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  1. Mosher

    Very pleased to see the improved accuracy of our pacers

    Yep just noticed that too. That ball was bowled cross seam. Cross seamed deliveries usually bounce more if the ball hits the seam or can keep low if it doesn't. @rkt.india @express bowling What do you think? http://www.bcci.tv/videos/id/4362/drs-dressing-room-review-system
  2. Mosher

    Aussies have poked a sleeping grizzly bear! Mistake

    This thread is Gold.
  3. I didn't say all Dhoni fans wanted India to lose. Some who were looking for a India loss had to eat humble pies later on. Every one here has their favorite players. Nobody is neutral here. Nobody is a saint. But as fans of Indian cricket I hope we can find a middle ground and not go back and forth everytime. But I know this is wishful thinking.
  4. Mosher

    What's all this Team India nonsense?

    Its just a nice term to use and get behind as fans. Similar to "bleed blue".
  5. Ishant is a legend. He has launched a million memes with that face.
  6. Mosher

    Very pleased to see the improved accuracy of our pacers

    Agree. Good use of bouncer is missing. It has to be a surprise delivery. Umesh and Ishant have been guilty of not bowling it at all or over doing it. This is where Shami is ahead of the other bowlers. But all these 4 bowlers are gelling together as a good fast bowling unit. The real test will be the tours abroad on pitches which are conducive to fast bowling where they will have to take a leading role in picking wickets rather than a supporting role which they are doing at home.
  7. Mosher

    Let's not forget Pujara here

    Lets not forget Rahane too. I thought he would fail again but top innings under pressure.
  8. Where did I say you wanted India to lose?
  9. Mosher

    What a spell from Starc!

    Good. It will make this series even more exciting for the viewers. Will our batsmen step up and handle this heat next time they face-off?
  10. Mosher

    Steve smith is a cheater

    This IS mental disintegration. Well done Kohli.
  11. You came late I guess. I think there were some 5-6 threads relentlessly bashing and trolling Kohli for his "poor" captaincy and his support for "phaaasst" bowlers after India lost just 1 test match. This intensified after India's 1st innings debacle and many of them had to eat humble pie after India won. So they are just getting it back. This kind of **** has been happening back and forth here. Nothing new.
  12. That was savage from Kohli
  13. Nice light hearted interview with Ishant and Umesh. We get to see some insight into the camaraderie between our fast bowlers - Shami, Umesh, Ishant and BK and their thought process. http://www.hotstar.com/sports/cricket/india-vs-australia-2017/m182437/match-clips/ishant-enjoy-sledging-against-oz/2001902208
  14. Mosher

    Test cricket at its best

    What a test match! That Ishant face is the like the cherry on top
  15. Mosher

    Let's not forget Pujara here

    Top innings from Pujara
  16. Congrats Kohli and India! Great comeback. But job is still half done. Need to show the same intensity in the next matches too.
  17. That ICF whatsapp group screenshots which @Cricketics had posted. I think that thread got deleted. So much hate for Kohli.
  18. Didnt see Kohli press conference. What did he say?
  19. That Cricketics whatsapp post is an eye opener too. So much hate for Kohli
  20. Not all. Few of them are decent posters. Its one particular troll and that troll as expected has gone scurrying back to its hole after too many self goals.
  21. Mosher

    India v Australia, 2nd Test, Bangalore

    Lol did he say that .

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