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  1. Pant brings up his 50 with a 6.
  2. 148k delivery whipped for a 4 with ease by Pant.
  3. Mosher

    No trundler policy

    Agree with the no trundler policy in tests. Only exception is if someone is as skillful as Bhuvi.
  4. Roach and Gabriel are a decent pair. Roach will join the team next match.
  5. Gabriel can be handful if he gets going. Pace, bounce and seam.
  6. What a shot from Shaw. 4444.
  7. Mosher

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Thanks. The way he runs in, his bowling action is a bit like Umesh.
  8. Mosher

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Bro any bowling videos of Darshan?
  9. Mosher

    WI tour to India - Warm up game.

    Rahul Chahar and Shreyas Gopal need to be groomed.
  10. Mosher

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Why has Khejroliya not played any games so far?
  11. This is very unfair. Same thing happened with Aaron. He was dropped after he got injured. No communication from the management after that. It would help the payers if the management is clear in their communication on what they are looking for in a player and where they are lacking, so that they can go back to domestic cricket and work on it.
  12. That's pathetic. Dhoni has no shame.
  13. Sad this stat doesn't capture his pointing skills. He will be right up there with the best pointers of the game. "Bsdk idhar dekh le. Udhar kya dekh raha hai?" If Dhoni goes, will Pant keep up with the pointing?
  14. Looks like DK the mental midget will get out anytime.
  15. Why do they bowl short to Rohit lol. Smacked for a 6.
  16. Calm before the storm. He will unleash his rage on the Toygers once he comes to bat.
  17. Not watching now, is he whining about that stumping?

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