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  1. Ankit_sharma03

    Today's Analysis

    hoots no he deserve boots.........wo bhi jooto ki baarish But man this guy is my ideal now, shows at such age how can u earn so much with doing anything. Best retirement ever . I want to be shastri after my retirement
  2. Ankit_sharma03

    What song are you currently listening to ?

    On loop
  3. He has one win In Wi n ZImb(2000-01).......i think he shud get that coz those were good teams at home that time yup but he never won a single test in NZ n SA
  4. does this include ganguly test win against zimb Post 2000-01 team ( that was a good team), but post that they were minnows
  5. Ganguly blasting kohl's field changes in post match
  6. Ganguly- M worried about kohli's captaincy...he gives bad fields.....so many easy runs are up for grabs
  7. Ankit_sharma03

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    once ur specialist start to perform, pandya will start to look like a gr8 strength to this side
  8. Ankit_sharma03

    Where are our Kraigg Brathwaite and Shai Hope?

    kohli ki nazaron men wo do khaas player hai Unka naam hai rohit sharma shikhar dhawan
  9. sanga- we havent seen the best of karthik till yet 14 saal se hume bhi intezaar hai
  10. Ankit_sharma03

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    Manju- i felt before this game is not for test level Ganguly to manju- i dnt agree to that, he has pace n movement. He is a batting all rounder jst needs to be careful regd his shot selection Ab log kahenge ganguly bhi pandya ka PR hia
  11. Jst came back to see woakes 106* WTF ye kaise hua
  12. dhawan atleast has made runs NZ in 2014, what has rohit done overseas Anyways both can enjoy bench , both are liabilties in test cricket
  13. good if u score runs consitently or has any past reputation but if 47 is his best
  14. u shud actually now show that , coz then the question comes... A. he hardly scores B. when he does once in blue moon he throws it and doesnt convert
  15. since when did 47 runs started saving someone place, specially when u avg 15 in that country and 22 overseas
  16. Holding on Pandya- Well bowled, pandya showing what he is all about When ur critic praises u
  17. yes, coz last time bowlers were getting our batsman out n rohit decided he will throw his wkt to moeen ali before lunch
  18. why is kuldeep yadav bowling like umesh yadav
  19. Ganguly - u were soft on the bell
  20. Split personality ka probelm hai gavaskar ko Here is cleraly saying he doesnt wanna learn from his mistakes, till he doesnt change it he will always struggle in overseas condition
  21. manju ko kab koi bajayega
  22. Wah ri kismat, aaj dhoop nikal aayi @rkt.india- aaj ka tapmaan kya kehta hai???
  23. We have already seen that when kohli n rohit are at crease , runout are around the corner. Rohit himself has runout issue . But kohli has started to have this issue with everyone , so many times ull see him being indecisive while running. I think it happened with him n dhawan in Sa, today with pujara . In these conditions runout is the last thing u want and captain is leading on that front including poor catches . High time kohli starts to work this out with everyone in nets

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