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  1. LMAO at flopped, not all batsmen are Indian that they will just throw their wickets away.
  2. Hope it's non-veg chowmein, as the good Chinese meant it to be
  3. Shami definitely not in thyrm
  4. Bhuvi has improved leaps and bounds since Lords including learning how to reverse swing. This showed in the NZ series and the WI series
  5. NZ one was at home, others were away
  6. Recently they have. Bhuvi took 5 fer in WI, england and recent nz test at home
  7. Will Pakistan ever be a force in test cricket again

    Zindagi mai pahli baar kuch sahi bola hai
  8. Downside of wfh. Order a whole pizza and drink during the day. Starting to get a paunch
  9. Their current set of test batsman are head and shoulders above what we have. Except Pujara, Kohli and maybe Rahul/Vijay, I don't see anyone standing up and even they will not be consistent
  10. SA batsman are way better against the moving ball. Depends on the conditions in SA
  11. Sachin had an awesome record in England before his last series. Sachin of the 90s could play in any condition. His test records speak for themselves
  12. Nah, nah, I just used to debunk the lies spread by worshipers of certain other cricketers who used to be steeped in regional bias and spread lies about a certain player because he was not from Karanataka
  13. A bot using certain keywords
  14. Lol, I am sure the bots wish they were getting paid to cheerlead Dhoni. At least Shastri gets paid to cheer lead for Dhoni, what is the bots excuse?
  15. Kohli pick KL Rahul - so much for ICF conspiracies

    New conspiracy. Kohli knew it was a green pitch and openers would fail. So they shielded Rohit

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