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  1. Ankit_sharma03

    Now Ganguly and Robert Key says Pujara has no Intent while batting

    why only sena , lets include WI where he struggled to . Even kohli struggled their in his 1st tour These are records of all players overseas IF these stats are not doesnt scream that pujara doesnt have problem, i dnt knw what will....he is near rohit sharma. A test or 2 test more failure n he ll go down
  2. Ankit_sharma03

    Short term fix for 3rd test

    why wud kumble cme back, 10 players were against him........no one will take that job if 10 players are against u
  3. Ankit_sharma03

    Pujara needs to be dropped just for those runouts

    none among them ....they all look out of place Atleast rahane has done well in past in overseas, pujar has been a failure overseas If u playing as a specialist n making under 20 runs , thats a problem........and specially when the past also doesnt support u
  4. Ankit_sharma03

    Now Ganguly and Robert Key says Pujara has no Intent while batting

    only if he is scoring that to, the 26 avg is overall not this series....this series he wud be avg around 10 Overall when avg 26, rahane n vijay scored runs Pujara is actually a bigger problem, atleast someone like rahane has done smething in past.....Puajara has been very below avg ever since And a batsman avg 26 is bad, ashwin avg 31 overseas if 26 is ok, then how can we question rohit n dhawan who are nearby
  5. Ankit_sharma03

    Now Ganguly and Robert Key says Pujara has no Intent while batting

    Even dravid was dropped during his early years Dravid had a lot more strokes then Pujara and thats why he was successful........ Cnt put a huge part of blame on kohli for pujara , he avg 26 overseas and many of those test were under dhoni Id rather blame kohli for rahane n rahul for putting their position under threats for avg players like dhawan n rohit
  6. Ankit_sharma03

    Pujara needs to be dropped just for those runouts

    he is as bigger problem as anyone atleast we can say with pandya that he can bowl n field and scoring 20+ pujara is doing none of the job, he is a batsman who is not scoring runs and tht is a problem. His avg is 26 overseas and it is a problem Not only incoming deilveries but now he is getting run out to so many times
  7. Ankit_sharma03

    Short term fix for 3rd test

    No If anything give nair, pant n thakur a chance..........and then take a call for squad of 4th n 5th test
  8. Ankit_sharma03

    Why are there no good test specialists in India ?

    Kohli bhi to IPL khela.....only guy who is scoring Pujara county khela ....dhaak ke teen paar IPL 10 saal se chal rha hai, pehle bhi to vijay rahane ne overseas run bnaye hai
  9. Ankit_sharma03

    Now Ganguly and Robert Key says Pujara has no Intent while batting

    those were few occasion, with pujara its almost every occasion overseas
  10. Ankit_sharma03

    Pujara needs to be dropped just for those runouts

    how is scoring under 20 runs is not a problem at the end he is batsman not tailender,.....his job is to score runs ,. U can play 100 balls n make 20 runs but if u get out thats jst 20 runs. This is acceptable from Ishant sharma not pujara
  11. Wo malum hai , but main yahi bol rha ...mujhe umeed zyaada kahin bhi nhin hai
  12. The last Time when India Lost In england in 2014 and shastri was made Team director he said he went into dressing room and told the players it was a "SPINELESS" perfomance “One of the things I had told the boys was, the reason I am here is you have shown me two things on this tour: first was India’s greatest ever Test win, at Lord’s during the second Test. “I mean it. It was phenomenal. “I also told them in the final three Tests you played spineless cricket. “So for me a good team cannot be a bad team in two weeks. It cannot. It is a learning curve. Link - https://www.news.com.au/sport/cricket/team-director-ravi-shastri-says-india-played-spineless-cricket-during-england-test-series/news-story/709085c2384e05b707181ba144ebd30a Ab Kya kahege Coach Sahab ??? Guess Karo Lets see who gets closed to his excuse after the series
  13. Ankit_sharma03

    Does India need a foreign coach?

    Dnt knw but i was about to write that the story was actually from fletcher phase
  14. This Is what scares me regd shaw Imagine Broad n anderson on those pitches against Shaw
  15. Ankit_sharma03

    Does India need a foreign coach?

    before all that i feel they all lack good work ethics......thats why i put tht post of gambhir that kirsten was not tactically that gr8 but worked really hard with the team. Here players not playing warmup games n having more off. This Support staff needs holidays when a player wants to practice Most importantly coaching staff doesnt have international exp to share, which fears me for the new lot as who will guide in tough situations.....On A-tours they had dravid What wud a bharat arun share when bowlers are running out of ideas What wud a bangar who has only played 10 test tell to rahane who has played almost 50 now Tactical and strategic acumen are lacking in this coaching staff team - i have lost hope on reaching this extent
  16. unko bhi kehl lene do, abhi sabko wahi acha lag rha hai jo hai nhin..... It can only lead to 2 things 1. if they fail- well everyone will realise these conditions are damn tough for every current batsman in India (but i hope the same ppl who want them show patience when these guys fail) 2. if they do well- u hve found few players current team has left no option other then extreme
  17. Ankit_sharma03

    Now Ganguly and Robert Key says Pujara has no Intent while batting

    Not suitable but atleast put bad balls away thts what ganguly said that he didnt even score on poor balls
  18. Ankit_sharma03

    Pick your team for 3rd test

    why not nair, since everyone is getting a chance
  19. Kamaal Jodi hai Kaptaan wanted to make - Rohit, dhawan test cricketers Coach wanted to Make Raina test cricketer
  20. Ankit_sharma03

    What excuse will Shastri come up with this time??? Guess karo

    While finding that article i also cam across this GEM Shastri determined to get 'class act' Raina back in Test team Former India cricketer and national team director Ravi Shastri said it would be his endeavour to get left-handed batsman Suresh Raina back in the Test side. Raina once again gave ample display of his talent by smashing a stroke-filled century in Chennai Super Kings' triumph in the final of the Champions League Twenty20 last Saturday. "The more I see him play, he is brilliant to watch. It will be my endeavour really to do something that will get him back into the Indian Test match team. He is a class act," said Shastri, at a media interaction at the Mumbai Press Club on Monday. Itne Ucch vichar....kya sochke isko coach banaya tha
  21. Ankit_sharma03

    Does India need a foreign coach?

    We need coaches with good work ethics and who are good man manager- thats why kirsten n wright did well if kohli wants his men- atleast have kirsten n nehra from RCB dressing room- atleast they ll share their international experience in tough time unlike shastri who ll give faltu ka bhashan
  22. To be honest i was damn harsh here on dhoni for not trusting yadav n have had huge arguments with @Rasgulla but i was wrong about umesh. He has jst been avg and has jst improved a bit. He is really good in India as bowler but other places after so many years with his abilty forget being a spearhead he doesnt even deserve a place on consistent basis

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