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  1. 20 hours ago, sandeep said:

    Ouch OP.   I see some "sneks" have vomited their poison here already.



    How did Sehwag do btw in the T20 and WC finals?   He wasn't from Bombay, was he?   Some other non-Bombay worthies weren't even good enough to make it to those finals.  


    2003 final-82

    2007 t20 Wc final he didnt play 

    2011- duck 

    2002 CT- 13* 25*


    Hard to pass a statement on sehwag 


    But yea this whole city based judgment is bizzare 



  2. 2 minutes ago, BeautifulGame said:

    Yeah but Panchal Parhiv(as opener) or Prashant Chopra arent gonna break into the team anytime soon though.Mukund is ahead of them in the pecking order and he hardly gets any games .

    I was referring to 2-3 years down the line when both Shaw and Sundar will have had couple of seasons of Ranji season.

    It is basically whether Shah or Sundar can have 2 seasons of high scoring Ranji seasons and break into the team when we will be needing to replace Vijay and Dhawan down the line.

    ohh i forgot mukunds name ......will they or wont they but as of now they all are ahead in line 

    Regd 2-3 yr , ideally sundar shud break into LOI team within a year or two

  3. 7 minutes ago, Cricket_Fan said:

    But he failed to do that in SA A tour and also against NZ A team.Slogging in IPL doesn't mean that you can do that in ODI against quality bowlers.

    He whacked Mustafizur in IPL when he was phenomenan .......

    Patience my frend......cricket isnt a game of robots..

    LAst yr everybody was on pandya's case and look what happened. 

    These are young cricketers who are developing and that path will have failure which only leads to improvement 

  4. 4 hours ago, MultiB48 said:

    has sran lost pace? only 2 wkt for 250 runs since coming back

    He is coming back after long and wasnt very exp in 1st place only. 

    Rhythem, control everything needs time to get back in line. If u ball 140k or 120k on leg it ll be dispatched to boundaries

  5. Just now, BeautifulGame said:

    Any reason why?

    As test opener- shaw, pachal, prashant chopra are standing ahead of him infact ill add dhawan n parthiv patel to 

    Unless and until he he has 2 season of huge numbers runs as opener there is no chance.


    As LOI u knw the line before him


    As this point his best chance is to get in team as spin bowling all rounder and he can as ashwin failure in LOi as opened the slot for need of right arm off spinner .


    Good he is opening for TN it ll help his batting only.......

  6. 36 minutes ago, speedheat said:

    Ok This is my last point as ur facts are completelty wrong....Why

    Kyunki mujhe bolna ahi ki usne CSK quote chalaya, chahae prove ho na ho 


    Btw Pawan negi was a csk player, why was hardik pandya prefered over him when both were selected toghter. 


    Now ur wrong facts 


    1st Lets not put gambhir n vijay toghther.....

    gambhir was over thats why career ended

    Vijay was given chance coz he had potential, thats y i gave IPL. Tell anyone a player got 17 games here n there is favouristim n backing he ll laugh on ur face . N the person will who was the player ull say murali vijay and ull get an answer he deserved a try ....even pujara got a bit of try 


    Gambhi was dropped after failing for an year and who got chance.........dhawan in ct 2013 not vijay 

    Infact if u wud remeber Vijay n rohit wen to CT as opener and both failed in warmup yet who got a chance rohit sharma who wasnt even an opener......what happ to CSK quote


    Get ur facts right, each n every fact is wrong .

    M done cant debate with someone whose facts are abysmally wrong 

  7. 3 hours ago, speedheat said:

    He played for csk and got selected through csk quota or msd in lois/odi in spite of being poor in lois/odi over some deserving ones like gambhir or uthappa, is itself is a proof of favoritism, you keep on saying that gambir was finished he can't touch a ball is not correct, I would have agreed if you say that to sehwagh but not gambhir, he was still a clutch player and that's a fact you may keep on ignoring that fact I don't care,
    Murli Vijay is close to being a world class in test matches, not in Odis or loi
    He made his debut in test matches first, clearly his technique and style of play was more suitable to test than loi, those 10 or 17 matches which he did play were enough to judge.

