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  1. Wicket, wicket, we want wicket
  2. Ashwin if you dont make up for this in your bowling, I swear to God.....
  3. Come on Umesh, the magic ball
  4. 3rd. Jadeja dropped him too
  5. Shami gets so many catches dropped
  6. What an easy catch dropped. What are we doing!!!!!!!!
  7. Pitch has uneven bounce and we bat last
  8. He is the one with the best average, has become faster, can reverse swing now. Still no dice. Umesh after so many opportunities takes at max 1 or 2 wickets on any pitch
  9. Umesh has Hameed's numer
  10. Sami getting his line correct now
  11. Dude he is diving for balls Saha collected easily by moving. Saha is a good keep just had a couple of bad matches
  12. Only problem with Umesh is, he doesn't make the new ball count by making the batsmen play. Guaranteed Bhuvi would have picked up a couple of wicket here already
  13. Come on Umesh, make batsmen play, don't spray wide
  14. Dropped catch. Ball moving, Bhuvi would have been handful
  15. New guy

    Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    You are the cameraman, oh sorry, potatoman right?
  16. New guy

    Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    Pintu. Lol. Pintu. That name. Lol. Pintu
  17. New guy

    Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    Lol, that was a movie
  18. Given enough time they might. After all, Dhoni got a long, long, long run before people started criticizing him. We wouldn't know till we give people chances right? Now since Rahul is not scoring every match should we compare with Sachin?
  19. New guy

    Any reason for the verywide gap slip formation?

    I guess this is because of 2 reasons You don't get confused about who's catch it is On low bounce and slower Indian grounds the fielders get more time and can cover more ground You cannot compare with the Aussie ground where the ball comes fast and high
  20. Kohli is bringing lots of new fans to test cricket. His attitude makes the matches more exciting.
  21. What we dont realize is the pressure a proper fifth bowler puts on the batsmen. We see the fifth bowler being under-bowled and conclude he is not needed. However the few overs bowled by Jayant did not let England relax and off the hook against part-timers. These small things affect the opposition a lot Not to forget that batsmen like Ashwin have flourished under the additional responsibility

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