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  1. No Ngidi. SA going in with an extra batsman. Defensive move.
  2. This match was in played in Pakistan right?
  3. Nepal is another country which is nuts about cricket. Good that they got ODI status. An Asia cup involving India, Pak, Afghan, Bang, SL and Nepal will be epic.
  4. How a boot camp rebooted Dinesh Karthik’s career

    Kudos to Nayar. Didn't know he was mentoring DK.
  5. Karthik vs Saha

    Saha is a superman behind the stumps. DK is an average keeper. Can't afford to have DK as a keeper with the shitty slip catchers we have. Maybe we can try DK as a batsman.
  6. Sundar is the find of the tournament. Looks like he belongs at this level. Shankar is not a good T20 batsman atm. He should be given a chance in ODI/tests. He looks more of a proper batsman. Shardul should be given more chances. Siraj needs to go back to domestic cricket and work on bowling yorkers. Unadkat should never play for India again.
  7. Yes. No doubt about it. Respect to @Khota for calling it right. Hope its curtains for consolidator Dhoni.
  8. DK>Dhoni

    Great bump Can't believe India played a poor T20 player like Dhoni all these years over DK.
  9. @Austin 3:!6 How are the Bangladeshs doing at the Toyger forum?
  10. From now on MODS please ban anyone who calls DK a MENTAL MIDGET.
  12. Chutiyas wasting time. *ing assholes.
  13. Pandey goes after screwing India. Hopefully this is his last match in T20. Will our selectors wake up and stop selecting consolidators like Pandey???
  14. 4 dots. Shankar can't even connect.

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