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  1. even dhoni bowlers were getting hit in CSK vs RCB , his body lanuage wasnt this hopeless Even when rohit or gambhir team is getting whacked they look worried but not clueless, kohli looks absolutely clueless Its true a captain is as good as team but a captain also plays a lot of role specially with morale n energy
  2. watch kohli body lang in such situation n it screams....ye sab kya ho rha hai, merko kuch samjh nhin aa rha .......sabko goli maar dunga Thats why his teams crumble in pressure situations
  3. WTF just happened, umesh yadav thingy
  4. Washed up players watch

    yes he was never good in t20 my question is to person that how is he suggesting his name under washed up category which includes yuvraj, gambhir, bhajji, mishra, yusuf who will never play for india again
  5. DD has to many issues iyer, shankar, gambhir perfomance with bat shami goes for plenty , so does morris tewatia n nadeem are more of containing bowler, they arent runaway match winners boult is good but he is not starc I really dnt see DD making to qualifiers
  6. 2018 Mid-Season replacements,transfers and squad updates watch thread

    dont think so in this day n age of technology where every data is avl , their cant be a big secret
  7. Washed up players watch

    shami washed up Current form.....what current form????? Personal issue....their was a guy names warne and he had a lot of personal issues the guy won u a test match in SA few mnths ago
  8. Rohit at 4 in Indian T-20 side.

    Acttually ill bat rohit at 3 and open with kohli Rohit is waste any below that, he takes time but but can change gear like no one and he is ur next captain so he has to be adjusted
  9. saale 2 chokke maar liye fir single lena tha , wahi maara waha fielder bhi rkha Gadha karthik
  10. shami has been bowling really well, using crease, using variation, subtle change in action
  11. DHONI '79(44)' the phinisher!!!

    so had dhoni approach, its just at his dip in last few yrs not working and kohli is at peek so his execution is a bit more successful M just pointing at two methods last night and both failed last night and at the end we just look at result
  12. DHONI '79(44)' the phinisher!!!

    how on earth was it selfish, he almost won u game that to with injury. Had he been selfish he wud have choosen being retired hurt yesterday their were 2 example of approaching a chase 1. kohli- kept going got out team lost 2.dhoni - took the game late but got close team lost Methods are different at the end both were looking for victories Dhoni innings was vry good considering they didnt even get a good start which is important in high total chases . The only criticism CSk deserve is sending jadeja ahead of bravo
  13. Top 4 teams?

    I have a feeling KKR will have a mid tournament captaincy crisis specially the way karthik lost control of his players in last game .
  14. Speed,Swing &Performance of Fast Bowlers & Swing Bowlers in 2018 IPL

    His pace will get better as he keeps bowling more and gains more fitness Just need to put in more in his action n run up . Watever i have seen of him n kulwant they both can increase their pace by a bit of fine tunning in action. Good thing about Sran is he gets the ball back in to right handers which is lethal in this day n age of hacks and also takes a lot of wkts with his slower balls in end overs which makes him a really good option for LOI as he takes wkts through out the innings.
  15. Dhoni sees future for Jadeja the finisher

    Iss se acha to yahi krle dhoni
  16. Kings XI Punjab - best batting lineup in the 2018 IPL?

    Not undropable, a few more failures and he ll be under fire, it might be brushed under carper only if team keeps winning. Also his misfieldings have become a guarntee almost every game Afridi bowls 4 overs regularly and takes wkts to, thats value Yuvraj is a batsman now and that to who scores in 1-2 games out of 14, a batsman only needs one ball to get out yes his best use it at 6 but can he give those high s/r innings lower down the order may be once in a while on extreme patta or against below avg bowlers
  17. Captaincy Ratings (Indian captains)

    its been years and kohli still cant get his team combinations right, extremely poor stuff
  18. Rahul as batsman cant find a place thats more worrying for me they dnt compete for same place Krunal is a complete all rounder in t20 whereas sundar is bowling all rounder ( he is a proper batsman whose game isnt much suited at 7 or 8) but pant didnt do much with his chances
  19. Kings XI Punjab - best batting lineup in the 2018 IPL?

    that idea works if he contributes in field and as well as bowler , to make him bits n pieces He atmost will play an inning or 2 in whole ipl which wont be enough to compensate for his poor fielding whereas someone like maoj tiwary is a much better option
  20. Big hitting ability of Indian all rounders

  21. Young Indian players' performances in the IPL

    Poor choice of words, he ll get better with experience
  22. Big hitting ability of Indian all rounders

    1. Hardik is the best 2. Krunal- shud start working on his game against short pitch, it will be exploited.....(neways the 2nd best) 3. Shankar- a proper batsman who shud bat at 5 or 6 in Odi 4. Jadeja- hitting ability in LOI is laughable. In test he has to bat at RR of 5 which is considered fast which he achieves also most times fields are up. In LOI most times u have to bat at RR of 7-10 which isnt in his capacity . 5. Axar- hahahaha 6. Gowtham- has potential but m yet to see his hitting against international pace bowling 7. Hooda- he is more of batting all rounder 8. Tejinder singh dhillion- M looking forward to him 9. Sundar- proper batsman .....again i doubt his game at 6,7 currently....wud be handy at 8 10. Ashwin- proper batsman who if has time on hand can play at good s/r

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