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  1. With the World Cup less than a year away, the Asia Cup was an opportunity for India to answer a few important white-ball questions. Three matches into the tournament, the most glaring questions center around KL Rahul.

    Rahul came to the UAE on the back of an interesting white-ball summer. His T20 form was imperious. Fourteen IPL innings brought him 659 runs - all of them as an opener - at an average of 54.91 and a strike rate of 158.41. He made a 36-ball 70 in his only innings in Ireland, and followed that up with an unbeaten 54-ball 101 at No. 3 in the first T20I against England in Manchester.

    Given that run of 20-over scores, Rahul might have expected a run in the ODI side too. But after scoring 9 not out - he came in towards the end of a successful chase - and 0 in the first two ODIs against England, he was left out of the series decider. And now, in the Asia Cup, he has sat out of India's three matches so far - this despite an extra middle-order slot becoming available with the selectors resting Virat Kohli.

    This in-today, out-tomorrow sequence is fairly typical of Rahul's ODI career. Since his debut in 2016, Rahul has only played in 12 out of India's 47 ODIs. And since last year's tour of Sri Lanka, when the team management first tried him in the middle order, he has only featured in six out of 28 ODIs.

    The team management gave Rahul an extended red-ball run in England, despite his averaging 14.12 in the first four Test matches. With the series lost, there were plenty of voices calling for the inclusion of Prithvi Shaw, but Rahul kept his place for the fifth Test at The Oval and scored a morale-boosting hundred on the final day of the tour.

    Rahul has never quite enjoyed the same kind of run in the side in ODIs. His longest uninterrupted sequence so far is four matches, in Sri Lanka last year, when he was given a chance in the middle order after Ajinkya Rahane had claimed the back-up opener's role by scoring 306 runs at 67.20 in five matches in the West Indies.

    Rahul only got to bat three times in those four matches, and each time he batted in a different position - No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5. He didn't really grab the chance, scoring 4, 17 and 7, and struggled to read the mystery spin of Akila Dananjaya, who dismissed him in all three innings.

    While the situation - not having a long run of matches or a settled slot in the batting order - isn't ideal, it's the reality for anyone looking to break into India's middle order. There's just too much competition.

    Ambati Rayudu, who is far from a regular in the side, averages 50.39 after 33 ODI innings. He came back into the ODI side after an IPL season as good as Rahul's. He top-scored for Chennai Super Kings - 602 in 16 innings at an average of 43.00 and a strike rate of 149.75 - while showing a lot more adaptability - opening, batting in the middle order, and even finishing innings.

    There's Kedar Jadhav, who has come close to nailing the No. 6 spot with his innovative batting and invaluable part-time spin. There's Dinesh Karthik, who averages 53.80 since his ODI comeback last year. There's Manish Pandey, who can't break into the XI despite smashing 366 runs without being dismissed in a Quadrangular tournament where he batted against Australia A, South Africa A and India A.

    Outside the squad there is Shreyas Iyer, who's made two fifties in five ODI innings, and has just scored a List A hundred for Mumbai in the Vijay Hazare Trophy. And there's still Rahane, who made 148 in Mumbai's previous match.

    Given all the other options India have, batsman simply have to grab every opportunity. And while his opportunities have been scattered and seldom in one batting slot, Rahul hasn't yet grabbed them: after scoring 100*, 33 and 63* in his debut series against Zimbabwe, he has a highest score of 17 in eight ODI innings.


    But while some of the other middle-order contenders may have made better use of their opportunities, Rahul is perhaps more lavishly gifted than all of them, and capable of batting at a jaw-dropping tempo in white-ball cricket. He's only shown it in T20 so far - in his most recent IPL season, and while scoring international hundreds against West Indies and England - but he's surely capable of translating that ability into 50-overs cricket too.

    The difficulty for Rahul is that a slot at the top of the order, which is where he's batted all his life, is probably out of bounds, with Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan firmly established as one of the great opening pairs in ODI history. Virat Kohli, one of the all-time-great No. 3s, follows them to the crease. Rahul's opportunities are only likely to come at Nos. 4 or 5, positions that demand a certain amount of flexibility from batsmen, who from one match to another could be called on to maintain momentum, rebuild, change gears gradually, or explode upon arrival.

    Does Rahul have the game yet to adapt? Does he still need to learn the more workmanlike aspects of middle-order batting, which the likes of Rayudu and Karthik are adept at? Can he tone down the impulsiveness that sometimes consumes him before the bowler gets him? Will making these changes take away from the very qualities that make him such a dangerous batsman?

