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  1. Team for 3rd test

    Dhawan made 16 runs and this guy made 93, huge diff Dhawan has been given more then 20 innings overseas and been an absolute failure. Even if pandya fails with bat he comes n takes wkts with ball n creates run out like of amla MR. dhawan drop catches Dhawan competeion has done better then him overseas Pandya has no competition
  2. Poll: Should Navdeep Saini make his test debut at Wanderers?

    Series over, nothing to loose . If we gain a good bowler that will be such a huge plus. Shami , bumrah can be rested. Cant keep having the same batch of bowlers through out. Any injury to a main bowler and we wudnt know where to look at, so it important to create bench strength . Look at the batting same set of player and since most are struggling now we cant find options And he is in great rhythm , bowling at great place . What better place to debut then in Sa where there wud grass to and it wud be a good test against Amla, ABDV
  3. Team for 3rd test

    Hmmmm and pandya is the 2nd highest scorer from indian team
  4. Manju XI for next test......he thinks like kohli

    Agar na hua to
  5. Manju XI for next test......he thinks like kohli

    Shreyas is not even in SA, what ru smoking .
  6. Manju XI for next test......he thinks like kohli

    Nhin yaar jaisi bakwaas wo krta hai uske liye talent chahiye, no one can write that
  7. The Kohli-Kumble fiasco started even before Kumble started as Coach

    when did u stop watching cricket 2-3 yrs ago The whole post has to be one of the worst and senseless post i hve seen. N i have seen many from @Khota But this beats all.............. Kya bakwaass likha hai
  8. Yes it was a poor shot but it happens with everyone .....its a part of his learning All m saying is a youngsters needs more patience then criticism This to say dnt compare him with me- kapil He is arrogant- manju This is a very wrong attitude in indian cricket towards youngsters. Not only pandya we have seen in last few months when players were failing at 4 the lack of patience shown by these experts against them. How do u think these TTFs return , coz we have no patience with youngsters.
  9. IF u have to make a good team as captain u need to mark ur players and back them . The problem with kohli is he hasnt done that . 1 day he feels dhawan is better then vijay or rahul also he gives left right option, when he fails he goes back to vijay n rahul . A few failures and dhawan feels like a better option to him and then he fails again to make vijay n rahul look better. The cycle continues, as a result they all have no security and they play in fear. 1 day he feels rohit is the most talented player so for him he changes the whole batting for him (like in WI) till few failures and all of sudden other option start to feel better. Then pujara or rahane fails here or there and rohit all of sudden looks a better player and then he fails and others look better. 1 day he feels rohit can be the sehwag if he bats at 3 and in just a few failures we are back to square one. Eg- when ganguly made sehwag open he was given a assurity of many games and then if it doesnt work he was given an assurity in middle 1 day he think rahul is to good a player to sitout and the best option at 4 in ODI and then one failure he is not in ODI squads. 1 day he says current form matters so rohit plays ahead of rahane but on other end nair is dropped after making a 300 and bhuvi after 1st test. This is not how u make a team. The end result is a musical chair among the same . Players who are week arent getting large number of games to fail to be kicked neither strong players are getting regular games to be secure. Worst a newcomer cnt find a spot in this scenario Ganguly never put a sword on laxman after few failures by playing yuvraj singh and then a muscial chair among them dhoni backed kohli after his 2 failures in Aus . Kumble bought back sehwag when he was struggling . He marked his player and bought him in 2007 tour down under back Now with this current team kohli has to put his foot down and mark his players He said in past vijay and rahane are pillars or this squad and both are under sword for a while. Vijay and rahane are two players who have scored in almost conditions apart from kohli so they need to be backed even after a few failures. U cant go crazy after 2-3 test failures at them, many have failed for that many test. The greatest tendulkar failed for 3 test in 2002-03 aussie series and he avg 17 in 2003 test cricket. Under kohli even tendulkar wud have been dropped. N what better options do u have then from vijay or rahane If pandya is so important to the balance of this side, please back him. Coz captains like ganguly n dhoni wud have done that with pandya Same is the case with rahul. I fear i see them getting dropped soon, who knws even in next test U cant build player if u drop them after 1-2 games. Yuvraj singh or sehwag were backed despite being so inconsitent. Look at the backing dhawan n rohit and even kohli got from dhoni. Dhoni , ganguly ka xample dete ho to follow bhi karo Also if soon he realises that dhawan n rohit are not meant for test please dnt get mindwashed with an easy series .
  10. ICC U19 WORLD CUP IN NZ : Jan 13- Feb 3 , 2018

