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  1. 2 minutes ago, Shaz1 said:

    How are they deemed safe when a certain bus attack happen recently and terriost attacks happen recently as well? These are double standards because both of these countries never got isolated after these incidents while Pakistan did. 

    I think people can understand the difference between a drunk fan showing frustration by throwing a stone and a planned terrorist attack which wanted to kidnap/kills players. 


    I like how you claimed about players not getting hurt but apart from 6 players injured, 6 policemen and 2 civilians were killed. Does their deaths not matter?


    However, to answer your question, the reason for the perception Pakistan has is because of their own doing. Seriously or not, people know that the stone throwers were caught and jailed. They know the intention and trust India and Indian government. on the other hand, this week, Pakistan threw out terror charges against Hafeez Saeed. Pakistanis can fool themselves by saying no evidence, etc, etc but the rest of the world is not blind and deaf. They know Pakistan government supports terrorists and since they do, how can they keep people safe from their own terrorists? Pet terrorists constantly go rogue


    The trust issues Pakistan has is linked to your government and their support of terrorists

  2. On 10/7/2017 at 2:58 PM, Gollum said:

    Pretty sure I can tell your family background from this post of yours. Filthy traitor scum, you are calling Abdul Latif, one of the key masterminds of the Bombay bomb blasts, just a gangster? Haseena Parkar is just a gangster? Kya be ter baap aise logon se commission khaata hai hai kya ki teri itnee jal rahee hai? Americans won't make a movie glorifying Osama, they can make biopics on Al Capone because Capone never allied himself with an enemy country to create havoc in USA. These *ers who you are so keen on defending have allied with Pakistani agencies to harm India. There is a difference between these pigs and someone like Haji Mastan who never indulged in anti India activities. Haji Mastan is a gangster and I don't mind if he is celebrated on the silver screen. But glorifying one of the most evil terrorists Abdul Latif or Dawood's relatives is problematic for most of us. A filthy scumbag like you won't understand the difference, so better shut up than making a complete fool out of yourself on this forum. If you want to make such posts do it in the green ghetto and not over here. 


    You know nothing about me or my family, so don't speculate on what I will or won't do. Your mentality has been exposed here, a pity that this great nation houses the likes of you. Eff off and never reply to my posts. 

    As I said, every single country has made movies glorifying gangsters, traitors, terrorists. Only some Indians throw temper tantrums on the internet and act big. Heck there are Hollywood movies slamming their own country's war on terror and other things which their own country does. 


    And people like you being outraged is the single biggest thing holding back our country today. Keep showing your fake patriotism and temper tantrums online. While others you call name quietly work towards progressing this nation

  3. 14 minutes ago, Austin 3:!6 said:

    Amir. Obviously we have some bias towards Amir because he is a Pakistani and its natural but he is a damn good bowler. Coming back into international cricket after 5 years and bowling the way he is shows the class. The spell he bowled in Asia Cup or CT final is closest to perfection.

    LMAO, any bowler looks a world beater with 340 on board. I know you posted this just to troll but by any measure, any stats, consistency, any parameter any sane person can use to judge, Rabada is miles ahead. One odd CT game doesn't prove anything just like Irfan Pathan or Ishant Sharma didn't become world class with a couple of good innings and winning us CT, T20 WC etc


    And I hope people stop harping about coming back from his ban, it has been almost 2 years since he has come back and done Jack


    And if people want to look at actual stats, since the last 1 year (Oct 2016)


    Amir - 24 matches 50 wickets (tests and ODIs combined). Bowling average 34 (Tests 35.3, ODI 31.6)


    Rabada - 30 matches, 94 wickets (tests and ODIs combined). Bowling average 24.5 (Tests 22.8, ODIs 29.7)



  4. On 9/19/2017 at 10:32 AM, Gollum said:

    After SRK glorified Abdul Latif in Raees now it is time for Shraddha Kapoor to glorify the evil ***** sister of Dawood Ibrahim, Haseena Parker. Why do these B stars make my blood boil so much? Can't they make more movies about shaheeds Mohan Chand Sharma or Omble or Niranjan? Why this fascination with India's enemies and indifference towards those who have laid down their lives for our protection? If it were up to me I would hire a firing squad and kill every last member of D family currently partying in Mumbai. All of them are in extortion, land grabbing, real estate and contract killing dhandha. All these ****** getting VIP treatment while Omble's daughters are living in abject poverty is an abject reflection of how so called secularism has screwed over this country time and again. 

    Meh, what a rant. Gangsters have been seen as interesting in every single country and movies made and glorified in every single country. No other country has such snowflakes who get offended and throw temper tantrums, usually people are able to know the difference between reality and movies


    Let me guess, the religion of the gangsters is what is setting you off? And blaming this on secularism when human beings have been fascinated by gangsters since the beginning of time, pathetic as *. I mean there are movies glorifying serial killers who tortured and killed 100s including children


    *ers like you will not even turn up to watch a movie on Niranjan or Omble. The whole point of movies is to watch something different from real life and be lost in a glamorous world, not watch sufferings. We have art movies for that. Why should the movie industry make something for which is no demand and no one will watch? What are you doing in your job to help people instead of whining about movies and secularism?

  5. 47 minutes ago, Imtiaz said:

    Indian and Uae tracks are by no stretch of imagination a same, One have double paced wickets while other have absolute phatas with no uneven bounce therefore your analogy isnt right here. You could make a case on australian pitches though  and  ishant has done better there.

    If the problem is just UAE tracks, why does Amir average 48.5 in Australia, 36 in NZ, 43.5 in Sri Lanka? And in all those places his average before and after the ban are very similar?

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