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  1. Drift, turn and bounce for Kuldeep. He is a must for tests.
  2. Bring on Umesh/Pandya and bowl some bouncers to Mooen bhai.
  3. Need to get Buttler out soon
  4. He can bowl flippers too. Though not with as much control at the moment. He is just a fantastic talent.
  5. In interviews he keeps saying he will never cut down on his pace as that is his x-factor. Frustrating to see him trundling.
  6. Kuldeep traps Root plumb in front
  7. Don't know who has advised Umesh to bowl slower Looks like he will bowl within himself in tests too.
  8. Rest BK. Don't want him to aggravate his back injury bowling on these lifeless pitches. Need him to be fully fit for tests. It will be a good idea to rotate Umesh too and play Shardul and Kaul. Its going to be wrist spinners and batsmen who will decide the series.
  9. Mosher

    Two new balls

    Read somewhere that they are testing a new ball which is much harder and so won't go out of shape soon.
  10. Mosher

    With Saha in doubt, Pant must play England

    Bouncer from Mavi injured his thumb during IPL.
  11. Mosher

    Captain and Vice captain !!!

    Kohli is a great captain in making but he should really improve his team selections.
  12. Mosher

    D Chahar- quick rise to first team

    Then they could have selected Rajpoot. Tall outswing bowler who bowls with decent control and pace. Can bowl yorkers and slower ones too.
  13. Mosher

    Workload management of bowlers

    Tour has just started and already 2 of our main pacers are out injured. Shows the lack of planning by the team management in managing the workload. There was no need to play Bumrah against a minnow team like Ireland. Bhuvi should be rested for the ODI series and Umesh needs to be rotated for the ODI series. Is Shami selected for ODI's?
  14. Pandya should have been the M.O.M
  15. Brilliant all round performance from Pandya
  16. Brilliant 100 from Rohit
  17. Manju won't shut up talking about Rohit's 100
  18. Pandya toying with the bowler
  19. 4 now. Pandya on fire!
  20. 666 Pandya. What a shot!

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