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  1. Ankit_sharma03

    Modern fast bowlers- afraid to bowl yorkers?

    Hussain explains it well the diff between then and now
  2. Ankit_sharma03

    Jaddu vs Pandya

    didnt he bowl in CT 2017 and failed to get wkts whats the point of selecting him on basis of subcotinent , he was always good here ...by that logic he shud hve never been dropped
  3. apni apni marzi hai Many have inzy, ill never pick inzy in odi for me to each its own wali baat hai
  4. oh boy jst read the score, what jst happened Such a gutsy team......wud be gr8 for cricket if they win asia cup
  5. Ankit_sharma03

    Jaddu vs Pandya

    he was always a lethal bowler when ball turned a bit, thats how he was so impactful in 2013 CT he was dropped becoz surfaces around the world became more flat and his wkts started drying .....and thats why wrist spinner were bought
  6. Ankit_sharma03

    BP-XI announced for a Warmup game against West Indies

    i think they pick some young talent to try them , rather then A-side to give them a proper practice
  7. Ankit_sharma03

    BP-XI announced for a Warmup game against West Indies

    IS K.vignesh a trundler?
  8. Ankit_sharma03

    Jaddu vs Pandya

    Did u not see jadeja batting at 7 all these yrs
  9. SO am i - this is a fattu batting lineup
  10. look at rahul interview in pre show- shaqal pe likha hai Wc berth ki umeed khatam

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