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  1. He is wiry but is not malnourished. He is quite fit. Bowled 140k's in his last spell. With some strength training work with the Indian support staff he can get even more quicker and stronger.
  2. I think only VVS has talked about it. When Khaleel was bowling yesterday he was praising him and said how these days Indian kids want to bowl fast and not compromise on pace. But Sunny and Manju live in their own la la lands where every Indian bowler is a trundler.
  3. Our selectors also had a plan. Unadkat. Good that we have finally moved on from that useless bowler. Hope Khaleel gets an extended run and he does well. So that selectors can get it into their thick heads about the value of a left arm quick.
  4. Sunny kept mentioning Amir's pace when he bowled one 143k ball but don't think he said anything when Bumrah bowled many 145k deliveries. He is just as bad as Manju when hyping up Pakistani bowlers.
  5. 143k from Shinwari. Skiddy pace.
  6. What pace was Shinwari bowling at? I thought he was more of a swing bowler.
  7. Amir will most likely crank it up.
  8. Bumrah gets his 2nd wicket with a brilliant yorker at 145k.

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