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  1. Mosher

    Why no practice?

    The team has still not hit the nets and will do so on Thursday and will have only 2 net sessions. They believe "practice sessions at this stage don't make a significant difference"
  2. Mosher

    Grievances thread

    RAF bhai ignore the trolls. Need posters like you on this site.
  3. Ishant has been inconsistent but these defeats are on the batsmen. They have been piss poor on this tour.
  4. Mosher

    Performances of Indian batsmen in important matches

    Shameful performances from the batsmen again. Vijay, KL, DK, Rahane all seem to have forgotten how to bat. Who are their replacements in this squad? Nair doesn't inspire much confidence. Dhawan and Pujara have been poor overseas. Pant over DK next match is no brainer. Not expecting any miracles from Pant but surely he will be an upgrade over DK.
  5. Pant should make his debut next match. DK has been pathetic.
  6. Getting cloudy now. Anderson is truly badal ka beta.
  7. England looking to declare. Clouderson will run riot again today against our clueless batsmen.
  8. Top class from Shami. Hussain just mentioned that Shami had beaten Woakes some 11 times yesterday but today he already beaten his bat 8 times in halfan hours play. Shami deserves a wicket.
  9. That was a brilliant over from Shami. Too good for Woakes.
  10. Agree. Blunder from the team management.
  11. Hope we don't get to bat under overcast conditions again.
  12. Ball reversing. Umesh was needed here
  13. Shami traps Buttler in front with a 145k full delivery.

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