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  1. Mumbai captain has more sense than Indian captain . Rohit at no.3 : cantstop:
  2. beautifulgame

    Why can't it happen in Indian team?

    Sandeep Patil The most useless selector we have had in recent memory
  3. beautifulgame

    The Tamil Nadu Premier League Thread

    Why isn't Ashwin not playing in the semis today ? There is still nearly ten days till the NZL tests .
  4. Armaan Jaffer already a regular for Mumbai now?
  5. beautifulgame

    Had no idea so many countries play KABADDI

    Clue is in the name lol Kabaddi is a Tamil name meaning holding of hands .We usually consider it a game originated in olden Tamil culture (not sure how accurate it is tbf).Most village festivals will have Kabaddi tournaments too. It's arguably as popular as cricket in rural Tamil Nadu .
  6. beautifulgame

    AB - The Autobiography

    Not sure thats the case in India
  7. beautifulgame

    Had no idea so many countries play KABADDI

    Me until Star sports Kabaddi tournament I didn't know so many states in India play Kabaddi. Thought only Tamil Nadu and Andra play Kabaddi.
  8. beautifulgame

    Section 144 in Bangalore;

  9. beautifulgame

    Happy Onam :)

    Bit late but Happy Onam to everyone
  10. It's the most important tournament in cricket calendar.Ofcourse every one else is obsessed/jealous/interested in it .
  11. beautifulgame

    Section 144 in Bangalore;

    Can understand Politicians playing politics over this but inciting and justifying violence and Arson .Some of these guy are disgusting low lives .
  12. beautifulgame

    Section 144 in Bangalore;

    The irony in that is all KPN busses are either Karnataka registered or Pondicherry registered
  13. beautifulgame

    DMK wants Central rule in Karnataka over Cauvery water dispute

    This thread was started 4 years back when Karuna was part of Congress govt.
  14. beautifulgame

    Section 144 in Bangalore;

    To be fair to Southern TN police most were deployed in Paramakudi due to Immanuel Sekaran anniversary and it's volatile history .

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