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  1. Warner playing for the orange cap
  2. Time for youngsters to get their chance
  3. Saha and Pant are both better against pace than Dhoni currently and go for catches which Dhoni doesn't even attempt. So I am not sure. However, yes, at IPL level he would walk into a team
  4. Yep, captain cool unable to defend 290 against Bangla must hurt every single Indian fan
  5. No, not really. I don't know whats more pitiful, your asinine comparisons or your inability to even debate the topic at hand
  6. Gavaskar all praise for Thampi
  7. Good, finally take a stand and show who is boss. We should also organize a mini ipl during that time to poach players and piss icc more
  8. I think he is talking about both being agents of RR and CSK who want their current respective teams to do bad so that when CSK and RR are back they can be released go back there
  9. You are very easy to please
  10. Yep, he has achieved everything he can and hence should retire in peace
  11. This catch drop.excuse.seems hillarious. If bhuvi goes wicketless for 1 innings he ia called out, yadav took 2 wickets in 7 innings of a 10 innings test series against England. There is a huge blind speed gun obsession on this forum.