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  1. 13 hours ago, Lala said:

    1. 2009 World T20  - Lost to England in Super 8. Eventually lost all super 8 games and exit.

    2. 2010 World T20  - Lost to SL in Super 8. Eventually lost all super 8 games and exit.

    3. 2012 World T20  - Lost to AUS in Super 8. Dhoni Claims loss due to rain. Unlucky to exit in the end who came as a favorite.

    4. 2014 World T20  - Choked in the final against good death bowling. Yuvraj found guilty for loss.

    5. Lost a match against Zimbabwe in 2015. Eventually series was level  as 1-1.

    6. South Africa beat India 2-0 in 2015 in India

    7. 2016 World T20  - Lost SF against WI in front of Home crowd.

    8. Lost to WI at USA in 2016. Almost chased down a massive 245 but ultimately Dhoni choked to lose by 1 run.





    What was urs


    1. 2007 Wc- Lost to india,defeat in a bowl out, self proclaimed best bowlers of the world cudnt even hit stumps 

    2. 2007 t20 Wc - Lost to india final 

    3. 2010 t20 Wc- hussey destroys ajmal

    4.2012 t20 Wc- Lost to india, kohli haunts pak part 1

    5. 2014 t20 wc - Lost to india

    6. 2016 t20 Wc- Lost to india ,umar goes crying to imran to show if he bats at 3 he ll be as good as kohli and we saw runs from asli kohli again

    7. 2016 t20 - Wahab full toss to smith who showed all his stumps (this shud be worse)

  2. 17 minutes ago, sriniwu said:

    imo, irfans' problem was also that he started believing the myths of him being the next "Kapil Dev" and tried a tad too hard to work on his batting whilst neglecting his strong suite(bowling).. quickly he discovered that once form deserted him, he was no longer the "blue-eyed boy" of indian cricket (except of course for the cricinfo comments section:phehe:)

    he had the talent in batting , infact a very good one. Nothing wrong in improving as it only helped his team


  3. Pakistan cricketer and the ever controversial Ahmed Shehzad as it turns out has tested positive for a recently conducted dope test. It was a surprise dope test for which the samples were collected during a domestic match that was being played in Pakistan. The PCB’s Anti-Doping body tested the samples and today when the result of the same was out Shehzad was declared positive.

    Pakistani journalists posted the same a few minutes ago on Twitter that said that Shahzad has tested positive for a dope test and that the same has been confirmed by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). We still await any official confirmation or word from the board which will clarify the situation and also the extent of suspension or ban the cricketer is likely to face.


    As per the understanding this early in the matter, it is likely that he will face a 3-month ban but not immediately. The PCB will give the cricketer a chance to state his side of the case and to explain himself. This is not the first time a recognized Pakistani player has failed a test like this

    In the past some of the most popular Pakistan cricketers, the likes of leg-spinner Yasir Shah, former pacer Shoaib Akhtar, left-arm spinners Raza Hasan and Abdur Rehman along with fast bowler Mohammad Asif have been tested positive for similar tests and were handed over such bans.


    Link - https://www.crictracker.com/pakistan-cricketer-ahmed-shehzad-tests-positive-in-a-dope-test/

  4. 47 minutes ago, WeStMiDz said:

    Overreaction re Pujara on here at times. Yes his numbers don't stack up but he has seen off tough spells on a number of occasions. It's only his mindset abroad that is letting him down. He simply doesn't have the confidence to get the big runs as he does at home. 

    thats his job as number 3 batsman which doesnt end their , then he has to convert on that and score runs a


    He has only done half of his jobs, he aint a tail who will just stay their......as a batsman his job is to score runs which become more important when ur playing with 5 batsman.

    He aint even pandya who ll cme n bowl give bowlers rest and take a wkt or so and then a livewire on field. 


    Pujara if he doesnt score runs he is a complete liability 

  5. 1 minute ago, Lannister said:

    But he has been playing from a long time and there is nothing to show apart from his batting average which is pretty much meaningless as shown from his numerous failures in WCs. You don't need a special player to score runs against weak teams. 

    ok if its easy find me player who can consistently avg 50 for 5 yrs .

    Easier said then done

  6. 5 minutes ago, raki05 said:

    Kohli is Not the guy who get burden with responsibility. It's just that he is pathetic captain, but does anyone has audacity to drop him I think no and neither does He is gng to drop himself.

    after a point everyone does , its intial yrs so its not looking like 

    After a point it affects everyone- look at how ganguly n dhoni hair turned grey 

    Captaincy is very tough specially of subcontinent teams and then he is also the back bone of batting

  7. 4 minutes ago, Lannister said:

    Kohli was right when he said Pujara lacks intent. I guess this is mostly because of his limitations as a batsman. We should've invested in Karun Nair a long time ago. 

    true kohli was right

    I dnt think so its about intent, i think its more about self belief. HE already has limited range of strokes and when he goes abroad in that self doubt he cuts down his shots more. Neither his running is gr8 that he can keep rotating n ticking the scoreboard. 

    In subcontinent he plays a lot more shots becoz he is confident abput his ability. 

    If he keeps standing at one end without scoring , its not much of help coz its all about scoring runs in the end. If u dnt score for long, opp will put close in fielder and sooner or later one ball will get u 

  8. 2 hours ago, rkt.india said:


    What happened to Irfan Pathan is a great example how Wasim Akram's advice of crooked-thumb grip ruined his bowling.  Wasim could bowl with crooked-thumb grip because he was stronger and had natural pace and could still have accuracy. Irfan could not do that.  He lost pace with that grip and by then he realized it, it was too late for him.  

    dnt think so Wasim advised him that, wasim in most interviews has said he had that grip but he doesnt tell someone to copy it unless they are comfortable with it . 

    Irfan problem was injuries and fiddling to much with action, also taking advice from to many ppl is not helpful at times. and look at his action in later year ....he was not putting it all in his run up or pivot which showed he didnt have enough fitness 


    MAny other indian bowlers , infact bowlers around the world took help from akram no one changed their grip 

  9. 43 minutes ago, putrevus said:

    So Srinath get no blame and kapil gets blame wonderful.

    What is srinath getting blamed for. Yes one thing he lacked for a bit of aggresive attitude n showoff which is needed for fast bowler but other then that he was a terrific n very underrated bowler 


    About kapil

    as a senior its ur job to help youngsters

    why do u think pakistani players go gaga over imran . Why most indian batsman sing praises to tendulkar for helping them . Srinath himself as senior helped young Zak n nehra. 

    As a senior its ur job to help junior and thats how a culture develops. 

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