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  1. Rett My user Wasim 9211
  2. Shut up stay gumnam with late sadhna. Gate number 3 offer full refund.for all 4000 ticket.
  3. Dharamsala's Drainage how Good?

    Oman vs Bangladesh tomorrow ? Oman now 3 points. Right now Ireland vs bangladsh 12 /12 over game No way bangers play again on Saturday.unless you say so , Probably on sunday But big mess at Calcutta , refund issue for 4000 ticket Pak vs Bengal.
  4. Pakistan team probably coming in India Tonight or tomorrow so game vs Bengal shaved off 4000 ticket sold so BCCI will give full refund for those who bought ticket. Resources Aajtak
  5. The Nasir Jamshed Tweets Thread

    Today is Friday , they will take shower so tomorrow they will beat Bengal ha ha ......
  6. Dharamsala's Drainage how Good?

    Sultan Ahmed just comments ( Oman captain ) rain ruins our chances otherwise we have ability to beat Bangladesh Other day drain- age system good at Dhaka but how about Dharmsala because 2nd game today if no game than big problem , no way you can loose chances koz Mother Nature. southafrica toured Bangladesh last year or so with 75 percentages rain during tour yet ICC drops their test ranking and Amla was very upset of ICC' s action.
  7. Jee they wants FOOLPROOF SECURITY TO PAKISTANI SPECTATOR IN INDIA , at the ground why they are vip or china doll ?
  8. So cold in England Moeen , It's okayed never mind
  9. Both imran tahir , Khawaja looks take shower every day but Mohd shami and Amla or Adil ( not ours ) on every Friday.
  10. Pakistan vs srilanka warm up on Monday but tomorrow's game vs Bengal will be late afternoon. I wish sudeep Cheterjee plays for Bengal vs them.
  11. YES ALL IS WELL , ALL IS WELL sunil gavaskar always ask virat WOH KYA AAJ AAYEGI .? Or Aayi hai ? regarding Miss Anushka sharma. now times of India confirm of Pakistan team will arrive in India on Zumme ke din i think they ( Pakistan's religious ) take shower only every Friday : Zumme ke din . http://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/78550/pakistan-team-to-arrive-in-india-on-march-11-for-wt20 good luck Pakistan in india ICF well come you in India.
  12. Mr. Mody you not even invited in Pakistan you not have no self respect ? or what is cooking with Dawood ? maan na maan , mein, tera mehman Maan ki baat batan doo.?
  13. India should tell them, come here and play just like other teams , otherwise get the fuck out of here and let Ireland to make it in super 10, even one of their leader told yesterday ,"" Eden Garden has capacity of 100,000 if some one throw stone to our player,Indian policeman suppose to protect them,please tell in front of your ( Indian ) public,than if we satisfy , we will give green signal to our cricket team to land in India , otherwise no responce from Indian Goverment = we starts preperation in Lahore For our all WC T20 matches"" why goverment of India or manohar Bend and accept all their request about switching venue? Get the fuck out from Even your own Lahore's Gaddafi stadium because Australia, Newzeland or India do not wants to travel in your country to play cricket.NO ONE PLAYS IN YOUR COUNTRY THAN ZIMBABWE BECAUSE YOU GAVE THEM 24000 dollar each player ( Zimbabwean ) so other country think it's safe to plays in Pakistan.( under -stable koz Zimbabwen player not received salary from their boards since last 71 days or more ) pakistani Agent offer same to westindies player 24000 US dollar just to visit in Pakistan and plays but they denied not for safety but they earns more in IPL. pakistan suppose to play vs Bengal tomorrow , if they not show up tonight, Indian Goverment plus ICC can Legaly sue them no news yet from Indian channel,about where about of pak team vai Dubai or who know.? i think mr narendra Modi made big mistake to visit Pakistan and attends wedding of celebrities there plus talked couple of hours with Pakistans ""2 "" leaders.
  14. WWE coming to Delhi

    Politics and you I do not think you know anything else than your Dog Fucking chicken in your back yard. I seen your downloaded video ( I am extremely sorry if you are some other Asterix than (I know) from other cricket forum )

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