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  1. Feel bad for @velu not even fun trolling him now. I am sure he is feeling worse himself than us as he wanted to see Dhoni retire in peace than more fingers pointed
  2. Insecurity is nothing to do with actual ability. Even the most skilled and achieved person can always be insecure while the no skilled person can be full of confidence
  3. Stokes intentionally played in a calculating way. Rashid with the pressure of 4 of 2 balls can definitely be out trying to slog Stokes missed the full toss because he was aiming for 2 runs just like Guptil was in the super over. That Guptil last ball from Archer was not a yorker, it was a half volley but he didnt try to hit a boundary but tried to play for 2 runs. Basically pressure
  4. But tailender would have been on strike which would be a completely different situation than Stokes being on strike. it was the last over of the innings and these things make a huge difference. Rashid being on strike with 4 needed of 2 balls and then he being out means stokes needs 4 of 1 ball
  5. if India or England had lost based on what happened in the final (overthrows, tied, boundaries, etc) the outrage would be a million times worse, politicians and celebrities would join in, BCCI would talk about boycotting ICC, news media would have a feild day, protest marches would have started New Zealand doesnt have any power which is why everything has been muted
  6. New guy

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    He was completely struggling for timing right from ball 1 in that innings which can happen to any batsmen at certain points. Hayden played a similar knock in one of the world cup matches Dhoni has played many such innings in last few years
  7. New guy

    goodbye guys

    People who want to leave leave. They don't make attention seeking threads
  8. New guy

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    Which player has retired when he was doing great like sachin was in 2010-11?
  9. New guy

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    1)Sachin was in great form and actually helped win the world cup 2) he clearly said he didn't want to distract from the teams world cup win, if he has decided to retire all the talk would be of his retirement and not the win He retired well within a year
  10. New guy

    goodbye guys

  11. New guy

    What if Dhoni was not run out

    Even England were finding him difficult to hit yesterday
  12. Yeah will believe it when it happens. Most probably the selectors will get removed
  13. New guy

    IPL loss hurts more than indian loss !!!

    For dhoni fans yes, that's obvious. The only reason they support dhoni in the indian team is because he plays for their club
  14. Agreed. But he still fought
  15. New guy

    A country satisfied with mediocrity

    The social media has helped players' PR teams to spin the narratives. You just need some memes and blind fans will keep repeating and sharing. There is a huge PR effort for players like Dhoni and Kohli and the narratives everywhere, from main stream media channels to social media is strictly being controlled. Welcome to the world of unlimited internet access, as internet has boomed in India (and the world), the narratives can easily be planned and controlled. The reality and facts does not matter at all, whether it is politics or sports. you make memes and catch phrases and bullet lists people blindly repeat and spread it everywhere Someone like Trump would never have won before this age. Facts dont matter in this world, it is the spread of cult like thinking which can be shared in a click using memes and tweets which matter. We are all being socially engineered in this world and being controlled by businesses, PR teams and dedicated personals involved in spreading narratives. Welcome to the modern world of technology

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