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  1. Your hindi sucks. I am a southie yet can speak/write better hindi
  2. Please don't let it go to waste
  3. Come on, at least don't get riled up by obvious jokes
  4. i am more and more certain that the Velu account is a bot run by some random mod which comes up with made up controversial statements based on some random algorithm. Kind of like the subreddit simulator bots on reddit
  5. Ask an Aussie about Bradman's test average. Or debate with him about who was the best batsman.
  6. @sourav01 aka @Sandeep99 was the founder. The original manifesto was as follows
  7. Seems like fake news. According to cricinfo Dravid and Zaheer are consultants to the coach
  8. How on earth was @velu even a part of the club, let alone the founder? I will like to join this club just because Kohli does not drop Dhoni and keep supporting him. I remember I had made the club manifesto previously
  9. IPL matches have a 100 times more pressure than a nothing series with West Indies. And Pant has shined there