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  1. Ravindra Jadeja deserves a Top 6 slot

    U can see all his big score match scorecards ull get ur answer
  2. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    Thats quite a lot of over confidence specially with sehwag as he was an underachiever in Odi cricket and quite inconsistent . Even if i take indian batting with sachin sehwag and kohli during their look at the number of times dhoni was needed Yea what vinay kumar and sreenath arvind did play 2015 wc ahead of Umesh n shami Why dhoni played Umesh n Shami, umesh is inconsistent how much did kohli persist with him Kohli hasnt been a gr8 Odi captain either, inzy wasnt also that gr8 Wahh kya logic ...... enough match winners wait Thats ur team lets find weaknessses Liabilities in field- Inzy, anwar, kumble, akthar , razzaq , srinath . Sehwag and sachin avg and some days good The only good fielder kohli Very poor fielding side UR making world best odi batsman sachin abt out of his comfort position reducing his effectiveness Mongia- Expect every all time 11 to have a better keeper batsman . Even Zimb will have andy flower and Bang mushfiqur Not gr8 captains, ganguly was a better choice . Thats quite not a gr8 odi side with all the resources avl......Overseas XI will kill this side in fielding most days only
  3. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    thats it one reason to ignore someone keeping against spinners, batting, captaincy, running btw wkts, match winning abilities
  4. India vs New Zealand 2017

    Nz has a good bowling attack - Boult, southee are skillfull bowlers And pune has been unlucky..... pandey n jadhav are not converting their opp so they ll be under pressure and good bowlers can exploit it. With short series u never knw
  5. IND ODI Sqaud for NZ series announced : Rahul Shami and Umesh out

    Given up on it
  6. Ravindra Jadeja deserves a Top 6 slot

    Its all in the slot Make jadeja bat at 6 he look a liability Make him bat at 8 he can look like an asset
  7. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    Always wanted to see a partnership between ganguly n Inzy..........coz of their running between the wkts
  8. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

  9. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    In subcontinet Sachin Sehwag / Anwar (will go for sehwag coz he gives me the bowling and that x-factor in batting) Kohli Yuvi Dhoni (captain) Imran Kapil Afridi/ajmal (if ajmal is allowed why not have the chucking advantage ) Saqlain Wasim Waqar 12th man- razzaq In overseas Ill just add Miandad instead of afridi and stregthen the batting . While selecting an ODI 11, i keep fielding, running between wkts, utility , x-factor, team combination all in mind incase people say why didnt i pick X player over Y
  10. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    The best player for No. 3 wud be Rahane, i still think he ll do much better then pujara at that slot in overseas for sure .
  11. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Washington sundar scores a 100 as an opener, this guy surely grabs every opp. Batting 134*
  12. India A vs New Zealand A, 5th unofficial ODI

    Lets atleast stop blaming dhoni for stopping pant's way
  13. India A vs New Zealand A, 5th unofficial ODI

    And thats how a player shud keep making his case stronger n stronger
  14. India vs New Zealand 2017

    Pune has been an unlucky stadium for us so high chances we might get defeated there. Since NZ are coming better prep with A tour and warmup game and our selection hasnt been gr8 .....who knws this series might go against us . Actually we can loose 2-1. 3 match series can be tricky
  15. ICC approves Test Championship, ODI league

  16. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Sundar playing along ashwin in domestic would help his bowling a lot
  17. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    Ill also think before picking Inzy, Inzy batting among gr8 runners like Kohli n dhoni is a scary idea for both ends while running between wkts . Sachin use to get annoyed with ganguly so many times for same reason imagine him with inzy
  18. IND ODI Sqaud for NZ series announced : Rahul Shami and Umesh out

    Nope thats just ur imagination, happens many feel everything is just politics But there is a thing called strategy, planning it can be right wrong good bad . No need to find politics in everything
  19. IND ODI Sqaud for NZ series announced : Rahul Shami and Umesh out

    "Karthik's inclusion is a reward for the runs he has been scoring.There is no particular reason [behind Rahul's omission] because Ajinkya [Rahane] has done well as an opener. He (Rahul) will play Board President's XI or the Ranji Trophy. What's the point in him just being in the squad and not playing? We will see how it goes [as far as his batting position is concerned]. Because, as of now, this is the best combination." a BCCI official told ESPNcricinfo. "We are trying to rotate everybody. We are open to different combinations and options. DK instead of Rahul in the middle order is also a part of the process," he added. Is rahul playing Board president XI games?????
  20. IND ODI Sqaud for NZ series announced : Rahul Shami and Umesh out

    What ............. SO u mean u drop somebody in anticipation as he can get injured sometime By that way nehra shud never have been picked in life Rohit sharma is becoming injury prone Cleary u have no idea what ur saying
  21. IND ODI Sqaud for NZ series announced : Rahul Shami and Umesh out

    There is a reason why despite so much of talent we never achieve what we can........... We are not even selecting our best side or even on the right path. So many mistakes in every selection KL rahul dropped after not even given a proper chance- Kohli said 2 series ago he is to good a player to sit out.........what happened now Iyer- What more does he need to do Karthik- how many more yrs of failure in international cricket he needs Shami- he is our best bowler and he needs international match practice Shankar- overseas tours are coming and we need someone like him Pandey- good he is backed but he shud be on the edge now
  22. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Sir Jadeja - 150* who knws another 300 might be on the card
  23. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Rana scores 89, Samson scores a 50 Aaron not playing today,
  24. Somebody like Deepak Hooda can do the same role as Kedar

    yes but let him be consistent 1st and make full use of his chances in India-A Also we need a lil more bowling then deepak hooda is giving right now so he has to keep bowling more. Right now Krunal n Shankar r better options
  25. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Avesh khan, kulwant not playing the 2nd game

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