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  1. Even SA players want to see Rohit's 200.
  2. Waiting for Rahane and Dhoni to bat together. Battle of the consolidators
  3. Kohli injured? Should take a break for the next few matches.
  4. Finally 50 for Rohit after many attempts
  5. How is it racial abuse when both are of same race? Its just abuse.
  6. One more ODI to go. Game starts at 4.30.
  7. Hooda 161 off 124 balls. 9 sixes.
  8. Weeding out deadwoods. But How?

    Consolidating doesn't mean playing dot balls which Dhoni does these days a lot. Forget about hitting 4's and 6's he struggles to even rotate the strike and sucks up the momentum. We need a busy player at 4 who will keep rotating the strike with 1's and 2's and then change gears when needed. Dhoni fails at both.
  9. Khaleel and Nagarkoti playing today vs MP.
  10. Bat: Duminy Bowl: Bumrah Field: Klaasen
  11. Hit 7 sixes in that 93. He is in some good form. He scored 100 in some 70 odd balls few days back.
  12. Rest the pacers and Kohli too. Replace Dhoni with Pant. No Karthik. Play a team with real youngsta beauties.
  13. 5.3-0- 68 -1

    Off day for Chahal. Its ok.

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