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  1. 1. Rohit Sharma (Captain)2. Shikhar Dhawan (vice-captain)3. KL Rahul4. Suresh Raina5. Manish Pandey6. Dinesh Karthik (wk)7. Deepak Hooda8. Washington Sundar9. Yuzvendra Chahal10. Axar Patel11. Vijay Shankar12. Shardul Thakur13. Jaydev Unadkat14. Mohammad Siraj15. Rishabh Pant (wk)Mr MSK Prasad, Chairman, All-India Senior Selection Committee, said: “We’ve kept in mind the workload and upcoming schedule while finalizing the team for Nidahas Trophy. The high-performance team has suggested that adequate rest should be given to our fast bowlers to help improve athletic performance, maximize rest and prevent injury.”“Mr MS Dhoni was not available for selection as he had requested for rest,” he added. Link- http://www.bcci.tv/news/2018/press-releases/17166/rohit-sharma-to-lead-india-in-nidahas-trophy-2018
  2. 1st thing we knw pant wont even get a chance, as karthik wud be preffered I dont think that way of them calling hacks , yea but many wud I agree wid ur point n i wnt mind sending pant opening in few games but no point having such fantasies it wont happen . M Being practical n hoping that they get a chance in 1st place. I knw , no way wud dhawan, rohit or raina leave this Langar of making runs
  3. left arm variety and then will help get some rough for off spinner n i have 3 - raina, hooda, n sundar His cutter will be better in those condition Raina for me has to bat at 3
  4. Good squad , as much as i wanted but i knew their wont be radical changes 1. Dhawan shudnt have been the vice captain, raina was a better choice. Has done well as captain in IPL 2. Missed krunal.....big mistake 3. for the sake of spinner i hope pant is selected ahead of karthik, kathik is not a good keeper against spinners and then he also hasnt kept wickets for a long long time now. Remeber asia cup in 2014. I really d pray for chahal n sundar career 4. I hope rohit gives rahul chances, he is a good captain n made a lot of good calls in SL series i hope he puts his faith in Rahul again. 5. Khaleel or kulwant shud have been really looked at , i wud have also preferred thampi over siraj or thakur 6. Will be a huge test for manish pandey as well. My starting lineup 1. Dhawan 2. Rohit 3. Raina 4. Rahul 5. shankar 6. Hooda 7. Pant ( i knw its to low for him but i dnt see place above unless we sit dhawan out) 8. Sundar 9. Chahal 10. unadkat 11. Siraj
  5. missed a huge trick by not selecting krunal , wud have been ideal on those pitches
  6. actually that cud make a diff of about 200 runs in his final tally, he shud open n put 500+ runs n infact more to make everyone notice N KXIP has miller , yuvraj to also adjust in between .
  7. Is Rohit’s test career over ?

    Their is nidhas, IPL, odi n t20 series in england before the test series and he ll pile on runs n runs to make kohli forget everything . Both shastri, kohli along with harsha, manju, sunny will sing the same song - he is back, back in form .......the talent, the x-factor and this will be his turn around series
  8. M glad my parents did coz someone had to bajao ur parents mistake, so god send me
  9. only durex seems believable to me
  10. India vs South Africa, 3rd T20(Decider) Cape Town, Feb 24 2018

    no captain is diff, Rohit is a better LOI captain then kohli
  11. India vs South Africa, 3rd T20(Decider) Cape Town, Feb 24 2018

    Also this is not Sa best bowling attack to No rabadda , not Morkel who has been raina nemesis
  12. India vs South Africa, 3rd T20(Decider) Cape Town, Feb 24 2018

    xactly, next series is in subcontinet so wnt be troubled To be honest yes Sa didnt test him properly. But sometimes that what u need to get ur confidence back No way in Odi now, Odi will give enough time for opp to test him. Truly people are jumping on conclusion to soon
  13. Rohit Gurunath Sharma's SA stats so far (all formats)

    Did rohit mention to Dala to come to India ;)
  14. India vs South Africa, 3rd T20(Decider) Cape Town, Feb 24 2018

    Allow me to sink the feeling that karthik is playing ahead of Rahul How on earth can that happen..........whose idea was this Kon hai wo MC BC
  15. KL rahul shud tell Shastri n Kohli- Idhar dekh B#....DK
  16. The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    yes their is something that covince me either Now these problem exist in many international player but i dnt knw mayank doesnt seem to have that special thing .... Well he has piled on runs to put his case so he definately deserves a chance for India or India-A but here we are discussing can he do well or not
  17. Lots of Rain in June in England (2019 WC)

    If its going to Rain a lot.... Do consider vijay shankar, i repeat start thinking about vijay shankar. His bowling n batting will come in real handy in those condition.
  18. Time to get Jadeja back in the ODI mix

    Jadeja stats in Eng Bowling 17 matches 27 wkts , avg of 27. Eco of 5.13 Batting 10 innings 281 runs, avg of 70, s/r of 108 with 2-50s
  19. thats bhuvi game....he doesnt have a stroke range of pandya Pandya is an attacking player - why are attacking players considered as senseless???? about sense.....how much is the diff btw their exp FC included- huge Maturity comes with time
  20. Rohit Gurunath Sharma's SA stats so far (all formats)

    from 2013 - 2017 he avg 50+ every year. Thats not consistency ??????
  21. maggie bats in top order so he gets more balls n has more chances to play bigger innings then pandya

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