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  1. 6 hours ago, Khota said:

    Rohit has lot of potential and he is underutilizing it.

    Good morning, u just realized it 

    Thats has been the story for 10 yrs 

    6 hours ago, Khota said:


    That point needs to be driven home. Benching him would not hurt him. He is the mainstay of Indian batting.

    No need to bench him, SL n bang are avg attacks and rohit sharma feasts on them. 

  2. 1 hour ago, King Tendulkar said:

    Not 1st time ? Some personal hate here then ? Something gone on ?


    maybe pandey mentioned pant or something 

    wah talliyan 

    Matalb samne  wala bewakufi  kare matalb ulta hi nikalana hai. 

    53 minutes ago, Temujin Khaghan said:

    it is strange to see him behave like this. this is not how Dhoni behaves. he is known to be kind to juniors...

    like others in this thread, I think something else is at work here in the dressing room. maybe it is the pressure of not scoring.

    Why is every acting like a detective. Har baat men kuch deep matalb hi nikalana hai


    Juniors get scolded by senior when they keep repeating error. Every cricketer has told a story how they have been scolded by tendulkar. John wright holded  sehwag collar once usme bhi politics nikalo.


    Dhoni has gotten angry in a similar way in an ipl game and in world cup final when yuvraj did a similar thing

  3. Jadeja is not a bad option 

    gun fielder

    Decent option at 8, was crap at 7 thought but a @ 8 not bad

    A bowler who can keep it tight

    Experinced player who has done well in englad


    But the question is

    Do we want a defensive bowler in squad????? at this point when we have to wkt taking bowler i dnt think so anyone wud take jadeja as option. He cant be selected as an all rounder .

    It also looks like Axar is ahead of jaddu now , even though i like jadeja better then axar

    With Krunal also avl as an all rounder option things dnt look good for jadeja in LOI


    At this point looks very very tough with jadeja but u never knw. He is not a bad backup option 


  4. This is not the 1st time pandey has been scolded by dhoni for being absent minded , this has happened twice thrice before

    Anybody in that situation will have a go at the person after scolding him previously as well 


    Both kohli n dhoni as captains are very particular about fielding, running between wkts n presence of mind during game ........which are very important in LOI 


  5. 12 minutes ago, Khota said:

    tu sari umar murakh he rahega.

    Duniya men sabse murkh wahi jo khudh ko saiyana btaye

    Ganguly jaise indian captain ne bol diya dhawan n rohit fails everytime in test

    Koi bhi cricketer ya fan ya teesri class ka bacha tujhe samjha dega ki test aur LOI men farq, lekin nhin duniya men tu hi saayana hai 


    ja jake koi dhundh jo tere views ko suppourt kre ya koi fact dhundh jo niklega nhin

  6. 2 hours ago, Khota said:

    Which part of current form is not getting thru your thick skull?

    Teri kitni moti budhu hai jo tujhe test aur LOI men farq nhin pata, 3rd class ka bacha bhi bta dega dono men zameen asmaan ka farq hia 

    He made runs in END tour in ODI and failed in test 

    He made runs at home in ODi before he went n failed in SA in 2013 

    He made runs at home in ODI in 2014 and then went to AUS n failed 


    Now u have google go n understand the diff between formats and look the history of formats n understand the skill required 


  7. 5 hours ago, Khota said:

    Third test when Shikar was not given the opportunity to play. If he was there maybe he could have scored a century. When Dhawan and Vijay played together Dhawan was head and shoulder above him.

    He has played 3 test in SA before, why hasnt he hit 100 in those infact noot even 50 and u expect him to score on the toughest pitch where better batsman like virat n rahane also cudnt . 

  8. 1 minute ago, Khota said:

    Sometimes you add catches dropped other times it is about left hand combo. You have no shame. I understand Rahul deserves a chance but is he better than Dhawan. Only for you.

    Ohhh so dropped catches dont hurt team :laugh1:

    Ask anyone who is better in test Rahul or dhawan

    Jawab mil jayega 


    As far Dhoni is concerned how do you know someone elase would not have done better Mr. Nostradamus.

    Someone who someone

  9. 5 minutes ago, Khota said:

    Like I mentioned you are the chosen stupid. I read this article and found it flawed. His previous overseas run was not the best but i am talking current, now as of this moment. He is doing great.

    really scoring 16 is gr8:giggle:

    Gr8 in loi , we are talking about test dhakkan 

    Farq samjhta hai .....1 men red ball hoti hai dusre men white

    1 men fielding restriction hoti hai dusre men nhin



    Just answer one question. Why was Rahul send one down(and still failed) if he was selected as an opener?

    To have a left hand right hand combo at start so opp bowlers get of from line n length. Just one of experiment

    Just look KL test career n tell me how he needs to be saved . Give this bull crap statement if that happens everyday.


    Oh btw humble pies for u, hope u saw dhoni bat :yahoo:.

    Ab humble pie kha ya kauwa biryani teri marzi......waise bhi bht khhaaa li iss tour pe galat sabit ho ho ke . 16 run bnana is doing well......kon joker terko cricket sikhaya 

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