    Any other talented player to watchout for among other nations
  11. Didnt bumrah debut in a dead rubber in australia and see where he is today What their to loose , if u find a youngsters that wud be gr8. We all know what to expect from all our bowlers, its time we learn something new. Shami is struggling with fitness (can be rested) Bumrah will play every games ( needs rest time to time) Ishant has been avg ever since Umesh is inconsistent IF WE ARE ABLE TO FIND SOMEONE BETTER, WHATS THE HARM
  12. Navdeep shud seriously play, thats the only way we can get in a youngster Bumrah can be rested as he ll be playing all formats Shami ko bhi rest de do, who knws he might do better in ODi with a bit of rest and knowing he only has to bowl 10. HE is a wkt taker also if their is grass well , what a place to debut
  13. Team for 3rd test

    I really hope Pandya KL rahul and vijay arent dropped
  14. How wud we have saved the test. If we had batted whole day we wud have won . He is young n learning, it isnt that players havent done mistakes like this . He scored runs of same shot and going in shell wudnt have helped. M not defending his shot but young players need patience. Both extremes are not right that after one game kapil says he is better then me and after another dont compare to me. It sounds stupid more from a cricketer as he himself has gone through phases of learning and seen same with others around. Once rohit sharma played a stupid shot before lunch to get out in england and he had then 7-8 yrs of international exp. Sehwag has gotten out to stupid shots his entire life, but he scored on same Ishant sharma in the same game did the same mistake of not landing his bat while running and that guy has played more then 70 test. Look at pujara 2 runs outs in same game the so called next dravid. Rahul - Wth was that shot The point all do mistakes , but patience is needed with young players.
  15. Lets not make it Dhoni vs kohli At the end both captains have been left with same answer, make more captains and when they ll loose ull hear same thing .
  16. Few matches ago Hardik Pandya is better than me. But he has to do a lot of hard work. It is still too early. We should not create unnecessary burden on him. He has the talent and ability to be a great player,” Kapil said during a press conference, according to a report by CNN-News 18. http://www.financialexpress.com/sports/hardik-pandya-is-better-than-me-kapil-dev/874006/
  17. Do match men pandya perform kr dega to kapil kahega wo mujhse bade cricketer hai (aur usse kahenge thukk ke chattna )
  18. Please do share some of his silly mistake video, havent seen cricket in his era. Would love to see such videos where these players say something which they have done it in their own times The other day i saw MAdan lal Laughing at philander calling him a 125k bowler ..........irony
  19. Team for 3rd test

    Agar test cricket nhin dekhta to bhagwan ke liye suggestion mat de test cricket pe.
  20. only in one spell and shami is a fixed member, let him have rest for Odis Ishant if has to be in our scheme shud be given chances n he has done well when their is help.
  21. ill play him ahead of shami if their is grass on pitch , ill keep ishant on grassy surface
  22. Team for 3rd test

