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  1. Ravi Shastri new India head coach

    I see you haven't named the BEST bowler we have but named Ishant. Still blind speed gun worship I see
  2. As people said Pant hasn't been an opener for ages
  3. You guys are kidding right? DK won't last long and there is only room for one wicketkeeper bat in the team. If Pant clicks Dhoni will be dropped and a pure batsman take his place
  4. Because Pant is fighting for Dhoni's spot in the team? The comparison is obvious
  5. Considering they are both fighting for same spot in team, how is the comparison undeserving?
  6. LMAO, how on earth will the replacements do enough when they have not even be given chances?
  7. Yep, since mother nature has already given up
  8. Crime against women in India | Discussion thread

    What the * does this even mean? You mean the girls who don't look at you but looks at others deserve to be killed?
  9. Sourav Ganguly's views on younsters

    I want Dhoni to speak and retire. Will he?
  10. Better than Dhoni and that's what counts. If Dhoni had been in earlier, we wouldn't have scored 170
  11. West Indies vs India Only T2OI 09/07/2017 at WI

    Bhuvi is way, way ahead of the rest
  12. West Indies vs India Only T2OI 09/07/2017 at WI

    Still better than Dhoni and that's all that matters
  13. 1) Never mix pizza with cold milk. It gives me tremendous gas 2) Drinking throughout the night means stealing happiness from tomorrow. It's just not worth it 3) Netflix and chill feels as good after marriage as it did before 4) Spider man homecoming was a pretty decent movie 5) I have to get off my ass and go to the gym. 1 month gap is too long
  14. 5th odi, India Vs West Indies

    Any idea why no bhuvi in decider
  15. Dhoniconda suffocating India now

    When sachin saw his team mates failing around him, he changed his approach too and became much less attacking and won more matches. Yet he was called selfish for that
  16. As Slow as it gets

    @Praggy Senpai noticed you
  17. As Slow as it gets

    Yeah i did not see you talking about selfish innings of other players at all, right
  18. Reason why Kohli is to take the blame

    Looks like his honeymoon period is over. He needs to wake up and smell the coffee, tighten the ship, take responsibility and some tough decisions or he will soon find his place is not as secure as he thought. Getting rid of the coach does not mean questions will not be asked if this continues. None of his friends in the team will then save him
  19. As Slow as it gets

    Behave like what? How many threads were there for Sachin's 100 100 then when a 21 year old veteran was clearly struggling for form? Dhoni fans did not have any problems criticizing any Indian legend in the past. Now when a really pathetic innings is being rightly criticized why are they whining so much?
  20. As Slow as it gets

    Congrats, your double face when it comes to Dhoni vs other legends is inspiring.
  21. Dhoniconda suffocating India now

    And if you do not see a problem when 293 was set against a team like Bangla yet a batsman is blamed and not the bowling or captain for not defending that you should have stopped watching cricket a long time ago If you do not see a problem with taking a run rate of 3 required to chase and taking it up to 14 with your selfish innings, you should have stopped watching a long time ago. If Sachin had even played at double that strike rate Dhoni didi you would be first one crying and whining about how selfish the innings was. In fact you actually have in the past I have always said you are a first class hypocrite who took pot shots at Sachin for every single thing and you keep proving that. No moral, not stance, no opinion. Everything is based on how you personally like or dislike a player. Your opinions change 180 based on that
  22. India vs West Indies 2017, 4 th ODI,

    Lol, it was a hilarious match
  23. Dhoniconda suffocating India now

    Yaar you guys had the courage to try youngsters and reaped rewards by winning CT. We are going backwards after a false dawn
  24. Dhoniconda suffocating India now

    Another person who called Sachin selfish because of a slow innings where he struggled. But the hypocrite now has no problem with Dhoni's slow innings

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