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  1. Directors Post on FB I was talking to a person, who called from north to warn me against the title of my film. I asked if he know Sankaracharya, he said no. I asked if he know Kedarnath. He said yes. I told him that Sankaracharya was the one established Kedarnath temple. He asked so what? I told him that Sankara is the one who wrote Soundarya Lahari too and asked if he know about it. He said he is not interested in all these things and repeated his question why did I put the name Sexy Durga. I told him, Sankaracharya, who is considered to be the saint who established the Hinduism as a religion which we see now, has described Goddess as Sexy in Soundarya Lahari and in Lalitha Sahsra Namam also similar verses are there. He said “you people from south are all bastards” and cut the phone.
  2. Jadeja and Kuldeep need to be exchanged among formats.

    heard he bats well, as fielder we have seen in IPL he is sensational
  3. Who is your first choice spinner for South African tour?

    Kohli hints if they have to choose one spinner when there isnt much of turn overseas, it wud depend on how many batsman in Opp are left or righty ........as he says at some stage the ball will turn away
  4. Correct about dhawan , how ????? he smashed a minnow May be u need to look at rohit test career over all
  5. Out of favour India veteran Yuvraj Singh's decision to do fitness training at the National Cricket Academy at the expense of Ranji Trophy matches has not gone down well with a section of BCCI officials. Yuvraj has skipped four of Punjab's five Ranji games so far, featuring in one game, against Vidarbha scoring 20 and 42 respectively. It is learnt, Yuvraj is bent on clearing the YoYo fitness test, which he has failed in the past, but it has been at the expense of competitive matches. A comeback in the Indian team is also necessary for Yuvraj as he is expected to be back in the IPL auction pool and for franchises, India discards are not the priority options. "There aren't any reports that Yuvraj is doing rehabilitation but we have come to know that he is doing exclusive fitness training to pass the YoYo test. Now whether taking Ranji Trophy for granted is a good thing or not, Yuvraj has to decide. "Does this mean that if he attains 16.1 (fitness parameter set by Indian team management) and is without any runs behind him, he will be selected for the Sri Lanka limited overs series?" a very senior BCCI official told PTI on conditions of anonymity. Yuvraj, however, could not be reached for a comment on the matter. "We heard that Yuvraj has told the Punjab team management that he has been asked by the Indian team to do fitness test whereas selectors have always stressed on Ranji Trophy performance. Look at Ishant Sharma. He is a part of Indian team but he was released a day before Kolkata test so that he can play Ranji Trophy against Maharashtra," the BCCI official added. It is not yet clear whether chief selector MSK Prasad, who had been an advocate of playing matches, was kept in the loop about this decision. In less than a month, Yuvraj will be celebrating his 36th birthday and his fielding has gone down by a notch. He hardly bowls his slow left-arm spin that was instrumental in India's 2011 World Cup triumph. Who gave him hope that he has the slightest chance of a comeback
  6. We having been discussing opening combination, spinners, all rounder but what about the the 5th seamer in the squad. Whenever we go overseas we take 5 or more seamers. It becomes more important as our one seamer shami is injury prone. So Ishant, shami, umesh , bhuvi ........who will be the 5th one. Options 1. Shardul 2. Aniket.C. (left armer variety) 3. Siraj ( acc to me most talented one) 4. NAvdeep Saini (dark horse) I dont see anyone apart from them getting into the mix as of now .
  7. India-Aus have been far more competitive in past 2 decades. Apart from 2005 ashes dont remember any ashes that made me enjoy it much being a neutral supporter
  8. Kya hia na bakwas ko counter krne ke liye points ki kumi nhin hoti
  9. U will not watch test cricket but u will comment on it U have watched enough test cricket........when , were ?????? 1st dhawan over vijay Now rohit Over Vijay GEM ALERT:GEM ALERT:GEM ALERT:GEM ALERT:GEM ALERT:GEM ALERT:GEM ALERT:GEM ALERT:GEM ALERT: Hmmm Yuvraj singh, raina, rohit sharma, pollard cudnt........ Not vice versa- Amla , Dravid If only that was important ......... Technically bhi usme 50 jhol hai
  10. We often complain cricket quality isnt same anymore maybe lets visit some old series whose videos are avl on youtube. Lets revisit, how indian team, quality of cricket was back then. Sharing few series post 2000 which is a part of my childhood when i was starting to watch more and interest A series Where ganguly batted like a beast, some of the shots makes u go wow (his batting is the best part of the video) Where pollock strangled us in final The young sehwag n yuvraj who didnt had gr8 series yet was backed and we all knw where they reached (something kohli shud learn) Where kenya gave us a fainty Gary kirsten hitting us all around......well nothing in new that Bhajji looked such a good spinner From today when we have pandya n dhoni to those days when we had reetinder singh sodhi n deep dasgupta Even kenya strangled our gr8 openers in one game
  11. See in ODi he was given a diff position and then ODI doesnt test a batsman that way.........and i dnt think there was too much of a better talent then rohit also in ODI at that time but in test there is iyer , nair , shankar, bawne, vihari and most of all at his position we need an all rounder
  12. Gavaskar has more international games then anyone here and yet he thinks rahane shud be selected in t20 ( he is the best opening batsman in test cricket) Azharduddin have been a captain of indian side for a long period and yet he wants yuvi n raina back Bhajji thinks after karthik raina is the best option at no-4.......and he has 600+ international wkts Yet most ICF are smarter then them and they havent played on national level...... I dont know how much bhogle has played at competitive level or has he even...........but his analysis is better then most cricketers 1 kya 100 ranji match khel lo............samjh ka koi fixed criteria nhin hota...... Since ur a ranji player and u find dhawal so good that has answered one of my concerns how these trundlers have ruled ranji........in ur mind they are malcolm marshal Yea right dhawal is good......so ranji player where does he stand. Be rest assured when it comes to selection he stands right behind Siraj, shardul, aniket .
  13. Also i have been reading n hearing that Yuvraj is in NCA prep for yo yo test ............ Why isnt he playing Ranji?????? Has someone told him pass yo-yo get into the team......??? One thing that worries me is that this Yo-yo test has actually made people forget that they were kicked out becoz of their poor perfomances
  14. Hasan Ali from Pakistan seems like a fantastic bowler.

