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  1. Again , ill suggest start watching cricket beyond IPL Understand the diiference between formats He is only a good batsman when it comes to ODI cricket thats it There is no hate when it comes to dhawan or even rahane. Its simple Rahane has been a failure in LOI and is not cut out for it Dhawan has been no gr8 in test and doesnt even have the technique that u feel like backing him.
  2. chodh tu planet earth fir abhi ke abhi
  3. Dhawan better then vijay in what universe
  4. Your favorite SRT's innings

    Dessert storm for me as that knock had certain arrogance written all over it......it was man who was on a diff level then others 175 was another top knock 200 was pure masterclass
  5. Sri Lanka tour of India, 2017

    So many people talking about dhawan as main stay and choosing between vijay and rahul.... My interest in cricket is dying
  6. Why is it even a question 1. which 2 batsman would u like to see as opener against SA Attack................and u have ur answer
  7. Also if batsman give him runs on board Ganguly once said in an interview- kumble kept telling him give me 600 runs and ill win u games When ashwin toured overseas he mostly got low scores, which in most cases wont get u attacking fields
  8. waha kya cheating karta waha to throw allowed hai, cheating kare bina to khel nhin sakte
  9. A Green Mamba awaits India at the Eden

    his bowling cud have been effective on green mamba actually
  10. A Green Mamba awaits India at the Eden

    ho gaya - aaj ka dhoni haye haye ......khaaana hazam Ab team ki ache ki soch le
  11. A Green Mamba awaits India at the Eden

    If its a green mamba, still rest bhuvi and play ishant Ishant needs to play now and its important to see where he stands. Ishant has been dangerous on helpful tracks in past . Keeping Sa tour its important to see where does ishant stand currently- his form , fitness, rhythem

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