadeja wud pretty much play in the team Bowling wnt b our strenth but lets make batting our strength Ms batting low makes this batting week . Get him up. He needs time to get in. After that he is gud enough to play pacer n spinner also if needed can bat through. For that 3-4 is ideal for him nt below than that Also Y has ashish nehra only played 2 Mushtaq ali matches. He doesnt play ranji n or many domestic odi. N we r relying on him
  14. Match Thread : IND v AUS 1st ODI | WACA | 12th Jan 8:30 AM IST

    Also he didnt complete his overs Wen he was having a gud day
  15. ndia fast bowler Mohammed Shami, who just came back from a long injury layoff, has been ruled out of the Australia tour with a hamstring injury, the BCCI medical team has confirmed.Bhuvneshwar Kumar was named replacement and is expected to join the Indian team on Sunday. Shami sustained a Grade II injury to his left hamstring which will keep him out of action for four to six weeks, a BCCI release said. Shami sustained a knee injury to the same leg, and had not bowled at all on Friday, in the warm-up T20 game against Western Australia XI in Perth. Shami's last international outing was during the World Cup, when he played through injury and pain, after which he underwent surgery and then rehabilitation at the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore. He was then named among the 30 probables for a preparatory camp ahead of the South Africa series in September, but could not regain full fitness for the international matches. Once he was fit, Shami played four matches for Bengal - two in the Vijay Hazare Trophy in December and two in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy in January. In the one-day matches he returned with figures of 1 for 40 and 2 for 52, while the T20s saw him end with 2 for 30 and 3 for 18. Before the departure for Australia, India captain MS Dhoni had said Shami was part of his plans for the World T20, which begins on March for India, against New Zealand in Nagpur. Before that, India are also scheduled to host Sri Lanka for three T20s and then travel to Bangladesh for the Asia Cup T20. On the current tour, India will play five ODIs and three T20Is in Australia, from January 12 to 31. http://www.espncricinfo.com/australia-v-india-2015-16/content/story/959755.html Honestly wat more does bumrah need to do , to get in team N a bowler after giving 100 runs in an odi still gets selected Last two yrs he has played 29 matches n 30 wkts ...... Really him
  16. Match Thread : IND v AUS 1st ODI | WACA | 12th Jan 8:30 AM IST

