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  1. Eh that was 91 ms, which ground wouldnt it be a six?
  2. I thought that was Yadav? So I was right, Dhoni fans hate all fast bowlers unconditionally, its a cult
  3. You mean real IPL fans, not real Indian cricket team fans
  4. Today pant >> decock

    No, but I am hot. Does that count?
  5. Today pant >> decock

    De kock will rise once pant is down
  6. Rising Pune has signed George Bailey

    Great, make him captain now
  7. Players indirectly insulting Dhoni

    Hey, thats not fair. Dhoni does back his players. Provided they are from CSK, trundlers and/or those who obey him like a slave
  8. LSK blabbering some nonsense. its always no ball on the line
  9. The greatest pace bowler in the world (after Yadav) bowling
  10. It will take years for him to overcome the psychological damage Dhoni inflicted. Needs some therapy
  11. Which lulled the batsman into a false sense of security. Hence master stroke
  12. Hey bulbul, Velu says never unblock him as he is scared of you
  13. Clearly no one wants to play under Dhoni's captaincy and are making excuses to leave
  14. Kohli's captaincy will make them win. Ball was holding up a bit @Viper Kohli is keeping his secret weapon Aaron for later stages.

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