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  1. We should have a Tamil ICF so that all CSK fans can go there
  2. SRK is a has been, his time is over. His movies still do well because of his once status but he cannot match Amir or even Salman now
  3. One sir Ajit Agarkar disagrees
  4. I think we have learnt our lesson that containing spinners who are economical but do not take wickets, never win you matches. Look at top spinners of any country and all of them are wicket takers and match winners, not those who just look to bowl economical, defensively.
  5. Shami and Bhuvi among wickets and we were able to restrict NZ to a really low score, considering the other warm up matches so far
  6. You are using a veteran plyaer's peak stats with those of newcomers? Absolutely ridiculous
  7. I feel Ranvijay and Nikhil are favored more by MTV than Bhajji. This is unfair treatment
  8. Kohli is the future, Dhoni is the past. All other players who are young get more leeway
  9. Umesh averaged 50 in tests this year before the last 3 England matches. BK averaged 15 same time period Dhoni supported Bhuvi? He used to make him bowl 6-7 overs up front, affecting his speed and never let him bowl at death and finish his quota. Are you kidding me? Because of this BK was never able to bowl fast in his first spell. You call that support? Dhoni wanted him to contain not attack Where you asleep when BK was reverse swinging in the NZ/Eng test and taking wickets? This is a prime example of confirmation bias BK was easily hitting 140 this IPL and easily bowling faster than the much vaunted Thampi. Once again confirmation bias play a role You are constantly talking about ODI stats for Umesh but ignoring BK's test stats, wonder why?
  10. Yadav sucked and sucked for years in tests. He was averaging 50 this year before having a couple of good matches while Bhuvi was averaging 15. This logic somehow never applied to Yadav where every ICFer sucked up to him. After years of support finally Yadav has come slightly good. Bhuvi's ODI average is used by hypocrites like you but his and Yadav's test averages are never compared However somehow the skillful Bhuvi does not get the same support. Bhuvi has proven when he has supporting captain he does great. And runs circle around international batsmen. Guys like you are nothing but blind speed gun worshipers who can only blindly follow speed gun readings. The double standards and hypocrisy you guys show is so, so obvious and the worst thing is its just based on blind speed gun readings and nothing else
  11. Logical MSDians? Thats an oxymoron
  12. I think Dhoni fans are asking for rattles after throwing all their toys out of the pram