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  1. Race to 5000 runs in IPL : Raina or Kohli

    The problem for raina now will be most indian bowlers in IPL now ball 140+ , pehle to trundler pe halwa lutt leta tha
  2. yes , most probably we have seen the last of him as player in IPL
  3. he wont be playing that y he stepped down, their wasnt a problem with his captaincy.....he is a very good captain but when ur not performing urself u dnt deserve a place. To vacate a place he stepped down
  4. Nothing but respect for gambhir, he knew he was not contributing and he did the right thing. One of the best captains in IPL takes any great call Thats wat u call a team man
  5. What was the reaction of cheerleaders (Manju & Sunny)

    They had a lump in their throats
  6. Captaincy Ratings (Indian captains)

    top notch captaincy from kane williamson Bhuvi unfit Stanlake out of IPL warner who was half the team , they lost him at start dhawan came out of injury, dnt think he is 100% pulled off a brlliant win Coaching staff n captain deserves a lot of credit
  7. IS Tom Moody the Best IPL Coach

    The best coach that indian team never had, coz we didnt hire him on so many occasions
  8. Majja aa gya what a game Top notch captaincy
  9. they both have been good in death
  10. I can somewhat understand when sarfraz does that, he is inexperienced But Pollard
  11. Really liked williamson captaincy, despite team loosing players due to injury he is still attacking n giving a fight

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