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  1. What Fckin Fun.........
  2. Ankit_sharma03

    Ryan Parag is the next big thing

    the boy has some serious talent, saw him in that u-19 challenger trophy...was impressed that time only
  3. India's seven Test specialist cricketers are all set to play the 2019 County Championship ahead of the ICC World Test Championship. Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya Rahane, Prithvi Shaw, Hanuma Vihari, Mayank Agarwal, Ravichandran Ashwin and Ishant Sharma would be playing in England this year. The Test Championship commences from 2019 and these players believe the County experience will help them prepare for the coveted tournament. Link - https://www.newsbytesapp.com/timeline/Sports/44958/202453/seven-indians-to-play-county-championship-2019?utm_source=timeline-desktop&utm_medium=share-twitter&utm_campaign=PageExtras&fbclid=IwAR0s-qGM8jTx5bCT3gqHjgxrLPfJDFn8SerQVdaAbLOYW6Mt9PU2tuNJAws
  4. ingram has been a game changer in the field
  5. mayank was in no place to play him
  6. in 3 balls against rabadaa, mayank has been completely beaten for pace
  7. good luck , currently the margin btw us is more then 200
  8. chahal position will be under serious threat soon- rahul cant bat n is lighting in field
  9. rahul is absolute high quality bowler
  10. ohh cmmn, many cheaters are recognized at legend. We made to big a deal of their case.........it was just tampering
  11. Charity bhi zabardasti hone lagi, i remeber how MNS forced ppl in bollywood to do charity.........kya farq reh gaya
  12. Trailer dekh ke lag gaya tha- it was so wanna be bhasnali Only the director who have their own voice ends up making a good film, the one who tries to be someone like else fails . Even if ur inspired by someone have ur own voice
  13. Ankit_sharma03

    Student of the year-2 Trailer

    So SO So Fcking bad, 3 min never felt so long ek to i cant stand tiger shroff, baat baat pe kick maar deta hai..........plus this looked like no content which is new a low for this franchise of whose 1st part was itself bad
  14. Ankit_sharma03

    Student of the year-2 Trailer

    tiger is playing tiger.....who kicks or jumps when he cant emote anything
  15. Will update soon, was listening to press conference of MSK
  16. one of the best news in recent times Saha, Nair, jayant yadav shud also go
  17. Kohli - Tu wc ke baad Indian team men aayega, tu experienced player hai BC
  18. Sad end ..... They shud beat the **** out of uthappa in dressing room today
  19. Ankit_sharma03

    Finally they are using Analytics for Player Selection

    their is a very basic diff which makes huge diff - PITCH
  20. Ankit_sharma03

    Finally they are using Analytics for Player Selection

    Look at history best calls have happened on instincts Baseball n cricket are 2 diff things. Analyis cant predict future either what have they played in last mnth ? they are here to stay but to a limit
  21. why is kohli batting like some ordinary batsman

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