    Key areas of concern - 1. MSD love for trundlers makes me fear tht i might see bhuvneshwar in the match or umesh jst being dropped after 1 bad game. 2. Rahane Even after getting starts not going beyond 40-50s 3. Where are the lower order hitters? Pandya shud hve been here. Lack of fire power in the end will force selector to select raina for next series. 4. Aus Strong batting attack against our bolwing which lacks death bowlers. Shami was a very gud death bowler. Umesh ishant bhuvi r nt gud at death specially against aus attack they ll b carted in death overs. Thts were Bumrah selection was imp. 5. Form of Kohli n dhawan becomes crucial coz they both generalyy after getting a starts gets a big one n also bats through which probably doesnt happen with rahane n also rohit nt that often. Honestly i was xcited b4 the series to c new player but selection of Bhuvi n dhoni batting is giving the mindset captain is in. N Its looks depressing.
  17. Tht still doesnt make our batting stronger but our bowling more n more weaker
  18. While on tour Selectors generally with team management call. They give that pref to them as they on tour n they r beilve dto understand conditons better In Eng 2011, it was team mngt who asked fro Rp singh If selectors have dropped bhuvneshwar for his bad perfomance n he hasnt done smething gr8 either in domestic N in mrning If bumrah was on standby It has to b team mngmt call to get bhuvi
  19. http://www.sportskeeda.com/cricket/injury-mohammed-shami-devastates-indian-camp-jasprit-bumrah-placed-stand-by?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter IF bumrah was on stand by , how come bhuvi has been selected. MSD Love for trundlerss
  20. SO Ms dhoni will Bat low, which he cant now bhuvi will play , get carted around MS has got a chance to drop sran or umesh No gud death bowler. Rahane still amke 40-50s 2 spinners in aus n aus batsman have played our spinners well in india in odi's as well No lower order hitter. This was a golden chance to send some one line Bumrah...... Whose idea was to send bhuvneshwar kumar that to as replacemnt of bowler who was an extremely gud death bowler
  21. Finally we see a Diff approach from us in test cricket which is need for the hour. In last 2 yrs we have seen Team wanting to play that fifth bowler and our main aim is now to pick 20 wkts instead saving a test with 4 bowlers. There has been a debate due to numerous reason for the 6th position to play a proper batsman or an all rounder, Specially after binny underbowled in 2nd test and even in 1st test our main fast bowler didnt bowl many over. But can we step in every match think we r gonna get opposition out soon . What if the opposition scores 500 and they ll some day specially its gonna happen very often in overseas. What favours in having a proper batsman at 6 1. Lack of quality all rounder and the risk of playing bits and pieces cricketers like binny , jadeja, axar 2. Not having a gr8 wK batsman . The debate wud hve been put to rest had we had someone like andy flower or gilchrist . But we have Saha n next wud b Ojha who is a better batsman but not keeper, Samson who is struggling in ranji n his keeping has gone down. This makes our batting look week n there are more chances of a colapse in overseas. 3. Rahane n Kohli not making double hundred or big scores 4. Having an opener like Dhawan who is highly inconsistent . 5. question mark over pujara in overseas. 6. 6th batsman give that extra cushion. N since many ppl love living in past so they can give the theory we always played with 6 batsman + 4 bowlers. Batting options a. Rohit sharma- Can take the game away quickly n has the game for this position but but but he hardly does that . He avg 26 in last 12 test away. N is highly irresponsible n throws his wkt in crunch sitautions . Eg- Adeilade, Gabba , 3rd test in eng infact all last few tests. B. Karun nair - Looks classy can b tried C. Shreyas iyer- Currently in supreme form and again has the game to play at 6 . Can take the game away quickly. d. Baba aparjith- dark horse in teh race n who can bowl a bit What favours in having an all rounder 1. If we want to play bowlers with pace like Umesh, aaron, Shami, nathu singh , we cant xpect them to bowl longer spell with same pace in case of 4th bowler. So in that case we need 5th bowler who could bowl 10 over n give them rest also dnt leak runs so that game doesnt slip from hands. 2. Not having the luxury of having Sachin,sehwag n ganguly who together use to fill up the quota of 5th bowler and in favourable conditions they were more than handy. Now we dnt have batsman who could bowl much 3. Not having a bowler like anil kumble who could bowl marathon spells with same accuracy which was a big plus in 2003 aus tour. 4. Its better to have an all rounder at 6 than a player like rohit who avg 26 in last 12 test and could throw his wkt any time and also does that more often in 30-40s n if set 60-70. I do expect a 100 from a no 6. That much of Score i can expect from binny jadeja saha n ashwin. N binny has saved a test in eng and ashwin avg almost 40 in 2011 aus tour . 5. Do we have a hussey or vvs laxman waiting in the wings to bat at 6 . Nooooo 6. Most pitches around the world have become xtremely Flat and we have young bowlers whom we cudnt rely on taking 20 wkts. We have suffered due to bowling in most last overseas tour. 7. Ashwin yet to perform overseas. 8. All our last few wins - Lords, Sl series and home series against aus we played 5 bowlers 9. Shows the intent to win to opposition rather than of having safe approach. E.g We dropped binny in 3rd test for Rohit in eng n we lost the match . It was a clear suggestion of going for safety 10. Ultimately bowler wins u test matches not batsman All Rounder options- 1. Hardik pandya - Acc to me best choice overseas. He can take the game away quicky an imp skill at 6 since mostly u gonna bat with tail. Looks comfertable against fast bowling. Ranji scores suggest he puts a price on his wkt. Bowls upto 140k n is taking wkts in ranji. Looks strong and a gud fielder 2. Jadeja- Well, he can play as a main spinner in indian conditions. N his batting n fielding is a bonus. Overseas he lacks self beilef with bats n goes out as to bat as a tailender. As bowler is decent enough can contain if cnt take a wkt. But at 6 in overseas. Cant reply on his batting 3. Binny - A very avg player in all regards. His batting isnt as bad as jadeja. Can b handy with ball in seaming conditions. No use in India. Not a gr8 fielder. Inconsistent with bat . To his credit did well in SL , Zimb n Cb series one match n Saved a test 4. Gurkeerat Mann- A handy bowler in Subcontinent conditions. Doubt on his batting n bowling overseas. Could b perfect at 6 at home 5. Irfan pathan- skillfully best , fitness wise worst . 6. Shreyas gopal- Can be an intersting option specially beinga leg spinner specially abroad. But His batting is to be tested abroad. 7.Rishi dhawan - Selectors looks to hav lost faith in him . As bowler is more than decent bowler. 8. Parvez Rasool- His recent Ranji scores suggest he has become more of batsman . Whom would you go for ???????????
  22. To b honest , this is our another problem Rahane n Rohit Has to learn to make 100s consistently Specially wen they r set Dhawan kohli /may nt b in tht gud form , still wen they r set they mostly get a 100 n wins u games or atleast bat through 50s cnt win u games, We had two batsman set , yet we r struggling Same happened in 2nd odi against Sa, they both were set yet we found ourseleves struggling . Specially with week lower order All 4 of them have to step up their game
  23. Deodhar trophy squads

    The tournament is slated to be held between January 24 and 28 and will feature four 50-over matches across five days. Teams India A India B Gujrat India 'A': Murali Vijay, Jalaj Saxena, Mandeep Singh, Ambati Rayudu (captain), Kedar Jadhav, Naman Ojha, Parvez Rasool, Amit Mishra, Shahbaz Nadeem, Siddharth Kaul, Sreenath Aravind, Varun Aaron, Krishna Das, Sudip Chatterjee, Faiz Fazal. India 'B': Unmukt Chand (captain), Mayank Agarwal, Baba Aparajith, Shreyas Iyer, Sheldon Jackson, Dinesh Karthik, Stuart Binny, Karn Sharma, Jayant Yadav, Dhawal Kulkarni, Nathu Singh, Shardul Thakur, Pawan Negi, Sachin Baby, Suryakumar Yadav. http://www.sportskeeda.com/cricket/ambati-rayudu-unmukt-chand-named-captains-deodhar-trophy-squads?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
  24. Amla steps down as South Africa captain

    Why in the middle of the series? Unfair to next captain Still two more test to go http://www.espncricinfo.com/south-africa-v-england-2015-16/content/story/958855.html
  25. N Wats diff does pace makes is eveident. HE is carted around

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