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  1. Yup even hayden was saying other day that why are these ex cricketer doubting over pant place , had he played for aus they wud back him to end
  2. Yuvraj never had short ball problems only in last when he made a mess of his technique If rahane plays short ball well - is that criteria enough to get him selected in odi. Dhawan worked on his short ball issue also it wasnt that huge in odi neways unless he played in Sa , aus type places but here its seen with iyer in India only. When these teams came to inda dhawan blasted them. Its not only short ball there are more issue one i have out above when spinners dart. I have noticed more issues ....no one is saying throw him out. But this issue will put a doubt which is right to . If their are examples like steve waugh so are there xamples like raina who never recovered. It depends on how iyer comes up against it. Also these have been noticed by indian setup which is why he got behind in the race for test setup and even manish pandey as he has his share of problems.
  3. So bhuvi n ishant under doubt umesh is not good out of india Only bumrah , Saini, Shami left ....good but one more injury n we are screwed. 100% sure they ll select shardul This why u need to prepare backups....lekin coach kaptaan ke samjh na aayi ye baat . Same happened in England
  4. yes he did a favour we had no keeper with enough quality with bat for which is why we have to have a substandard batsman in XI when he took the role that allowed us to play guys like mongia, bangar who cud bowl as well for whom ? im still waiting to hear the name ? the guy was playing non stop even when regular keeper were playing how wud he have been dropped when there wasnt to much players pushing for spot. Repeating one thing on loop doesnt make it true ...who was that player i knw u wont answer this coz u wnt be able to find one name 2nd it ll also prove talent supply for ganguly wasnt as good as someone like kohli
  5. thats what he is saying n showing he murders anyone that bowls slow but the one who darts 85km+ troubles him and he shows it as well
  6. Its just not about short ball - In one of the pre show it was shown he has a weakness when spinners bowls 85k+ he looses his bat shape https://www.hotstar.com/in/sports/cricket/sri-lanka-tour-of-india-201920/india-vs-sri-lanka-m600719/match-clips/replay-india-vs-sl-2nd-t20i/1440005920 Check at 4.39.45 time code where laxman shows in clips. These small small things will now be his challenge ....lets see how he comeback to this challenge
  7. thats ok every captain has a right to do it specially sometimes its must . Kohli overdoes specially only with juniors
  8. if it was true dravid wud have been in n out when he wasnt even keeper but he wasnt dropped at all ganguly valued his exp players coz their werent left many.....u always need a mix of youth n exp in every squad n he understood that Articles are not very reliable
  9. that also happened in late ganguly captaincy when they didnt agree on many ideas including dropping aakash chopra n making yuvraj opener in test but it was disagreement more and then when dravid became captain it became worse
  10. Same was the case with his fielding when he was fit ...he use to take blinders like this but on days when he wasnt 100% which was a lot of days this happened
  11. dinesh mongia runs was that 150+ a 50 against eng n WI in top order.....so again it never made him an option in lower order. Infact i think they started his Wc in middle then send him down n sent kaif up. Those 2-3 innings cant threaten a dravid place when 2 slots was avl then. Yea in true sense his role was exact bits n pieces ....i dont consider jadeja, hardik bits n pieces at all
  12. stop thinking about stokes there is only one stokes in the world, other teams dont stop selecting player just becoz they have no stokes , kohli, starc, bumrah u have to play the best u have .... to jadeja credit he has won us 2013 CT if stokes has won 2019 WC jadeja has been a fraud with bat but also becoz he was batting at wrong place for years
  13. VVS stuck his purple patch in 2004 where he smashed 4 -100s in a month but after that he started having injury issues and soon his form went down . He had back n knees issue . He was making ganguly bat at 4 but in that phase it wasnt much of a problem as tendulkar started getting injured and one place was vacant
  14. ganguly was considered a top batsman in that phase its during those last 2 yrs in captaincy where it started going down which again was 2004-05 . dravid was dropped around 97-98 i think but when he came back he was a improved player and he became our best batsman in 1999 Wc . he was a stay ....even when keepers like dighe played rahul was in XI . The guy was never dropped in that team even when regulalr keepers played. N who was that great talent who wud push dravid out ?
  15. i knew these nonsense were spread but still it was more due lack of option in keeping there was no other option to keep dravid out. No one till now has come with one name who after sachin, ganguly, dravid, sehwag, yuvi, kaif had demanded a place in that phase
  16. sir je konse s/r ki baat kr rahe when 2001 started ganguly s/r was 70 dravid 69 and ganguly had Powerplay of 15 overs n who were these other who even had avg also . So ganguly commaned a place on 70 and dravid didnt on 69
  17. Be careful with ur word already u have said rahul is not talented which will bite u very hard very soon So dont make a statement about a talent like pant were u sleeping in Wi series ??? He did well in WC semi final He did well in Wi series The only series where he didnt was WI ODI tour Let me knw how many youngsters were consistent at the age of 21-22 , ill show ATG who were not till ages A guy who bats at s/r of 162 in IPL is not suited for LOI , didnt another day u wanted him to open.....abhi team men bhi khelne layak nhin Rahul just made a 80 in 52 balls that to against starc n cummins not a SL attack....already has a 100 at 4 in t20 marnus labuschane avg 28 in first class and 37 in ListA and he in Aus side Have u ever seen a LIST A or Vijay hazare its one the most poorely organized tournament ...poor pitches a game every next day Same samson smoked SA-A Same rahul who u said is not talented is now good enough to play over specialist keeper like pant, kishen n samson and then ur the one who cries most of specialist The extent
  18. in that natwest he played pretty fast i think he was one of the top batsman in that tournament His batting s/r was fine those days - in tauton where ganguly made 183 it was dravid who started the onslaught , infact he played damn well in that innings where sachin made 186 in 2004 he made 50 in 22 balls , won a match chasing 316 against WI in Ahdb mongia, laxman was in mix but never commanded a place specially ahead of dravid who had very good numbers then . mongia only got a place coz he cud bowl n was a better fielder then laxman thats it and thats not commanding place .
  19. Yup i already made a thread on showing innings where he has done well n in most ull see he had 15-20 overs left
  20. 30-40 games infact more And he did well in wi series and he looked the most solid in Wc debacle If these number of games wud havd been taken to pass a judgement on there wud have been no yuvraj, sehwag, rohit, tendulkar. And who are these better t20 batsman then pant who can do lower order hitting? Who says they are not?
  21. No he was doing very well then ...he had a fixed spot. Wen we played other keeper like dighe n ll he had a spot. All 3 yuvi , kaif n sehwag were young n inconsistent. No captain will drop a dravid inform for them. Even if u include all u still will have 2 slots lefts . Add any keeper ull have one more slot left.
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