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  1. Ishant bowled 16 no balls in first innings WTF.
  2. Mosher

    Asian Cricket Council Emerging Teams Cup

    Hope Mavi is in the playing 11 vs Pak.
  3. Ashwin has been poor in Australia and he struggled to get the tailender's wicket on a 5th day pitch. Atleast with Kuldeep the tail will find it difficult to pick his deliveries.
  4. Thrilling win for Jharkhand yesterday by 2 runs. https://www.hotstar.com/sports/cricket/ranji-trophy-201819/jharkhand-pip-odisha-in-a-thriller/2001622980
  5. Mosher

    Pant sledging Pat Cummins

    Pant trying to get under the skin of Cummins without being abusive or crossing the line. Its all good fun.
  6. Its going to be a green hard pitch with a lot of pace and bounce according to the curator.
  7. Play with 4 pacers? Bhuvi as the 4th pacer? or the same pace combo with Kuldeep as the spinner.
  8. New curator Brett Sipthorpe has warned this week’s debut Optus Stadium Test match may not go the distance, predicting the team winning the toss will send the opposition in on a green and bouncy drop-in pitch. Sipthorpe is expecting the fast bowlers to gain significant seam, swing and bounce when the venue hosts the second Test between Australia and India beginning on Friday. The preferred No.3 strip will be used for the clash, which was the original prototype drop-in wicket developed at Gloucester Park and the same pitch used for last summer’s historic one-day international between Australia and England. The WA Cricket Association’s head curator said he had not felt any commercial pressure to ensure the Test match went for five days and that he was aiming to produce a fast pitch that would recall the WACA Ground’s heyday and genuinely test the batsmen. “I don’t know what’s happened in the past, but I haven’t had any correspondence relating to that (commercial considerations) at all,” Sipthorpe said. “For us it’s been more about there’s no Gabba in this Test series. So the only other ground that’s got the potential to be that fiery, bouncy pitch is our one. Length of time hasn’t been discussed at all. It’s just try and make it quick, try and make it bouncy. While the largely enclosed stadium’s design appeared to prevent the sea breeze that has played a part in swing bowling at the WACA Ground for generations, Sipthorpe believed Optus Stadium actually had the potential to be a swing bowler’s paradise. “It swung prodigiously the first two days of the Shield game (between WA and New South Wales). It seems to be something about the venue, it maybe just seems to lock in a bit of humidity or something,” he said. Sipthorpe, an Australian who spent a decade in charge at Wellington’s Basin Reserve and Westpac Stadium, developed a reputation for producing lively pitches in New Zealand. He believed the proliferation of Twenty20 cricket meant it was more important than ever that Test match conditions allowed for a genuine battle between bat and ball. “Particularly in the long form of the game, I love seeing bowlers take it up to the batsmen and have a real battle. Because in Twenty20 now, the bowlers are just on the receiving end of a hiding all the time,” Sipthorpe said. “I want to see Test cricket. I want to see the bowlers with the upper hand for a change and they can really get into the batsmen. Pace and bounce gives them that weaponry. “I don’t think anyone wants to see flat five-day cricket. I think people would prefer to see it go for three and a half, four days, but exciting, tough, dour cricket. Rather than bowlers on the receiving end for five days and you end up with a dull draw. “I’d like to see it go day four, if it stretches into day five that’s great. The main thing is to get a result.” The only other ground that’s got the potential to be that fiery, bouncy pitch is our one. https://www.perthnow.com.au/sport/cricket/optus-stadium-curator-tips-fiery-wicket-for-second-test-between-australia-and-india-ng-b881044163z
  9. Mosher

    Take a bow Shami and Bumrah

    Bowled really well as a team. Ishant did a decent job but needs to do more and take care of those no balls. That ball to Head though was a ripper.
  10. Vihari for Rohit and Kuldeep in for Ashwin.
  11. Ishant has to do something about those damn no balls. He should bowl atleast a couple of inches behind the crease.
  12. And Kuldeep will be hard to pick for the tailenders.
  13. Expected Shami to bowl atleast a few deliveries over 145k. Hopefully in Perth he will bowl quicker.
  14. Too much stress to watch these *ers. But what a match lol.

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