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  1. Mosher

    No Pant in 1st T20 - Blame it on Dhoni!!

    Kohli is not the one to say "We are playing same 11" crap even when getting pounded from behind repeatedly. We have already seen that in tests and ODI's. Expect some changes in the next match.
  2. This is his first game. Let him play a few as captain. Too early a call for this.
  3. Bashed. Hope this is a wake up call for Kohli, Kumble and the selectors.
  4. Kuldeep instead of Rasool would have been a much better choice.
  5. Pant, Hooda, Kuldeep, Sarfaraz and Nathu should be in the T20 squad.
  6. Chahal on fire! Another wicket!
  7. Sarfaraz is another exciting talent. Needs to be given chances if he improves his fitness.
  8. Should have played BK today. Bumrah has looked out of form in the ODI series too.
  9. Look at the England batsmen go. What a shot by Billings for a 6!
  10. Pandey is a misfit at no.6. Need him bat higher or bring in Pant to bat at no.6.
  11. Dhoni missed out on a full toss there.
  12. Finally Dhoni going bang bang. 2 back to back 4's.
  13. Cmon bro what tuk tuk batting? Look at that awesome running between the wickets. Kya fitness hai Dhoni ka. Amazing.
  14. Another good over for England. Cmon Dhoni try and hit some big ones.
  15. Mills will get a nice IPL contract. He has bowled well till now. Good back of the hand slower ones mixed up with quick deliveries. Want to see if he can bowl good yorkers.
  16. Pandya gone! More crap batting from India.

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