    Really good LOI bowler , his attitude stands out for me
  15. I knw that ........... So were did i criticize him or raise question on him..............infact im one of them who has given the same point ur giving from his debut Read carefully all m saying is pandya shudnt be the excuse of not taking 5th seamer . Likhna hai to matalb kuch bhi........
  16. Since kuldeep has been warming benches i highly doubt he ll go
  17. Thats what m saying u cant say here u copied, i remeber anurag basu saying he has used a lot of work from other makkers for barfi and he was ripped apart. The problem in India is people dont want to see grey its either black or white Humare yaha sach bologe to log tumhare kaam ko inspired nhin chori samjhenge .........yaha logo ko chori aur inspiration men farq nhin pata unke liye sab chori hai . I can put a video of stranger things were someone has used shots which look similar to many hollywood films now it cannot be called copying by no means but had it been done in india people who wud have called duffer brother copycat Agree baahubali, makhi , robot were marvel and i rate shankar n rajamouli the best film makers of this country better then overrated aditya chopra n johar and to be honest i wasnt a fan of bhansali but bajirao was the 1st movie i enjoyed of his even though there issue. Thank god fight sequences werent long in bajirao as they were already week and thats not bhansali strength but there is a lot of good when it comes to bhansali work and this is coming from me who use to hate bhansali work. I would be among very few who hated black to the core and even devdas but despite that there is so much right about his work which i can go in details There are very few dir left like bhansali, rajamouli who uses indian art so well be it his music, color, production design........
  18. Everybody copies in some way or other......directors like tarantino admits cozz people their understand and here u cant admit as people dont understand the thin line between copying and being inspired. We all are inspired by things we look around and films are part of it . He aint all about copying like someone sanjay gupta M not a big fan of SLB but their is a lot of good to his work then people demean him N btw hum logo ko hi apni kadar nhin, u shud knw the 2 films last year bahubali n bajirao actually put indian cinema on digital map to world. Those 2 films made every corner in the world notice indian cinema specially when it comes to visual aspect . Mainstream cinema can be anything from knowledable to absolute non sensical but the 1st and most important aspect wud be drama.......coz that what stirs emotions and appeals to everyone and thats why its mainstream
  19. Ability- What ability does a trundler like dhawal have Action- achar daalu main action ka , 130k ke upar bwol to hoti nhin Attitude- Shardul has the best attitude i have seen in many new and current bowlers Pace- there is a diff of 10-15 km between dhawal n aniket n shardul, did u see what pace shardul was bowling in SL series Siraj n dhawal dont have much diff I really wanna see those spells were u have seen dhawal bowl
  20. Wait , what Rohit is a capable batsman in test when he applies himself.....so we shud persist with till that one day he applies Dhawan is a better batsman then vijay............... and u were telling i shud learn cricket,u have no idea what test cricket is.............u really have to start watching cricket beyond IPL
  21. Well if u want to see absolute facts go watch documentries, Films are about drama and for that creative liberties are taken And its very to say for a layman to say this or that shud be done, creativity is the most toughest thing were nothing is wrong or right . He is called finest coz of his aesthetic sense and i can go on n on about his work. Tum logo picture bhi dekhna hai, gaali bhi deni hai..........nahin samjh aata filmen to jaake documentry dekho .
  22. The Ashes 2017/18 | 23rd Nov onwards.

    Would be looking for this bowler .....
  23. Why cricket craze declined so much

    Earlier i use to remeber there was gap in series , now i knw there is a series every month. Their is no wait an anticipation..... Every team posed some challenge - even SL, WI, ZImb, pak whose match winners u can keep on counting and now i see the team and i feel like were is the challenge ........... Same bilateral crap, miss those tri series Social media has made stars to reachable so the stardom n aura isnt same anymore Pitches around the world have become same batting fest, earlier every nationa had diff challenge. U go to lanka ull have slow pitches, Go to aus those quick bouncy wkts, Wi- those unpredictable wkts........Ab sab patta hai Also the commentary it was of high standards , now most commentators around the world makes mute the TV
  24. I have bigger question over Kedar jadhav, atleast those 2 are match winners n backbones of the team in their own right

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