    Uthappa better player then Murali vijay :laugh1:

    Gambhir career was over 

    Didnt uthappa get his chances what did he do , the guy was international failure. 


    Yea so he failed, he deservingly got chances coz he showed he can play LOI game in IPL . He wasnt a strokless wonder like pujara





    U think this guy didnt deserve a chance......and be questined coz he played for CSK thats ridiculous coz my frend he even got chances once he started playing for kings XI


    Isnt ur captain kohli bias who plays rohit over pujara......could there be any more big blunder then that 





  8. 47 minutes ago, speedheat said:


    5 or 10 or 100 games, fact that every cskian (except for jaddu and ashwin as they were truly deserving) were favoured in that era of csk bullying by captain cool, what you are saying about gambo is correct for test matches but back then around 2013 gambhir was still fit for Odis and should have been persisted with instead of giving chance to that failure murli, and that exactly is my point Which you have denied.


    Go ahead prove it that CSKians were favoured. I punctured ur claim of vijay backing with facts .....go ahead 

    5 or 10 games.....makes huge diff......Murali vijay is a world class player who if not tried in atleast 10-20 games in odi wud be harsh 


    Gambhir cunt even touch the ball, bat n ball remains same in all format . Why wud u give a batsman a chance who coudnt even touch the ball 


    Failure - ur saying as if that failure went on to play 50 games under MS

  9. 43 minutes ago, speedheat said:


    Fact that Vijay was the cskian who played under dhoni and failed is the key here, and gambhir my friend still has gas to play as our opener he is still better than rahane, he should have been persisted with at that time instead of backing your favorites







    Actually gambhi is worst then rahane now to, rahane atleast will save a lot in field every game . Gambhir yea tak him overseas against a bit of bounce n pace ....only a bit 

    U ur self will repeat boycott statement- Gambhir batting has become rubbish absolutely rubbish 

  10. 29 minutes ago, speedheat said:

    As you said he didn't got continues chance but captain sahabs favoritism kept on bringing him with one failure after another

    It was well known and predicted by the experts that Vijay and his tuk tuks will be failure in international cricket still the stubborn captain sahab preferred him over gambhir coz unlike some cskians gambo was not ready to lick his boots and that's the favoritism.



    Vijay n tuk tuk, there was time cud smash really well.....not n favour

    Look at ur statement 17 games and kept him bringing back ......really in that case he shud have been in WC . Just go see some of his IPL innings ....the guy when needed could smash 


    17 games is favouristim

    Wait ur facts are really really wrong.....time to eat ur words

    Among is 16 innings he ha splayed 11 under diff captain not dhoni . So 5 games he played under dhoni in ODi and u call that backing :laugh1:

    He was constantly backed by selection chairman srikanth who like his predeccsor use to back players from his region (vengsarkar use to back jaffaar)


    Really get ur facts right and do u want me to start with kohli, ganguly favourtisim 


    Gambo licks his boots or not he was done and had no buss to be in the team 

  11. 25 minutes ago, speedheat said:


    Lol what are you even saying?? Kya bat kar raha yaar?? may be he was finished as test match cricketer but he was still having some gas to play odis where as murli Vijay is a prooven failure in Odis.

     Don't mind but gambo still has in him.



    How much of odi did vijay get . 17 odi that to not continous .....u call the favoritism :laugh1:

    Gambhir is over infact way past his expiry date .....way way way past 

  12.  Dropped for the three-match ODI series against New Zealand, opener KL Rahul was today drafted as an additional member in the Board President's XI side which will take on the visitors in two warm-up games.

    It will be an opportunity for Rahul to get back into the limited overs side as he has not been in great form and also did not get too many opportunities.


    In addition to the Karnataka batsman, leg-spinner Karn Sharma, who has been in great form for India A against the Black caps A side, was called as a replacement for injured Rajasthan youngster Rahul Chahar.

