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  1. Terror attack at Pathankot Air Force station, Punjab

    Well, it was obvious to anyone that as soon as peace talks happen between India and Pak, such things were bound to happen. It was a great job down by the intelligence agencies, army and government to reduce the impact and prevent them from getting inside. Now there are two possibilities here A) That Pakistani army will never allow peace between the civilian governments as the very basis of their power and money is the fear of India. So despite the civilian government wanting peace, the army will do anything for it not to happen. Unfortunately the Pak government is too weak B) That Pakistani government also is hand in gloves with the army. Either they are weak puppets or equally involved in the plan and are laughing at India Personally, I believe options A is true. And therefore it is important for us to continue work with the civilian government and the people of Pakistan to neuter their army. This is the only option we have. If we back out every time an attack happens then we are stuck in a vicious cycle. There is no point in blaming the Pak government for ignoring the army as the army is too powerful. But continuing the peace process with the civilian government will help us not only show our intention to the international community but also will be away to empower the civilian government. Thoughts on this?
  2. Yasir Shah suspended for doping

    No, you are a bigot becuase you blamed terrorist attacks on the Pakistani players in your post
  3. Just reporting what is happening (and will happen) bro. Source - Been watching Pakistani cricket for years
  4. Well even the best shows get over in time. Only for a new more entertaining episode to begin. This was just the precap before the big opening. Presenting Pakistan cricket Precap - Amir in camp. Hero's entry causes a tornado and when the dust is settled, the villains Azhar and Hafeez are nowhere to be seen. What nefarious plan are the duo hatching against the true savior Amir? Episode 1 - Amir bowls Hafeez in the camp. Hero completely defeats the schemer. The journey of revenge starts Episode 2 - Amir's visa problem for NZ tour. Will the goras throw a spanner in the second coming of the true hero and savior? Or will the hero trump again Episode 3 - The long plane ride. Amir gets into fistcuffs with his team mates on the planes. Will good prevail or will the villains injure him? Episode 4 - The Kiwi crowd - The goras are out to get Amir. Taunts fly, umpires ignore. Will the hero be able to single handedly win over everyone? And still so much more to come. Conspiracies. Press conferences. Who will backstab who? Just when you thought someone was a friend will he betray you for captaincy? New statements by PCB and then new backtracking within 48 hours. More walk outs, drama and throwing toys out of gigantic prams. Coming soon to a media outlet near you - Pakistani cricket. Starring Emerging super star and new savior of Pak cricket - Amir. Once tainted and led astray can he make a comeback and be the promised savior? The ever green Afridi - True power behind all things. Which path will Afridi take? We can rest assured there will be lots of blind slogging and some sixes The mystical Misbah - The saint who nods and smiles Introducing Azhar, Hafeez and others are villains. For the first time in negative roles Also starring PCB officials, various partisian media outlets, selectors and many, many previous captains and players and selfless Younis Khan
  5. Modi's Government Foreign Trips & External Affairs

    Lol, the hypocrisy of this idiot is staggering. Weren't you (and other bhakts) like no diplomacy with Pakistan, blah, blah for so long? Who are you trying to fool here BTW? And as usual you start with personal attacks instead of a single point. So here is a personal attack back on you
  6. Secret Santa Gifts Ideas

    Damn. I was thinking of a cucumber wrapped like a dildo
  7. So Bulbul too is not a virgin anymore. Welcome to the club
  8. Amir is the only cricketer who has been caught on camera fixing and jailed. No way does he deserve to represent his nation again no matter how talented or you he is
  9. Ashwin's Captaincy

    Dhoni's school of captaincy
  10. Domestic. BPL, he has shined in all
  11. This is going to be VERY entertaining. Already there is division between players as well as selectors. Once he comes back and does not perform, it is going to be real fun
  12. Sachin always got out to new mediocre players the first time. Nothing new in that. Henry Olanga was one such phast bowler
  13. Speed is measured off the hand.. There is no doubt that every bowler including our own clock at least 5-10 kph more in Aus, etc. It happens every time to be a coincidence and with all bowlers and too many times to just claim it is only because of bowlers getting excited. Even when they do not take a single wicket or are going for runs they still clock faster than in Inda
  14. Exactly. After playing under Dhoni, it takes a long time for the fast bowlers to get back into rhytm
  15. India v South Africa, 4th Test, Delhi

    Not on such pitches. And some people really believe SA can bat out 4 sessions? Once they are 5 down who will offer resistance?
  16. India v South Africa, 4th Test, Delhi

    5 session remaining. Some of you should not even be watching tests
  17. India v South Africa, 4th Test, Delhi

    Dude seriously. What is wrong with you, is it the first time you have watched a test match? Paying the price because for the first time we have a wicketless session?
  18. India v South Africa, 4th Test, Delhi

    Waiting for reverse I guess
  19. India v South Africa, 4th Test, Delhi

    Good patience shown but a wicket looks like coming any ball
  20. India v South Africa, 4th Test, Delhi

    If they can bat 5 sessions to draw a game then they can bat 6 or 7 also
  21. India v South Africa, 4th Test, Delhi

    Rahane our greatest bat followed by Kohli and then Vijay
  22. India v South Africa, 4th Test, Delhi

    What the hell is your hurry in a test match? Go watch PSL
  23. Pujara getting out clean bowled too many times??!!

    Pujara is way over-hyped on this forum. Both Rahane and Kohl have better technique than him
  24. India v South Africa, 4th Test, Delhi

    Yeah, the required rate is over 7 now, some slogging required
  25. India v South Africa, 4th Test, Delhi

    Let me guess, Dhoni fan?

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