    There is possibly one solution, a case for India to look at Rahul as a No. 3 batsman and have Kohli bat at No. 4. This might not need Rahul to temper his flamboyance too much, at least on flat surfaces where he can trust his eye - such pitches are quite likely to be the norm at the World Cup next year. This could allow India to retain a formidable top three, in theory, with Kohli controlling the second half of the innings, and MS Dhoni perhaps gaining a little more freedom to go after the bowling and bat like he did in the IPL this year.

    It would mean a change of role for Kohli, but not a massive one. And his record at No. 4 is more than impressive. In 37 innings there, he has made 1744 runs - with seven hundreds and eight fifties - at an average of 58.13 and a strike rate of 90.40, which isn't too far off his record at No. 3, where he averages 61.48 and strikes at 93.23.

    To adopt this plan, however, the team management would need to weigh up Rahul's explosive potential, with the inherent risk of early dismissals that comes with his natural style, against the middle-order methods of Rayudu or Karthik, who have fewer frills but perhaps a little more know-how in adapting to different situations.


    LInk - http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/story/1160378.html


  2. 7 minutes ago, Number said:

    Yes but then Dhoni is out of form from some time. As of now he is tolerated because he is the wicket keeper. If Pant comes and scores runs as a batsman then pressure will mount on Dhoni as there is already a much better batsman in the team who can handle glovework.

    The reason Karthiks and Pappus were allowed to be in the team for decades is because they were mediocre players and mgmnt knew they will eventually lose their spots to a better batsmen.

    IF pant comes good they will play him as batsman

    If they dnt wanna drop dhoni they dnt no matter what 


    I dnt buy this logic to make him look u select bad player, u will loose and public scrutiny will also be on dhoni as in this age happens

    Get good players around him so they can carry him n he looks good , if ur winning everything is brushed under carpet 


    Reality is they dnt have an eye for talent. How is KL, krunal competition to dhoni that they cnt get in team


    If they rated pant highly they wud have played him even ahead of karthik , he only played when karthik batted horribly n had an injury to


  3. 2 minutes ago, Number said:

    Pant is not selected in ODIs because if he does well selectors will be under pressure to drop Dhoni.


    even if that happens why cnt they both play in XI

    karthik n dhoni are playing n has played so many times before 


    No one selects a team to loose coz then they are putting their jobs online, simple they dnt have the vision 

  4. 16 minutes ago, nevada said:

    About 18-24 months before the world cup itself, selectors stop giving chances to newer talent citing the need to have experienced players for the most important tourney. Though it isn't the right thing to do, IPL has a big influence over selections. CSK's success with aged players might also have nudged the selectors firmly towards the "experience Trump's everything" strategy. Add to that captain Kohli's reluctance to field new players. I think he wants to win every single  match and doesn't like the idea of having to potentially lose a match by trying out an untested youngster. Also, Kohli's brilliance and the openers' success masked the rotten state of our middle order for quite a while.

    yes i feel that has also given confidence in their theory

    But What about CSk culture of making player secure, wish kohli cud learn that to


    16 minutes ago, nevada said:

    It is only now that mainstream observers like Ganguly are feeling alarmed. Bowling has always been a revolving door selection so no one even pays attention to who is being picked and who is left out. 

    Whats worrying is guys in line for coaching likes sehwag also was a A-grade fool in all these

    N our ex-coach kumble also had a faith in ex-players like yuvraj, gambhir

  5. 32 minutes ago, express bowling said:


    Yes ... same group of selectors have chosen some really good  " A " teams.


    Even fast bowlers.  Siraj, Saini and Rajpoot are the 3 best picks for Unofficial tests.


    Khaleel and Prasidh are good picks for 50 over A-teams.


    Saini and Mavi got selected for the Quadrangular A-team tournament.


    Gill got a chance in the Unofficial test team.


    All great picks.


    Krunal, Gopal, Gowtham, Shankar  ... Mayank, Shaw, Vihari, Samarth ... all of them are there.

    so its simple what captain is asking for , he has a vision which is about experienced players for Wc. Looks like he took "experience is the key in big tournament" line to srsly 


    i dnt even think its even shastri, have heard him in commentary for yrs he was strong supporter of young players

    15 minutes ago, express bowling said:


    Yes ... and it could mean a few things.


    Dravid is positively influencing the correct selection of A-teams.


    And  /   Or


    Indian team management's influence is ruining senior national team selection.


    Probably a bit of both.


    But this difference in quality of selections of the Senior Teams and the A-teams need to be observed to get an idea of what is actually going on.


    but every one is wrong somewere but captain is always the front runner 

  6. 26 minutes ago, express bowling said:


    This shows lack of ability to identify format specific players and lack of thinking ability to some extent.


    How will batters with poor off-stump games, like Dhawan and Rohit, succeed in test matches where the ball moves  !


    This team mananagement thinking that getting batting practice against the white ball  in LOIs in England will prepare them for test cricket with the red Dukes ball  ... amazing lack of vision.


