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  1. No, its just a poor excuse of blindly worshipping speed guns for you that you down our most improved bowler but made a million excuses for umeshs poor test stats
  2. When umesh stats sucked and sucked in tests for a long time hypocrites like you made a million excuses. In fact bhuvis test stats are still better than umesh. But you supported him, as pace. All of a sudden when it comes to odis, its all about stats. Admit it, if bhuvi clocked as much as umesh, you wouldn't even look at stats
  3. 5th odi, Sri Lanka vs India,Colombo, Sep 3 2017

    Lmao, what a biased, uninformed post. Bhuvi seems to be on trial all the time because some people here are blind speed gun worshipersp
  4. Not a yesteryear actor per se, but inder kumar, who was mihir in kyunki saas and villain in movies like tumko na bhool payenge. Had a role in salmans wanted, passed away. He was 45
  5. The myths propagated by Sachin detractors

    Sachin has retired. Lets talk about Kohli and Dhoni now
  6. Bhuvi has great test average too, is he in the bowling line up? Horses for courses should be across both bating and bowling right?
  7. Am not talking about this series. Is Kohli better than Rohit in tests? What about DK? Why can't we have Rahul, Murali and Dhawan all in the team?
  8. He is a gun LOI player but IMO, like Bhuvi, he would be branded an LOI specialist and be dropped from tests
  9. They don't even show how many runs and balls left to win
  10. Your hindi sucks. I am a southie yet can speak/write better hindi

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