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  1. 100 up for Latham. Excellent innings.
  2. But if we lose 3-0 the selectors might bring back Yuvi and other youngsta beauties
  3. Hope we lose this series 3-0.
  4. Another edge goes flying between the keeper and 1st slip
  5. Excellent yorker from Bumrah.
  6. Bumrah gets Munro with a slower one.
  7. Brilliant slower ball from Bumrah.
  8. He is high, so yeah he can check those lights
  9. Kedar drops a dolly
  10. Munro hacking away.
  11. Very good comeback ball from BK.
  12. Edge didn't carry. Dhoni should have gone for it? Very good start from Bumrah.
  13. With the way things are going that just might happen, if Jadhav fails in the 2nd game
  14. 6 more from Kumar!

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