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  1. Ashwin has been promoted so many times, even pandya gets it Srinath was used as pinch hitter.....they all didnt forget bowling If u have to make use of his all round abilities, he has to be given batting up the order. 10-15 baal khel ke kaha uski batting develop hogi . I find this hilarious when ppl use it as excuse........even irfan himself has said batting up only use to help his confidence. Infact it was his runs that was keeping his place at times.
  2. he himself ruined it , even before chappell came uska satynaash shuru ho gaya tha
  3. Ganguly idea's were pretty bad at times He wanted to make yuvraj a test opener, thank god for mcgrath n warnie who ended this experiment He gave rohan gavaskar such a long rope Even parthiv patel kept playing n playing Kumble was gr8 in terms of backing a player, on field didnt look a gr8 captain
  4. Ankit_sharma03

    Why isn’t leg spin popular in test cricket?

    The team who have quality leg spinner for the format will play them, if many teams arent means they dnt have quality leg spinner for longer format
  5. Ankit_sharma03

    How fast was David Johnson?

    125k-130k lagta hai, may be sometimes 130+ Jab runup leke aata hai to aisa lagta shoaibh akthar aa rha hai, nikalta rasgulla hai
  6. Really liked how he was waiting for the ball and didnt look in a hurry
  7. yup strangely even naseer hussain cnt digest that rohit is not playing test cricket Ian chappell made a theory that the only rohit will do well is if he bats above kohli coz then he ll not have pressure of kohli outperforming him
  8. Ankit_sharma03

    Does this test series has 2011 written all over it?

    yea his team selection have been not so gr8 but this time he doesnt have much choices dhawan vs pujara.....its come to that point that we are thinking who ll be worst. Yea but u never knew they both might end up playing ahead of Rahul
  9. Ankit_sharma03

    Does this test series has 2011 written all over it?

    This Plus ill add his energy n never say die attitude on field is gr8 to see in test cricket post dhoni's going with the motion display in test . Test cricket gives u time to comeback from ur mistakes which he does......
  10. Ankit_sharma03

    Does this test series has 2011 written all over it?

    they are but atleast he isnt that clueless on ground as dhoni was in test cricket N biggest clueless selection rohit isnt selected .....so i expect them in less numbers
  11. sunny g looks very angry when a player doesnt convert his starts if u look at rahane ODi career ull see so many starts being watsed , but sunny g will never look at these when its comes his Ladla Rahane
  12. dhawan + karthik + kohli + Nair + Rahul+ late movement in english conditions = 25-30
  13. Most of these EX-players wanted raina also back, when he failed no one owned up......instead starting talking crap...yea as if u had diff ideas.

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