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  1. So mods are actually letting this forum go to the dogs. They won't even respond to reports now. Well done @Trichromatic, you made one of the worst trolls on the internet, a guy banned from every single forum a mod and this is the result. Almost like you want to drive people away. Any other regular poster would have such threads removed. @rkt.indiaindia once removed my genuine thread about kohlis test form to joke section. @Shy9Shy9 well meaning threads are constantly removed. But this guys intentionally shitty threads are not.
  2. New guy

    Indira Nooyi Appointed new ICC Director.

    There are 17 directors. 12 from the main nations, 3 from associates, 1 Chairman and 1 Independent Director who is appointed who must be a woman
  3. New guy

    Why not Khalil Ahmed

    Why not Zoidberg?
  4. Kohli batsman Bhuvi bowler Dhoni fielder
  5. Can you guys suggest some good movies and shows to watch on netflix and prime? Finding something is such a pain in the ass
  6. New guy

    Why we dont miss consultant Dhoni in tests ?

    Dhoni can only give tips to spinners. Not batsmen or fast bowlers. The later get the sautela beta treatment
  7. This guy (Akram) can still swing a mile even now, when other bowlers were bowling gun barrel straight Inswinger to Nazir
  8. I reported. Much better threads by @Shy9Shy9 are removed. Such threads are not allowed outside of ipl sections for other posters
  9. Then what exactly was he playing for by his 22 ball 10?
  10. New guy

    400 dismissal for MS Dhoni in Odi's

    Best sportsman in the history of any game
  11. New guy

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest, absolute biggest hypocrites in the world. Take pot shots at legends of the game when they lost form and got older. When it comes to the player they are fan of, a million excuses, mostly non cricketing ones and one player over team
  12. Rohit Sharma, please come (back) to India

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