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  1. Baby over Wheeler bowled 2 above waist full tosses and so is out of the attack.
  2. Want to see someone like Pant opening the innings in T20's instead of Dhawan.
  3. Yeah its baffling that Guptill didn't get picked in IPL. He is such a clean striker of the ball. He hit some huge sixes today off Stanlake who was bowling 147-148k's.
  4. India's over reliance on top 3

    Taking time doesn't mean wasting deliveries. They can play low risk cricket by taking 1's and 2's initially. We need to find players like Raina who used to keep the scoreboard ticking right from ball one and change gears when needed. Not saying Raina will do that job now.
  5. Haryana 35/6 vs Odisha. Deepak Behera running through Haryana. 7-2-15-5 so far.
  6. India's over reliance on top 3

    Surprising to see Pandya's dot ball % being so high.
  7. India's over reliance on top 3

    India's top 3 have been excellent. But we can't expect them to play through the innings every time. As mentioned in the article when the top 3 batsman get out before the 40th over, the RR drops to 7 in the last 10 overs. The problem is with the RR and not how many runs they score. That's an area for improvement in the Indian team. From the article "170 for 3. 178 for 1. 171 for 2. These were India's scores at the end of the 30th over in the last three ODIs of the South Africa tour, each time batting first. Teams often target to double the score from the 30th over, especially when there are enough number of wickets in hand, and of late the launch point has even shifted to the 35th over. India ended up scoring 303 for 6, 289 for 7 and 274 for 7 respectively, underwhelming on each occasion."
  8. Ishant and Pujara doing the right thing. Wish Umesh had gone there too instead of playing IPL.
  9. I think Siraj will be a better fit for the ODI's.
  10. Bat: Rohit Bowl: Shami 1st choice if he plays. If not then Ngidi. Field: Kohli
  11. What are the * are these guys implying???
  12. Changes for the sixth ODI

    Rest Bumrah and Bk. Bumrah has been playing non-stop and Bk has been poor. Time to bring in Shami and Shardul.
  13. Congrats Kohli and team. If we sort out our middle order by throwing out the deadwoods we will be unstoppable!
  14. Kuldeep and Chahal - Fan Club

    6 more wickets. Spin twins have played a major role in our 1st series win in SA.
  15. Yeah that's really poor. He needs a bit of rest. Shami should play the next game.

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