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  1. Changes required in the ODI and T20 squad for NZ series

    If ur talking about proven domestic record well he is a proven international failure as well. IF it didnt happen in 13 yrs wnt happen now to . Giving him more chances is like robbing any youngsters of any chances. He had his chances, he can keep piling runs in domestic n IPL but its time pant, kishen shud be ahead of him. They might pass or fail but no point giving a failed candidate chance again n again
  2. Agreed Thats not jadeja himself, its a parody account
  3. Changes required in the ODI and T20 squad for NZ series

    hows he better, he scores in IPL and domestic all the time and choke in international cricket. How much chances does he deserve more, 13 yrs and he needs more chances sill
  4. @SecondSlip- bro when u put umesh n wahab in same category u have no idea what ur saying
  5. Changes required in the ODI and T20 squad for NZ series

    We dnt have to use shankar like a 5th bowler, instead his role shud be of a 6th bowler A job of bowling 4-5 overs max and if needed on rare occasion more then that. He is good enough to do that
  6. Are we not aware of the importance of batting strike-rates in T20Is ?

    They arent aware of the obv that dhoni, jadhav, nehra wont play next t20 wc yet they are continuing with them.....rest comes later Continous selection of dhawan in t20, rahane in LOi, Dhoni in t20 , karthik in international cricket despite failures shows how aware they are
  7. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 1st T20I | RANCHI | 19:00 IST | 7-10-2017 |

    We are running through them the way we have never even ran over a minnow
  8. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 1st T20I | RANCHI | 19:00 IST | 7-10-2017 |

    I dnt remember seeing such shitty aussie batsman for long
  9. Lanka 422/5.........what fun it wud b if they win
  10. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 1st T20I | RANCHI | 19:00 IST | 7-10-2017 |

    Dhawan n pandey over KL
  11. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Varun aaron - 6 overs 27 runs and wkt less
  12. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 1st T20I | RANCHI | 19:00 IST | 7-10-2017 |

    I dnt knw i just feel like we shud get a phainty in t20 series , or else we dnt learn our lesson and this t20 sides needs a serious makeover. Also t20s shud be used to bring in some youngsters.
  13. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Mishra, bhajji, jadeja, jayant - why are they not playing???
  14. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    His keeping wud get better if he keeps in longer format as pitch changes every day and it gives u diff exp In LOI the pitch remains same throughout Anyone who has to play for india as next keeper batsman will be judged by the keeping standards of dhoni n saha . In Ipl also its pant who keeps ahead of samson and with time pant keeping will become better then Samson
  15. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Means pretty much never, who is giving him such ideas. He didnt keep few season ago and dravid went on record to say that he spoiled his chances Now with pant and kishen in race as well he is not helping himself, Its going to be very difficult for him to make into the alone as batsman with all the competition
  16. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    and prashant chopra makes a double hundred and still goin on.......... He is already on radar and now shud make it as big as possible to make his case stronger
  17. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Prashant chopra batting on 188*(205), Sran getting a phainty in his comeback almost going at 7 RPO
  18. Hear the pain in the voice Read comments down below and ull knw every other person knws the logic behind dropping rahane then an ATG batsman
  19. Suresh Raina and Amit Mishra fail fitness test.

    So acc to Sehwag Nehra passed yo-yo test and scored as much as kohli
  20. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    Now they took Akhtar's fastest ball, but without speed funs its very diff to decide with was thomo's fastest ball and then compare them
  21. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Why is nagarkoti not play ranji when shaw, chahar, gill are playing, Didnt avesh do the same thing last yr and the obv didnt get on any radar Is there some rule or some important u19 or u23 tournament happening
  22. Look at dhawan s/r Dhoni s/r for his position is poor as well and we have both

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