    Pandya has 115 runs in the series + 3 wkts whose value lets say 25-30 run each and then a run out of amla which can be of value of 50 runs. Pandya has contributed almost 250 runs Rohit has made 78 runs, hell even ashwin 90 runs Yet he drops pandya, what kind of maths is that . Kagazi batsman. Bhuvi is still optional for his delhi Earlier he wanted dhawan in 1st test
  23. Former Australia batsman Dean Jones feels Rohit Sharma's rare talent is undisputed but his defensive skills are letting him down in Test cricket. Barring captain Virat Kohli, none of the specialist Indian batsmen could negotiate the potent South Africa pace attack in the two Tests that the visitors lost to concede the series. Sharma, who was picked ahead of vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane on "current form", too failed to justify his selection mustering 78 runs in four innings at 19.50. "I look at him and he is technically sound. But the first thing that goes wrong in your game is your defense, and his (Sharma's) defensive skills are letting him down," Jones said. "In Test cricket, 70 percent of batting is about your defence and in one-dayers it is 40 percent. So his defensive skills are letting him down. He has got to take pride in his defensive skills like Sunil Gavaskar, Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar and even Virat Kohli," he said further.Sharma went into the South Africa series at the back of scintillating form against Sri Lanka at home, where he smashed a third double hundred in ODIs and a joint-fastest century in T20 Internationals. Considering the touch he was in, the team management preferred him over Rahane.Jones said India needed a tough tour like South Africa to sort out their team selection. "You need to have these kind of tours to sort out your composition, to find out whether they are good enough or not. So may be there has been too much reliance on his (Sharma's) ODI form but all in all you have to have a series like this to find out if they are good enough."If he misses out in the next series, Ravi (Shastri) and Kohli can say 'we gave you the opportunity'," said the 56-year-old, who was in the capital to promote the 'Visit Victoria' education and tourism campaign. Former India captains like Ajit Wadekar and Bishan Singh Bedi attributed India's surrender in South Africa to lack of preparation and the fact that they went into the series opener at Newlands without a warm-up match.Jones, however, has a different take on the touchy topic. "The modern-day schedules are such that often there is no time for a warm-up game. But why should you only rely on that? I have spoken to the likes of VVS Laxman, who tell me he, Dravid and Tendulkar used to start preparing three months before touring Australia."Dealing with the bouncing ball and so on. So the players have got to take the responsibility individually (when it comes to preparation)," said Jones, who represented Australia in 52 Tests and 164 ODIs. In India, he is best-known for his 210 in only the second tied Test in history, at Chennai in 1986. The series in South Africa out of their grasp, Jones feels it is still not time to judge the current Indian team, which is scheduled to tour England and Australia later this year."I think the structuring of the series (with no warm-up games) is such that once you lose the first Test, it is very tough to come back. You don't have many teams winning overseas anyway. I was researching on this, probably South Africa is the only team which has done well overseas in the past 10-15 years."You can be a hit harsh but it (series loss in SA) is not the be all and end all. No doubt Kohli and Ravi would have wanted things to go a bit better. South Africa is a hard place to win in. Australia have won on their last two tours there."Looking ahead, Jones said the England tour will be a sterner test for the Indian batsmen as the pitches in Australia have become flat. "Kohli can only make so many runs, you need other playersto stand up. England tour is going to be interesting. There are some question marks about the guys' techniques. They can play well. Like Tendulkar and Dravid, you got guys like Rahane and Pujara who stay side on and watch the ball late."And you got bowlers now who can bowl over 140 kmph and swing the ball. So I would like to judge this Indian team by how they do over the next two-three years. They have had just one bad tour," opined Jones. Asked about his thoughts on modern-day greats Kohli and Steve Smith, Jones said the Indian captain is his favourite player though Smith is a genius and his numbers are better.Kohli averages 53.51 in 65 Tests and Smith 63.75 in 61 games. "His (Smith's) numbers are better and he is different. All the greats are genius and they are different. Bradman was different, he played with split grips and so do Kohli and Smith. You don't teach them how to play with split grips."Smith reads the length better than most, he has got an eye like a dead fish. How do you teach that? And my favourite Kohli is bringing in the traditional style of play in all three formats but Smith is different. It is okay to be different," he summed up. Link -http://www.news18.com/cricketnext/news/rohits-defensive-skills-letting-him-down-in-tests-says-dean-jones-1635749.html
  24. Rohit's Defensive Skills Letting Him Down in Tests, Says Dean Jones

    yes but he also wudnt have made a huge diff, Dhawan n rohit are not going to change bradman ko bhi bula lo

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