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  1. I have subscribed to Hotstar. Hardly any delay. Who's commentating in Kannada?
  2. Mosher

    Vijay Shankar at 4 can be a good option

    If the team management has any brain they will kick Raydud out and make Shankar the no.4 batsman.
  3. Peach from Bumrah. Rest this guy from IPL FFS. Need him fit for WC.
  4. That was a really good yorker from Shami.
  5. Raydud you *ing idiot. What a shitty fielder.
  6. Bumrah you beauty! Please clean up the next batsman.
  7. Out? That would be a great catch from the old man.
  8. There was no improvement in his bowling. He is the same bowler he was before. He got dropped because he didn't pick wickets in the middle overs. Don't know how he made a comeback.
  9. Jaddu is useless when we need wickets. Chahal should have played.
  10. Jaddu needs go for some shots now. Kohli is looking tired.
  11. Better to have Shankar instead of Raydud. Shankar is a much better batsman against pacers and can give you 3-4 overs when needed.

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