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  1. Mumbai captain has more sense than Indian captain . Rohit at no.3 : cantstop:
  2. Why can't it happen in Indian team?

    Sandeep Patil The most useless selector we have had in recent memory
  3. Armaan Jaffer already a regular for Mumbai now?
  4. Had no idea so many countries play KABADDI

    Clue is in the name lol Kabaddi is a Tamil name meaning holding of hands .We usually consider it a game originated in olden Tamil culture (not sure how accurate it is tbf).Most village festivals will have Kabaddi tournaments too. It's arguably as popular as cricket in rural Tamil Nadu .
  5. AB - The Autobiography

    Not sure thats the case in India
  6. Had no idea so many countries play KABADDI

    Me until Star sports Kabaddi tournament I didn't know so many states in India play Kabaddi. Thought only Tamil Nadu and Andra play Kabaddi.
  7. Section 144 in Bangalore;

  8. Happy Onam :)

    Bit late but Happy Onam to everyone
  9. It's the most important tournament in cricket calendar.Ofcourse every one else is obsessed/jealous/interested in it .
  10. Section 144 in Bangalore;

    Can understand Politicians playing politics over this but inciting and justifying violence and Arson .Some of these guy are disgusting low lives .
  11. Section 144 in Bangalore;

    The irony in that is all KPN busses are either Karnataka registered or Pondicherry registered
  12. DMK wants Central rule in Karnataka over Cauvery water dispute

    This thread was started 4 years back when Karuna was part of Congress govt.
  13. Section 144 in Bangalore;

    To be fair to Southern TN police most were deployed in Paramakudi due to Immanuel Sekaran anniversary and it's volatile history .
  14. Section 144 in Bangalore;

    Huge protests in Karnataka after modified court order on Cauvery waterSupreme Court orders Karnataka to release less water, but for more daysKarnataka Chief Minister writes to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Bengaluru: Arson and vandalism was seen on the streets of Bengaluru and on a highway to Mysuru on Monday as anger boiled over on a Supreme Court order that meant that Karnataka would have to release more water from the river Cauvery to neighbor Tamil Nadu. Here are 10 developments in the story: Mobs burnt Tamil Nadu-registered trucks and buses on the roads and vandalized shops in the IT hub. An NDTV team saw about two dozen buses being set on fire at a bus depot around 17 km from Bengaluru. "We will give blood but not Cauvery," screamed slogan shouting protesters. The state's Congress government and the police appeared to be severely challenged by the scale of protests and the damage to public property. Images showed young men turning over an Innova car and wrecking it using rods, and throwing stones at shops. The Supreme Court had earlier said on protests in Karnataka: "Citizens cannot become a law unto themselves." In the evening, large gatherings were banned in Bengaluru as a precaution. Most schools and colleges and some offices were closed early and metro services were briefly stopped. The court had this morning modified an earlier order and said Karnataka has to release less water to Tamil Nadu, but for five more days. Karnataka, which will end up giving more water, urged a review but the court refused. Thousands of policemen, including those in riot gear, spread out across the city to check violence. Karnataka stopped buses from heading to Tamil Nadu and police jeeps were positioned along the border to warn vehicles against entering that state. Protests were also seen in Tamil Nadu. The New Woodlands hotel in Chennai, owned by a Karnataka company, was vandalized by a fringe group that allegedly also threw a petrol bomb and left pamphlets warning of retaliation if Tamils were targeted in Karnataka. Four of 10 attackers have been arrested. Five tourist vehicles from Karnataka, including two buses, were damaged by protesters in Rameswaram in southern Tamil Nadu. Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, in a letter to his Tamil Nadu counterpart Jayalalithaa, urged her to take action against those involved in violence against Kannada speaking people in her state. He also said the attack on a young man in Bengaluru was "blown out of proportion". The man - reported to be Tamil - was attacked and humiliated in Bengaluru on Saturday by a group allegedly over his comments on social media on the Cauvery dispute. In a video of the attack that went viral, the engineering student was slapped and kicked by the men. The police suspect he was attacked after his post on Facebook mocking Kannada actors was widely circulated. Trouble resurfaced in thedecades-old dispute over the Cauvery river, which flows through Karnataka into Tamil Nadu, after the Supreme Court last week asked Karnataka to release 15,000 cusecs of water to its neighbour. Last week, the highway between Bengaluru and Mysuru was blocked by protesters at Mandya, the volatile heartland of the Cauvery basin. Bengaluru was completely paralysed because of a shutdown called by protesters on Friday. http://m.ndtv.com/bangalore-news/cauvery-row-violence-in-karnataka-tamil-nadu-curbs-imposed-in-bengaluru-1457595 Situation is really looking scary at the moment . Bengaluru police has announced Section 144 order from 5 pm today. And half an hour back 30-40 TN registered buses were set at a Bus Depot near Bengaluru by a mob. To put in perspective of the difficulty facing the Bengaluru police there are around 30 lakh Tamil people living in Bengaluru .

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