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  1. Looking for wickets. Odd short ball is fine but that ball was not high enough.
  2. This pitch is super flat. Expect carnage today if Kuldeep doesn't pick up wickets.
  3. Umesh bowling around 135-140k. Needs to bowl quicker. Hint of swing for him.
  4. Could have been a catch. But dropped short. Good ball from Umesh. Dhoni diving.
  5. Need a front on view of that wicket. Will be interesting to see where his palm is facing when he delivers that ball. Any links to those TNPL wickets?
  6. Whose wicket was that? https://www.hotstar.com/sports/cricket/afghanistans-tour-of-india-2018/185950/match-clips/india-hand-afghans-record-thrashing/2001614884
  7. Gavaskar getting dumber as he gets older
  8. Training needs to a combination of sprinting and gym. As fast bowlers also need to strengthen their core, legs, back and shoulders which are also very important for a fast bowler.
  9. Even Umesh Yadav and Nehra used to run /sprint a lot when they were young.
  10. Mosher

    Ind A vs WI A, Taunton, day 4.live stream

    Good innings by Pant. Hope he plays another good innings against the strong Lions team next match.
  11. Kuldeep has to play in tests but Chahal in tests is a big NO.
  12. My point is even if some trundlers bowl 130k with control they will not turn into a McGrath because more often than not they lack the bounce to trouble the batsman.
  13. Shreyas Gopal would be a better pick. Turns the ball big and has a good googly and slider. Held his own against AB in IPL. Decent batsman too.
  14. Mosher

    Project Raina never dies

  15. I had posted this in the McGrath thread a few days back. Great article. "If I could have bowled 100 miles per hour I would have bowled at 100 miles per hour, there's no doubt about that," McGrath told cricket.com.au. "But when I spoke to the best batsmen in the world – Lara, Tendulkar, the Aussie boys – they said it's always harder to face someone bowling mid-130s that really gets that bounce to someone bowling high 140s that skids the ball on." "I didn't intentionally slow down to get control, it was just the way things turned out. "I was trying to bowl as quick as I could. Important to note that McGrath always bowled as quick as he could. Also its important to note the bounce aspect of a medium pacer before bringing up McGrath in a debate on Fast bowlers vs Medium pacers. Not every trundler will be successful just because he bowls 130k with control.
  16. Mosher

    Ind A vs WI A, Taunton, day 4.live stream

    Ripsnorter from Siraj.
  17. Bouncers are of no use if he bowls them at this pace.

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