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  1. Except it cannot be because of the range. What do you mean by last sentence?
  2. New guy

    Day 5 - The day of Reckoning - Predictions

    India won by 246 which is 2 less than what Kohli scored in both innings combined. So close enough
  3. 4th. Plenty of time left, result is inevitable.
  4. Jayant has a good defense, should come ahead of Jadeja
  5. Only the beard looks different in the after pic
  6. New guy

    Team for rest of the series

    A bowler who has been taking 5-fers every time in international series should be judged based on 1 Ranji match? And Umesh is running through sides?
  7. Bhuvi is a wicket taker in tests. Its a no brainer
  8. First time in India, otherwise he was averaging almost 100 here. Pitch doing all sorts of things and Ashwn might be gone
  9. New guy

    DRS is utter nonsense.

    lol, this is like tesr fans complaining when odis were introdiced. it will ruin the game, etc. time has changed. alk big tournaments will have drs. yoy either adapt or get left behind
  10. thats not how hawk eye works, its mot based on the biwler but what the ball actually did after pitching
  11. New guy

    Kohli would have finished off Kiwi tail

    Maybe have more proactive fields? Yadav somehow seems to bowl better under him Teri tarah ****** nahi hu. I see how you go after every player except Dhoni to troll people. I pity the poor genuine Dhoni fans who believe you are actually one of them
  12. New guy

    India VS New Zealand 3rd odi Mohali

    Dhoni playing a gem of an innings today
  13. New guy

    India VS New Zealand 3rd odi Mohali

    The run machine gets another 50
  14. New ball is also due after 2 overs so England the favorites.
  15. New guy

    India VS New Zealand 3rd odi Mohali

    Should keep the RRR under control My apologies then, blast him again
  16. New guy

    India VS New Zealand 3rd odi Mohali

    I can see you completely ignored the negative field placement by Dhoni. As I said, you blame 2-3 players every match, anyone apart from Dhoni Win or loss will depend completely on Kohli here
  17. New guy

    India VS New Zealand 3rd odi Mohali

    Flat pitch, India will be chasing a lot

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