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  1. Bunty Sajdeh: The super-agent

    Such conflict of interest should never be allowed in the first place. BCCI has strict rules about playing in other leagues etc but not for captain sharing same agents with other players?
  2. Bunty Sajdeh: The super-agent

    Rhiti sports all over again. Supreme court should go India all over their asses again
  3. So till now we have pujara, shami and bhuvi in the revolt group/kumble camp. Who else
  4. Was Virat even taking Kumble's advice at that point?
  5. Please arrange a series with kohlis team to gain back confidence
  6. Tendulkar convinces shastri to apply

    WTF? I love shastri now
  7. Nope. It was not a 333 pitch. We lost out by not picking early wickets. The bowling unit delivered when the ball was old. Except 2 wickets, all the other wickets by pacers in both innings combined were with old ball. By then damage was done
  8. Looks like slowly players are airing their discontent. Pak level revolt brewing you guys. Well players who have no guarantee of their places would be unhappy. Maybe pujara ran himself out on purpose
  9. clearly it's the team letting him down
  10. Me thinks, the gentleman doth protest too much
  11. You keep repeating this. He still looked like the most potent bowler even in his second spell and should have had two or more. In the second innings you claimed he failed, but his first spell was 5 overs only and he beat the bat multiple times. He started taking wickets immediately in his second spell
  12. The "troll the pseudo patriots" agency
  13. Team for 3rd test

    Who cares. Let's open a thread about ipl selections
  14. Kohli’s “niggled” watch

    No. Ishant was to play first test over bhuvi too but was unwell.
  15. LMAO. I have only seen completely third world, poor country people behaving like this. Everything becomes about honor. The only people worrying about honor and slavery are those who have no substance. People from countries like America, Europe etc, not only enjoy others mocking them but regularly mock themselves. Have we gone back to the 90s when we talk about honor and slavery just because someone criticizes us? Are we Bangladesh now?

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