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  1. Yeah. Great that Dhoni spent some time in the middle. Who cares about 53 SR?
  2. Dhoni doesn't need practice matches. ODI matches like these are his practice games. Take your own sweet time old man. No hurry.
  3. Now the fun starts. Let's see what this experienced middle order will do.
  4. When Bk was bowling well in death overs he used to bowl really good accurate yorkers and mix it with slower balls. Nowadays he is not able to bowl accurate yorkers and ends up relying too much on the slower bowl and gets punished.
  5. Khaleel looking to bowl quicker in his 2nd spell. Bowling 133-139k.
  6. Someone has probably messed with his action/wrists maybe Zaheer or Arun in search for that inswinger to right hander. Don't know for sure though. But now neither does he move the ball or bowl quick.
  7. Those guys cut down on pace after they got injured. This guy is still young and has started to trundle after playing in a couple of series.
  8. Khaleel was fast. He was bowling in the 140's with the quickest being 148k's but started trundling in the 130's after Asia cup lol
  9. Mosher

    So the avg. age of our Batting Unit is 33+

    Needs more experience

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