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  1. Reason why Kohli is to take the blame

    Surprisingly this doesn't happen in tests under Kohli. I have a feeling once dhoni is gone Kohli will be his own man and take tough decisions
  2. Dhoniconda suffocating India now

    Didn't you call Sachin's 100 against Bangla selfish despite team scoring 293 and being unable to defend? What would you call this 50? Was it selfish? For personal milestone? Average?
  3. India vs West Indies 2017, 4 th ODI,

    I simply cannot believe the sychopanchy of some Dhoni supporters who would rather blame a young kid like Pandya and give a free pass to the most tenured, experienced, best finisher of all times. Pathetic post
  4. India vs West Indies 2017, 4 th ODI,

    ROFL lets keep blaming new players finding their feet and keep giving a free pass to the most experienced and tenured player. ROFL, ROFL.
  5. India vs West Indies 2017, 4 th ODI,

    Yep lets blame everyone except the senior most player who played an innings which was baffling by any means and put pressure on those kids
  6. India vs West Indies 2017, 4 th ODI,

    Were you even watching the match? We did not keep losing wickets when Dhoni came in, he had a good partnership with Rahane. We lost wickets afterwards because of the slow Dhoni batting. We didn't win CT final with him and we didn't win today, time for a change
  7. India vs West Indies 2017, 4 th ODI,

    Yep youngsters should always get blame over senior players
  8. India vs West Indies 2017, 4 th ODI,

    Are Dhoni fans really celebrating Dhoni's struggling innings against C grade WI? And this lying hypocrite troll had a go at Sachin's innings which was at a much higher strike rate. Shows what a cheap low life this troll is, no principles and no morals, just a cheap loser
  9. India vs West Indies 2017, 4 th ODI,

    Freaking Dhoni
  10. India vs West Indies 2017, 4 th ODI,

    Tell that to Kohli
  11. Why can't dhoni just be axed

    I love how we are talking of keeping an oldie in our team in the name of experience and what not when we just got thrashed by a team in the finals because they had the courage of picking youngsters in their team which our captain, coach, selectors and even fans lacked. Fakhar, Ali, Shadab, Amir all kids trounced our team. It is not that our youth is any less brighter or less talented. But we have still not learnt our lesson and still continue to humor oldies way past their selling time
  12. Why can't dhoni just be axed

    Till when do we hang onto dhoni? 2025? Why not bring kapil dev for stability? Did we win CT with dhonis stability.
  13. Bhuvi over Umesh anyday... Man for finals

    Yeh you don't support either Umesh or Bhuvi. Just a troll thread
  14. Our bowling is already young, it was batting
  15. Got one lucky Jadav over and so foolish to give him another over at death
  16. Please dont say you won't complete Bhuvi's 10 overs, he has been better than Bumrah
  17. Bumrah at least don't give easy boundaries.
  18. He has no choice, 8 overs left with only 7 of Bhuvi and Bumrah
  19. Get some wickets, they don't have a long batting line up

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