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  1. So mods are actually letting this forum go to the dogs. They won't even respond to reports now. Well done @Trichromatic, you made one of the worst trolls on the internet, a guy banned from every single forum a mod and this is the result. Almost like you want to drive people away. Any other regular poster would have such threads removed. @rkt.indiaindia once removed my genuine thread about kohlis test form to joke section. @Shy9Shy9 well meaning threads are constantly removed. But this guys intentionally shitty threads are not.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Shunya said:

    Our middle order needs him big time. He can bat better though, theres always room for improvement. 

    And theres no doubt about how big support he is for Captain and other team members. Also a ATG wicketkeeper. Phew, what a legend of Indian cricket !!! So many benefits of having him in the side. He should think about picking and choosing series after WC so that he can continue till 2023 maybe.


    Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest, absolute biggest hypocrites in the world. Take pot shots at legends of the game when they lost form and got older. When it comes to the player they are fan of, a million excuses, mostly non cricketing ones and one player over team

  3. 13 hours ago, Cricketics said:

    I was watching today Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and feel it was an extremely well made movie. In fact it is now one my favorite bollywood movies


    I also liked Dil Chahta in the past which I feel changed the Indian cinema on the whole.


    Any other movies in India cinema which are equally good or of similar kind.  I would love to watch and need some recommendations


    Also what do you feel about the aforementioned movies.





    Have you watched Road trip and Euro trip?

  4. 4 hours ago, speedheat said:

    Average 37, that's 0 wickets per game lol, these stats are misguiding I guess, i think his average has improved post 2015 south Africa series, could well be under 30, just my guess, but any how I will keep him in loi squad coz of that economy rate and ability to hit yorkers, an accurate pacer is must in Lois to keep things tight.

    Actually his average from 2016 till date is even worse, 38.3

  5. 3 minutes ago, express bowling said:




    27 minutes ago, rkt.india said:

    you take wickets, you stop runs. you dont take wickets, you or other bowlers will eventually go for runs.  

    One of the biggest examples of this was CT 2017 final. Bhuvi went only at 4.4. His figures were 10 overs, 44 runs 1 wicket. The opposition scored 338

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