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  1. Even i like asif watever i have seen of him, expecting him to better then chahar well.........its a huge bet Chahar has been excellent in last 2 games and even did well against rohit in 1st game Who cares about ur praise, ur whole life funda is to pyt him down be in watever way......CSK quota wala fail ho gaya to baba kuch naya chewtiyapa laye hai
  2. williamson is playing a very good innings He shud open with dhawan
  3. the guy hasnt improved and opposition have worked him out, he still stands their and play 1-2 shots only
  4. who hasnt been tonked by gayle Rashid khan one the best bowlers going around in t20 around the world Narine yesterday Ru sure k asif wudnt have been tonked , just becoz gayle smashed him, dhoni is idiot to play him Wahh Uss logic se to pata nhin kitne bowler bekaar honge Tomm if ABDV smashes him ull sing same song, do u understand these are top players of world and when they get going no one can do much
  5. Then dnt watch switch on the channel n watch the legend umar akmal, m sure he wud be upto some new drama
  6. that confusion will happen wherever dhoni will go , happened in mohali as well
  7. 3 wkts 7 runs in 3 over has to be one of the top most spells in IPL
  8. Chahar 2 overs 1 run, 2 wkts He knws a bit or two more then u when it comes to captaincy
  9. Csk always have had good fielder, which has helped them win close games
  10. Chahar has been given a job to provide breakthrough with new ball and he has been doing his job really well
  11. Captaincy Ratings (Indian captains)

    i think williamson missed a trick, he shud have gotten stanlake when raydu n raina were new, it may have failed but shud have tried.....he bought him back when both were set Dhoni did the smart thing , packed his batting on a slow pitch which made raydu bat in middle and he is the best player to have on such pitches, they cud have easily gone for willey but faf was a better choice for this pitch
  12. CSK Fan Club [ 2018 ] !!! We are Back

    Thats why CSK has always been a top team, someone or the other standsup bravo billings dhoni watson raydu
  13. what a tragedy, such innings didnt deserve to end like that
  14. both have played 33 balls raina - 36 raydu 72 dominating raina

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