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  1. Thampi makes debut, exciting. Bhuvi to bowl first, more exciting
  2. New guy

    How much Dhoni mek?

    His keeping against pace is becoming more suspect with age. Doesn't dive for catches Saha gets to. Should consider this factor too particularly because 1) We have decent fast bowlers now and 2) Kohli's attack focuses more on pace than spin
  3. New guy

    Is MSD a liability in the IPL?

    As he ages, his keeping against pace becomes more and more suspect
  4. New guy

    Goenke is a Genius!!!!!

    Not the same guy
  5. As the new IPL season begins, here I am without a team. Considering my value as a fan, I have decided on making myself available to the team whose fans bid highest for me. Following are the advantages of having MTC as a fan for your side 1) Can make funny articles, stories to support your team and increase the moral of fans of your team at all times. 2) Can troll other teams and fans. Sarcastic articles, attacking the moral of other team fans even when they win, etc are right up my alley. Past experience includes being the founding member of both AVKC and anti-AVKC clubs. Threads like the one on CSK cheating, etc are also in my resume' 3) Can pretend to be offended and outraged over small things. Can whine to mods when required. Lots of fun to be had 4) Am generally lucky for any team and teams I support usually win 5) IPL season gathers, and now my trolling begins. It shall not end until my boredom. I shall take no modship, hold no awards, father no children except the trolls already here. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die on ICF. I am the cool guy on the forum. I am the crazy fan on the net. I am the troll that guards your team against other trolls. I pledge my humor and honor to your team, for this match and all the matches to come."
  6. New guy

    MTC's fan services available to the highest bidder

    Thanks for the wishes guys
  7. New guy

    MTC's fan services available to the highest bidder

    Guys trolling is on hold for a few days. Wife gave birth to a cute little girl yesterday, busy with that. All money taken to be refunded in full
  8. Seeing Bhuvi run through bewdas
  9. Best will be if he gets dropped after 2 matches because of his antics
  10. So you mean like Pakistani fans supporting different players. They would pray Dhoni performs but Pune loses?
  11. New guy

    The Never Ending Thread

    Don't worry about the naysayers bro. Love is amazing. Keep it up. And when he inevitably cheats on you, you still have me
  12. New guy

    Want to get in shape for summer? Join in...

    Currently on a strength building phase and am focusing solely on the big three - Bench, squat and deadlift. Unfortunately no good place where I can do Olympic lifts safely, most gyms do not allow weights to be dropped
  13. Dude we missed you around here. Welcome back
  14. Is this the same dancing legend amits
  15. I am pretty sure none of you guys ever owned a TV before 2005 because the countless, countless ODI games Sachin won for India against all odds, many times almost single handedly cannot be lost to you otherwise. You are remembering the struggling Sachin from his last years and not the Sachin who won the CB cup in Australia, the Sahrjah cup and so many, many bi-lateral series just like Kohli did. And sometimes much bigger odds and better bowlers than Kohli did and definitely in much varied conditions - on spinning pitches, bouncy pitches, seaming pitches I am having flash backs of the complete hypocrisy of Sachin detractors from a few years before. When Kohli wins an ODI match at his home conditions, its "against odds" but when Sachin wins in Australia, or in Sharjah chasing single-handedly its not "against odds". Its the same classic false dichotmy and goal post moving
  16. 1) Sachin won countless ODIs for India too, particularly at home just like Kohli is doing at home. People keep on forgetting this and confusing with test format or his later career after injury. 2) Sachin has won things like first ODI series against Aussies away from home (Sharjah) and the only ever ODI series win IN Australia which rarely any team has done. Kohli is yet to do that 3) Sachin almost single handedly carried team to WC 2003 final and was the top scorer in 96 world cup (which I believe we would have won if not for the fixing) I don't know if people have really, really short memories about how many ODI matches Sachin won for India or are deliberately ignoring these here, only remembering last couple of years of his career and forgetting almost 17-18 years before that
  17. New guy

    Steve Smith whinges | Vijay catch controversy

    New rules mean benefit of doubt goes to fielders particular if soft signal is out. There is a reason umpires use soft signals now
  18. Must be difficult for you. Having to support Kohli. Which one do you hate less, Kohli or Sachin?
  19. Was a masterstroke as Aussies were so focused on Kohli they didn't have an answer for Rahane or the other players
  20. Why are you feeding the troll? Do you agree with what he said? No wonder this forum never progressed when cheap trolls are constantly fed scraps. You do know these guys plan outside ICF on coming and trolling here in groups? Also these trolls decide which sides to take and what arguments to use to rile up the most number of people
  21. How is Kohli ahead in shorter format by just winning at home which we already did? Sachin almost single handedly won a series in Australia and was top scorer in two worldcups
  22. How is Kohli already great in ODIs when he has nothing outside of India or in big tourney? Sachin was top scorer in two world cups and has a series win in Australia which no other team had
  23. New guy

    Some Virat fans are "classless"

    Don't fall for it. Trolls like Velu etc instigate people outside ICF (on facebook, twitter etc) and they make plans to troll ICF in a group. Its sad to see that sane people like @randomGuy too believe it will be fun and go with the plan even though these things results in huge fights and spoil the forum completely

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