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  1. New guy

    Sick of Kohli's PR when it comes to Pakistan

    Any one think he is planning to go into bollywood after retirement? And pak PR is part of that?
  2. New guy

    Cometh the hour cometh the man

    I know someone here who also would have cometh a lot yesterday
  3. New guy

    Shame on you Pakistan

    How can the match be at edge? Has any team ever chased such a huge score after crawling at 4 runs per over for 20 overs? Has any team chased 330 in the history of world cup? They were bound to collapse with the RRR climbing to 8+. Better hitting teams like England and Australia couldn't do it despite much faster starts and you thought pak would chase after crawling at 3, 4 runs per over? Ghanta edge
  4. It was never that way, why would you reward a team for going all out?
  5. Then why on earth did he interfere when bowler and Kohli wanted to go for it if he was not sure? Kuch be chutiyapa
  6. Did anyone notice they are not showing that Dhoni replay. Chutiyapa, PR everywhere
  7. Man we missed the easy LBW drs, they are not even showing the replay to protect Dhoni
  8. Which match has this happened in this world cup? In fact this score has never been chased in any world cup match
  9. Pandya is so inconsistent, khud kp top samajhta hai
  10. Are you guys for real? This is not a pitch where you can chase at 8 runs an over easily. The ball is not coming on the ground is large
  11. Pandya tries too many things instead of keeping it simple
  12. But imagine the bragging rights if we thrash them without one front line bowler
  13. He slipped on the sawdust and pulled his hamstring
  14. This post is so laughable considering Bhuvi is bowling way better than Bumrah ATM
  15. No, it's not, India does not have a national language
  16. Pak bowlers did not beat India a single time in this period
  17. Nah cricinfo says it's 97 got 0 and 109 for 1. It Can't be so low in a chase of 337

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