    The team will be lead by Mumbai batsman Shreyas Iyer.

    Board President's XI team: Shreyas Iyer (Captain), KL Rahul, Rishabh Pant (wk), Karun Nair, Gurkeerat Mann, Prithvi Shaw, Shivam Chaudhary, Milind Kumar, Shahbaz Nadeem, Karn Sharma, Dhawal Kulkarni, Jaydev Unadkat, Avesh Khan





    Rahul chahar injured at wrong time

  13. 44 minutes ago, speedheat said:

    1) vijay over gambir was a big no,
    any young skilled pacer over nehra.
    2)agreed, every captain do have limitations and I too feel that dhoni should not be fully blamed for umesh and aerons failure in Odis provided he should share some blame.
    Ct was kohlis first major tournament as a captain, and he did fairly well as we reached the finals I didn't find any problem in his body language he was bit confused though, it was that moronic decision to play ashwin over Shami/umesh on a flat and bouncy track and even more moronic decision to bat second that too in a final has cost us the ct.

    Gambhir career was over the guy cudnt even touch the ball in eng. Doesnt matter how good he was he was done n dusted 

    Look at the innings that vijay has played.....CSK quota is such demeaning term to all the players specially if vijay calibre who has scored in tough condition

    Aaron is himself to blame


    Then go again n watch the final, his body lang was panicked .....

  14. 14 minutes ago, speedheat said:


    Hey I said jaddu and ashwin were deserving read it again

    So u mean vijay n Nehra are non deserving 

    14 minutes ago, speedheat said:


    OK you agreed that he is poor in handling pacer but at the same time you said he can walk into any world eleven as a captain, but how can a captain who can't lead from the front and a poor in managing the second important aspect of the game can walk straight as captain??

    Every captain has some weekness

    Kohli body lang in 2017 Ct was horrendeous, infact in such crunch games his captaincy reminds me of ganguly panick attacks


    14 minutes ago, speedheat said:

    To be honest apart from zaheer we had sresanth who had skills and pace to be successful but its incompetency of dhoni as a leader which failed him in handling sree,then came umesh and aaeron with proper guidance and confidence they could both have been world class, look how bhuvi and umesh ( in tests) developed under kohli or wasim and waquar under imran, but no dhoni sahab was busy criticizing them in live press conference..

    As i said every captain will have certain weekness , u name a captain n he ll have 

    Agree he didnt posses confidence in umesh

    On bhuvi he always had confidence in him always 


    14 minutes ago, speedheat said:


    Pointings, lyod you are mentioning, never quit and left their test and odi sides in doldrums as of dhoni in 2015(test) and 2016 (odi )

    I can accept dhoni as a successful captain in fact the most successful but not the best.


    In doldrums?????

    Best will always be debatable n subjective 

  15. 33 minutes ago, speedheat said:

    1. Nothing has proved, yes that's why I haven't labeled him as fixer just said he is not a saint, there is a Hindi saying " jaha aag lagti hai vahi dhuva udta hai"

    International or domestic no matter where you play a fixer is a fixer.

    2. Jaddu n ashwin were, nehra and Vijay were not.

    Jaddu n ashwin underserving :laugh1:

    33 minutes ago, speedheat said:

    3.nobody can call yuvi selfish as he is the real reason of our WC victory's.

    No but ur logic was not hanging boots when someone is over....yuvraj game has been done from ages 

    33 minutes ago, speedheat said:


    I can see you avoided my last point so I can assume that you agreed emoji51.png .


    I didnt see the last point 


    1 hour ago, speedheat said:

    You agreed he is poor captain of pace bowling, than how can he walk in to any world eleven as a captain?? as he was piss poor in managing pace bowlers.


    He was poor at handling fast bowlers and that skill is tested when u dnt have gr8 bowlers, he didnt needed to manage zak. If he is imran, wasim , waqar well they ll manage themselevs.....a captains job becomes easier when u have Wc class players and managing them is also important which he did really. U think ponting use to tell warne what to do, vice versa warne use to tell him what he ll do 

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