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  1. What would your India A team look like

    Good team bro. I feel Aaron too should be in the mix.
  2. Umesh is not a good T20 bowler. He should play tests. He may be a better choice than these lot but we should try some young pacers like Kaleel/Khejroliya/Thampi instead.
  3. Why don't these bowlers bowl more yorkers? Always over bowl the slower balls and get smashed.
  4. 136k from Unadkat. He's just getting started. BD watch out
  5. Shankar has been doing a decent job with the ball in this tournament. Today is his off day.
  6. Chahal getting his mojo back. DM overload on his twitter today.
  7. Another very good over from Sundar.
  8. The Unadkat mystery

    This squad also had a young Umesh Yadav but a trundler like Unadkat played ahead of him
  9. 50% of the wickets should go to Unadkat
  10. Shakib call your batsmen this is chitting
  11. * you Dsport. Assholes can't wait even a second to show ads. *ing cunts!

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