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  1. Let us Stop calling Pakistan CT final Win a Fluke coz if they Win WC same ppl will look Foolish. Understand LOI any team can beat anyone on a given day . Even the mighty Aussies were beaten by bangladesh in 2005 with that ashraful knock. We Saw SL bear ENG in Wc recently and Today Pakistan defeated Nz who was unbeaten till now. Pakistan won that tournament by winning game after game and the final so hows its a fluke???? Yes We were and are a better team by miles but in LOI any team can beat anyone on their day and pakistan is known to do so. We had Kohli as captain who is knwn to be not so good in Final situation and Pakistan kept their calm that day.....which is why he has no IPL trophy till now . Pressure is a huge factor in WC and more often then not it trumps over quality on any one day. So Lets not call it a fluke coz who knws it might happen again. Even the mighty WI got defeated by us in 1983 .......so even mighty teams can be defeated on given days just the percentage is less and in this Wc no team is like Mighty WI or AUS . Semi final n finals will see the side on loosing end who will choke under pressure
  2. We struggled on a slow damp wkt against a high quality spin attack and mind u we have lost one of our gun player dhawan Look at Aus- Got a gr8 start against Eng on a patta wkt and now look at them .........Any team wud like to face england bowlers on patta then Afghanistan spinners on a slow damp wkt
  3. Whats the need??? Anyways bhuvi is not fit. Wkts have started to turn.....and we have 2 games in birmingham where it turned a lot today. More then bhuvi jaddu has a strong case now
  4. Bilaterals are a diff ball game. Its the pressure which proves out to be disadvangte for teams like eng, sa n nz which is why they have never won a Wc. Subcontinent teams are better at handling it.
  5. yea i knw Cricketers themselves call it fluke which is funny coz they knw this sport and specially pakistan team's nature. But i dnt take them seriously most days . In 2012 when Pak defeated us in home series i remeber how every expert of ours were cussing our structure n domestic system and Pak cricketers were praising their. They wanted BCCI to learn from PCB Guess what happened few months after In 2013, We defeated them in CT and the same experts started cussing Pakistan domestic structure and everything . They then wanted PCB to learn from BCCI .... Matalb BC 6 mahine men saara system grass-root level pe badal gaya...........Uss din se main in experts ko srsly lena band kar diya. Post Ind-Pak game they react like fans not ex-cricketers
  6. Yup CT is a knockout and they knocked out teams on all days in last half hence they won but still ppl call it Fluke here....
  7. It looks tough but it can happen ........anything can happen in sports specially when its pakistan who can look absolute **** one day and then defeat Wc fav England . Pak has always done well in England and have been late starters in most tournament but when they get on roll they do surprise everyone . England and India looks like will go through easily Australia - england might beat them but i dont see any other side beating them now 4th spot- WI, NZ, Bang, Pak WI- if they keep playing like this...they play entertaining cricket but will not earn those winning points Nz- started well, got lucky with India game so NZ has the best chance now Bang- lacks bowling .....yet to face Aus and eng Matches left for NZ- ENG, AUS, PAK, SA, WI..............no easy game now for them Matches left for Pakistan- NZ, SA, BANG, Afghanistan....They can win all but they ll also have to worry bout their NRR . If they do so one thing for sure ull see a lot of threads from @Harsh Thakor
  8. Certainly not fav by the standards . Ind n Aus are still far better team and if they play them pakistan will always be an underdog
  9. With summers now in England its looks like pitches have started to dry up.....we saw in 2 consecutive games dry and slow pitches - IND-Afg and Eng-SL where ball turned . With games been played...some wear and tear will also happen on pitches now . Its remains to be seen is it just those 2 pitches that behaved like that or others will start to do same. On Such slow pitches kuldeep tend to struggle coz his pace whereas jadeja becomes lethal due to his pace and he has added bonus of batting n fielding . So If we find such pitch again we shud prefer jadeja over kuldeep
  10. We are not playing Windies in birmingham .....Jadeja shud be considered in Birmingham not against WI who has many lefties
  11. Ankit_sharma03

    Pick the winner - Pakistan vs New Zealand

    I wasnt jinxing ...i knew Pak will defeat Nz as they have had mental edge over them in Wc
  12. Well u never count pakistan out specially when they play england
  13. Two cracking boundaries by babar azam
  14. So Hafeez gets out to part timers - Finch, makram, williamson
  15. Jadeja has a serious case to play in Birmingham against Eng n Bang ...its turning a lot and in commentary naseer hussain was saying Jeetan patel the off spinners picks a lot of wkts here for his county
  16. Ankit_sharma03

    World cup Tweets

  17. Excellent knock by neesham
  18. Ankit_sharma03

    All Rounders do not exist.

    Guess Who saved NZ Arse from folding out on an embarrassing total - 2 all rounders Specialist batsman - Munro + guptil + williamson+ taylor = 61 runs ARs - CDGH + neesham + Santner = 166 runs and 2 of them were still not out
  19. Pak hasnt kept it tight either
  20. 19 run from the over........gr8 one for NZ
  21. Looks like they ll target Amir, Wahab pace is not looking easy for them as of now

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