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  1. Poor over from Kaul. Bowling short at 128k's will not work.
  2. Very good catch from Rohit. Chahal picks up his 1st wicket.
  3. Not just talking about today's match. I feel he has not been at his best for sometime now. Can't expect Kuldeep to perform well every match.
  4. Umesh is a backup bowler and is only playing because Bhuvi/Bumrah are injured. Chahal is a regular in our LOI side. Needs to do a lot more than just be economical. Only reason he has replaced Jadeja is because he picked wickets in the middle overs. He needs to get back to doing that.
  5. Chahal has been poor. This is like watching Jaddu bowl. Pick no wickets and go for 4-5 rpo. Defensive bowling which is of no use. Just helping the batsman get set.
  6. Nothing in this pitch for bowlers. This will be a good test for our batsmen. This middle order needs to be tested.
  7. Looking for wickets. Odd short ball is fine but that ball was not high enough.
  8. This pitch is super flat. Expect carnage today if Kuldeep doesn't pick up wickets.
  9. Umesh bowling around 135-140k. Needs to bowl quicker. Hint of swing for him.
  10. Could have been a catch. But dropped short. Good ball from Umesh. Dhoni diving.

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