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  1. Pant has a very good defense to ....he looked the most comfertable when every one struggling in semi final against NZ Thats rathore statement Diff btw careless n fearless is result....when it comes off ppl say it was genius when it doesnt ppl say what a fool 1st lets back pant properly then lets come to others....even kishen n samson will go through same
  2. U cant be captain if u dont knw how players respond for that long which misbah was FACT: Gary kirsten didnt have any coaching exp yet he was considered one of the best man manager. ( a fact u have been dodging coz it proves ur point wrong so lets ignore it all together)
  3. cricket is slowly increasing it but fitness is not the only thing needed. funny at one side u want players to increase fitness on other u want them have biryani
  4. Diff between a good n bad coach @Khota- hear this what a coach needs to do from an international player Sehwag must play his natural game: Wright September 18, 2004 18:13 IST There are few players who can single-handedly destroy the opposition's morale and confidence. One of them in Virender Sehwag; another is Australia's Andrew Symonds. The Aussie's rise as a batsman over the past few years is nothing short of extraordinary. "The thing with me is that I have now decided to make sure I reach 20 in every innings I play. Once I have done that I know I can take the game by the scruff of the neck and dominate the opposition," says Symonds. Such is his confidence at the moment that he invariably achieves what he sets out to. Sehwag, in many ways, has the same kind of ability and one wonders whether Symonds's approach might work for the Indian opener too. "I believe that the way you play depends on a lot of factors, including the weather and the wicket. Of course, it is important to get set at the wicket, but, at the end, individual players sort out what suits them best and, hopefully, Viru will do that as well," says coach of the Indian team John Wright. Looking at Viru bat, one gets the feeling that at the moment he is being intimidated by the opposition. He seems hesitant, indeed a far cry from the daredevil he was at the start of his international career. "Viru really just needs one good innings. Sometimes, when you haven't been getting runs, I think you just need to spend time in the middle," adds Wright. There have also been suggestions from the team management that Sehwag needs to tone down his stroke-making, at least for the initial part of his innings. Link - https://www.rediff.com/cricket/2004/sep/18wright.htm
  5. first , a good coach will never alter with players natural game Now second u think misbah cnt do it who has played cricket for years. All u need is international experience to help someone in bad situation, at the end a batsman has a split of second high chances he ll fall back on his instinct till he practices enough that it becomes his instinct . U can coach much at this level....u can change habbits of 15 yrs from groundwork in few months . At the end it depends on players
  6. Yet kohli wud be one of the most fittest in cricket......n skills required for cricket n baseball are diff kohli has to play cricket not baseball Clearly u have understanding....ur comparing a sport in which plays a huge part n in other which pitch doesnt
  7. i corrected that error ....i meant what has coach go to do with reviews ?
  8. every thing u eat gives u calories These days many sportsman are using fat as source of energy them carbs Gone are days of rice n wheat and one the reason for it is rice increase ur glycemic resulting in over eating ....whereas good fats fills u up early. There cant be a better xample of fitness then kohli who is off on rice n wheat from years now and his energy levels are diff then of others by a huge margin
  9. U keep saying that line n keep getting proved time n again He was a captain u think he wudnt knw how to make strategies Reviews? what has coach got to do with reviews Watching 10 diff sports doesnt make u understand cricket well, only watching cricket does make u. There were 10 players along with kohli that was not happy with kumble ....so clearly man management was an issue Chappell n Kirsten had same ideas but the diff was man management, u can treat all players same ....all have diff mental space. Chappell came with experience in coaching n kirsten didnt
  10. 2005 coz underdog defeated the mighty . Matches going till last over A that time every aussie defeat felt good as they were so bloody good warne, flintoff, pietersen were icing on the cake
  11. Too much discussion on pant has lead to his every failure being under scanner
  12. every youngsters throws his wkt at start, sehwag did all his life. Thats his game....the days it comes off it looks great but it has a flip side to the day it doesnt come off He is an impact player....shudnt expect consistency from him. Neither was gilly, sehwag, jayasuria consistent If u want consistency that will come at cost of impact .......We already have rohit, kohli, dhawan now lets not make someone bat ni their mould. Ppl want some one to tonk from ball 1 but on most days it doesnt come off......so if u want that expect the other side as well
  13. SA-A 348/6 Markram - 161 Mulder 98*
  14. Biryani is mostly carbs n less protein Players these days are avoiding carbs like wheat, rice.....going for Low carbs diets. Kohli hasnt touched wheat , rice for years now . I have tried such diets n the energy levels they give u is insane
  15. Matalb faltu ki bakwas kra lo......cricket men baseball aur surgery ki baat krwa lo lekin cricket ki nhin Jo gary kirsten bina exp ....wc jeeta gaya wo gadha tha surgery important hai Coaching is about few things- 1. Man management.....the guy has been captain in Pak setup for years surely he wud have that 2 . sharing experience in bad times- which he can 3. A bit of technical advise.....he played enough cricket to do that . U can change much of technique at this level 4. Planning- again he was a captain he has done it 5. Encouragement- that i cant comment if he can or not Whats the big fuzz about coaching....most failures in coaching happens only due to failure in Man management like chappell n kumble .
  16. Bilateral n KO diff ball game KO is about a day when a the tournament can end on that very day - that thought itself can create the pressure which can lead to hesitation or overtrying resulting in error. As they say its all about keeping it simple n the one who keeps his nerves is able to do it.
  17. No they all did....its just that its old n no one remembers n they are successful so everyone has forgotten their struggle. Coz if u cant show patience with pant then u wudnt with kishen or samson. Pant has proved to be better then them in ipl n domestic so even they wud struggle. 1st atleast give pant a fair go for 30-40 games the next one. Every players looks good when he is not playing. If kishen n samson fails for few games same ppl will say erre pant was better he shud have gotten more chances
  18. If u ask me ill give him 50-60 odi, such players are not consistent . U remeber sehwag, jayasuria, gilchrist being consistent in ODI ??? no they werent Players like pant, yuvraj , rohit take tie coz they have to mnay option n its takes time to get their shot selection right as compare to other who have limited option. Didnt yuvi n rohit take time. He has even played 20 odi ...so have patience......take most career around the world generally they get going around 60+ odis
  19. doesnt everyone perform their 1st surgery at some point also diff btw surgery n coaching is huge Gary kirsten had no exp in coaching n we won WC under him
  20. pant has been better then him in IPL n domestic .....why cant kishen be worse. Kishen is also very inconsistent and his keeping isnt that good either
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