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Everything posted by Mosher

  1. Banana swing from BK. Warner hiding.
  2. This pitch has something in it for our pacers. But the wrist spinners might struggle due to the dew.
  3. Hey that's a six. That ball crossed the 30 yard circle.
  4. Bumrah gone. Chahal in now. The spectators better watch out.
  5. Bumrah batting is as funny as his fielding.
  6. Jadhav gone too. Great delivery from Zampa.
  7. Hope we get smashed. Cant believe Rahul is benched for these guys.
  8. Dhawan gone too. Great catch from Warner. Behrendroff gets his 4th wicket. What a spell!
  9. 666 from Jadhav. Short arm jab. Great shot.
  10. Nasty 145k bouncer from Nile to Dhawan.
  11. Yeah. Rohit and Kohli were out to deliveries which came back in while Pandey was out to a ball which went on straight with the angle.
  12. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    Its posted in the match thread.

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