    There is no one with thinking ability in this team management ...  something which Kumble had.

    worst part is forget having an eye for talent , they dnt even learn after poor results

    • When dhawan n rohit failed badly in 1st cycle of overseas- they didnt learn
    • When raina was selected again did someone check has he solved his bouncer issue?? No. All they saw was he cleared yo-yo so he must have improved
    • Kaul bowling in england looked very ordinary, how hard was it to judge.
    • Rayudu keep coming back again n again, has anyone checked that his games has improved agianst pace n bounce overseas. Or are they dumb that they dnt understand that IPL is diff from international cricket. The logic of his IPL is beyond me coz when was he bad in IPL. 
    • Karthik - 14 yrs and yet we dnt learn. He pilled on runs in domestic so what happened in england how did his feet frooze....he never had format issues 


    So players are being selected back in team after being dropped without checking if they have improved

    N same mistakes are being repeated again n again



  7. 3 minutes ago, OpeningBatsman said:

    Incompetent selectors 

    i really imagine them jokers sitting like this - - >:gossip: n selecting the team along with Bewda Shastri:beer-bottle:

    I dnt wanna blame them also as much

    They are doing a good job with A-team , yes in areas like fast bowling their eye for talent is 0

    but they are giving the kind of player that this team mngmt is asking 

  8. 4 minutes ago, express bowling said:

    Some of these mediocre players will have occasional good games ... and some may have a couple of good series too.  

    That is the problem with team mngmt they dnt have the eye

    Take test cricket , they didnt understand dhawan n rohit are not meant for test so they keep giving them chances during home games or subcontinet games 


    The minute the went to overseas the cycle begin again, they jst arent learning from their mistakes


    Yes they are not bad players, they are above avg. But if we have to be a champion side we need match winners that were an eye for talent comes which doesnt look the case right now 


    Sometimes i feel they dnt knw how good they are or they still living under old kind of cricket style

    Once i did write about this we play safe n conservative 

    So they feel safe with these knwn faces


    This is a cycle thats being repeated again n again. 

    4 minutes ago, express bowling said:

    Aren't they blocking the spots of  more deserving candidates who have the potential to reach much greater heights in LOIs and help India win more matches   as a result  ?  

    They dnt have faith in them

    They associate inconsistency with young players...........the concept of investing in a player is not understood by current setup 

    • kohli loves experienced player , he has more confidence in them . Kohli doesnt have an eye for talent . Like when u read ganguly interview ull see how he has an eye for talent be it new or old player. He always says he looks for match winners. When chappell came he wanted young players left right centre 
    • MSK - head of selectors is among the likes of akash chopra who never had grr8 talent so they have a soft corner for cricketers who are hard working but lacks talent. 

    Their wud be some pattern under every captain which will reflect how he thinks . Every captain has his kind of trust on some ppl . When roht will become  full time captain a team will be build acc to him. Right now his job is to captain a side which is being build for kohlis' vision 


    1 hour ago, jf1gp_1 said:

    Didn’t he win you 2013 CT ?


    have an open mind he might have worked during break. He did get runs in the only test he played at England.

    rules were a lil diff back then, fingers spinners were doing well in the game now wrist spinners are doing well

    2013 men to sir dhoni bhi bht achi batting krta, tab ks soch ke faida


    he can be a good 3rd spinner, 1st two have to be wkt taking


    Also have the facts rights, he was always good in subcontinent ....n he performed in one last day also ...on what basis are we planning to take him to england. 


    Even when he was dropped i said have him in options as backup but not as main spinners and thats where he shud be 

  10. Dnt drop chahal from squad but if needed from XI


    7 hours ago, lamellavig said:

    Chahal cannot be dropped. Pandya can be dropped. Pandya is dispensable, Chahal is not.


    IF you choose to play Bumrah-Bhuvneshwar-Kuldeep-Chahal-Jadeja, you have 5 consistent threats who each economy rate under 5. I can assure that IF we play these 5 bowlers, the combined synergy will be such that it will be IMPOSSIBLE for the opposition to score over 240 in 50 overs.


    Play attacking cricket.

    Drop hardik pandya.

    Play Rohit-Dhawan-Rahul-Kohli-Jadhav-Dhoni-Jadeja-Bhuv-Kul-Cha-Bum.


    As much as I support Pant, I would play Pant ahead of Jadhav only. Dhoni in a final, has increased threat of effecting crucial stumpings of specialist batsmen to spinners that Pant may not be capable of.

