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  1. Its possible if they just play sensibly. Just need around 8 an over
  2. This is not a highway by a long shot, seeing Bhuvi and Pandya play here
  3. Pandya's balls were jagging even in his 9th over. So yeah. Bumrah only got hit when he bowled bad. This is a seamer's pitch.
  4. If you check all seam bowlers except Bumrah has done really well. Pandya was jagging ball around even at the end. Bumrah bowled some filth when he went for runs, his good balls were not easy
  5. This is an excellent pitch to bat on though
  6. Stop bowling freaking spinners on this pitch
  7. Ball is seaming around for Pandya, Pak bowlers will be difficult to face on this wicket
  8. This is a seamer's wicket. Both Bhuvi and Pandya bowled outstandingly well and Bumrah just had nerves but some really good balls
  9. Is there a rule Ashwin needs to complete 10 overs?
  10. Meanwhile, from stats corner: Hundreds in CT finals. All first innings hundreds have resulted in a loss.. Watson and Cairns resulted in victories while Ganguly, Trescothick and Phillo Walllace centuries resulted in losses Hope he trend stays
  11. Nagraj says, "Burmah is being attended by Indian physio Farhart. Dinesh Karthik is on the field" Yehi baaki tha
  12. India has to dig deep and show some character here to come back now
  13. That no ball has cost us so much. Good innings Fakhar, now get out
  14. Which is sad, because this is one aspect Kohli was stronger than Dhoni was.
  15. We are being very passive. Why not bring Bhuvi or Bumrah for couple of overs?
  16. Prediction - Pakistan's final score between 250 to 270
  17. Absolutely, they will try to go for a huge target and collapse
  18. On such pitches scores can be chased easily. Lets see

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