    N pandya is indispensable

    he alone can play on his power hitting in this team , find me one better power hitter in this country


    u hve dhoni at 6 n jadeja at 7 , hello we are in the era of 350 not 215 


    hvnt u seen jadeja bat for almost 10 yrs 

  11. 2 minutes ago, Global.Baba said:

    Plate mat badal. Yes technique adjustments may or may not have impact on performance, however the joke is on the hype that Dhoni has become this beast after these adjustments, showing his stats and video analysis.


    The fact remains whatever he does, his skills have declined and he still sucks.

    slow clap 

    As if we didnt knew 

    2 minutes ago, Global.Baba said:


    It is the hype people are making fun of but sure ignore the obvious. Aaj thodey runs banaaye usne, Jaake uski analysis jar. humaare yahaan Viv Richards ka phir se Janam hua aaj

    Ye Viv richards wala line to tu hi bola aur to koi bola nhin pe 



  12. 1 minute ago, Global.Baba said:

    Abbey dhakkan, Dhoni played cameo knocks in IPL before too, last year when he took on Bhuvi etc,this year go and check IcF threads where he has screwed his team with slow innings here and there.


    There is nothing in Dhoni’s batting that shows technique change, if you are saying they are subtle trigger movements or whatever the fk they are so subtle that there is no improvement in his abilities.

    So u saying changes can make u better only

    hve u seen yuvraj singh bat after his change


    no u wnt have , kabhi cricket dekha nhin


  13. Just now, Global.Baba said:

    Trigger movement, Tennis shots WTF what kind of technique adjustments are these lol. I swear I have seen him play those tennis shots many times before since his debut so what is new here?

    yaar agar tujhe samjh nhin aata to mat padd na technique men

    abhi terko head position btauanga to bolega wo kya hota


    stick to comman sense cricket scores- advise dnt get into....terko nhin samjh aata technique


    wo pehle khelta tha, achi baat hia .....chalo aaj bhi khel sakta not with same consistency but atleast khel raha hai 


    kaha trigger men ghusss rha hu, u even knw what trigger movement is ???

  14. 1 minute ago, Global.Baba said:

    Arrey expert mamu, even in that very same IPL he played his typical screw up innings. As I said 1-2 innings didn’t show me any change. He has had mixed bag games every season.

    how on earth is 400+ runs mixed bag season, gadhe ho kya

    previosu many were mixed not this one

    1 minute ago, Global.Baba said:


    Dhoni is not a technique or a trigger movement player, he is a hand eye coordination player and since he is old+5 extra years it has gone down.

    Every players has technique even fcking mcgrath had technique , u make changes to adjust ur weakness

    his changes were made to be quick on ball and why dnt u even get some reserach to his struggle has been recently against spin not pace 

    so that tweek was done pace bowling, if he has to work against spin he ll hve to figgure out a method


    1 minute ago, Global.Baba said:

    Koi reinvention nahi hai. If he gets that Afg trundler bowling to him, he will hit him helicopter shots all day but he just isn’t good enough.

    stop equating change to success

    Change hua hai matalb successful ho zaruri nhin


    are u fcking duffer how many times do i hve to tell u the same line


    a change doesnt guarntee u success, again ur asking me same crap


    Ishant sharma changed his action didnt his bowling went down


    ru saying player who had hand eye had no technique :hysterical:



  15. 1 minute ago, Global.Baba said:

    What t20 he played well in? Are you saying IPL. Even there he played a couple of innings that screwed his team. 1 or 2 fluke innings and you were on the hype train

    2nd t20 against england, go watch his tennis shots

    what hype train? he got 400+ runs in IPL u cnt get that in 1 or 2 innings .....200 run nhin maare the usne 1-2 innings 

  16. Just now, Global.Baba said:

    Haan bhai you are the expert who thinks Dhoni has reinvented himself eve after in the very same IPL he played typical Dadu innings except 1 or 2 and you were singing his bhajans. Clearly the expert 

    but he did play well in IPL so why shud i say he didnt

    he failed afterwards coz he was not doing the thing that worked for him in IPL, bat freely 


    when he takes to much pressure on himself  he fails be it ipl or international cricket 


    Kitna mushkil hai ye samjhna 

  17. Just now, Global.Baba said:

    Na but I thought he reinvented his technique in IPL, which he lost in England and first game but the way he was hitting may be he went back to that technique. 

    na u see he played well in t20 n bad in odi 

    happens cricket is a game of humans, u cnt be robot n be good everyday or bad everyday

  18. Just now, Global.Baba said:

    I am not smart. Wise maybe. You are the intelligent guy who knows about techniques so picking your brain. Aap to bura mangaye

    yea its not tough understand, concentrate as much as u do in typing dnt forget the dot.....pata chal jayega

    U see rohit sharma, even he has made slight adjusment to face left armers better 


    Player keep making adjusment, naya naya dekhna shuru kia hai cricket koi baat nhin

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