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  1. Ashwin will get bowled or LBW to Rabada any moment now.
  2. Kohli the batsman is class. But the fans attacking him here is because of his team selections.
  3. Ashwin's batting is reminding of how Kumble used to bat when he was under the pump.
  4. Ashwin too not grounding the bat. Can't even get the basics right. Shameful!
  5. Ashwin being peppered with short ones. Moron Pandya
  6. Pathetic from Pandya! * OFF WITH THAT LAZY APPROACH
  7. Bishop, Moody and Ganguly were going gaga over these kids because of their pace. Ganguly even tweeted to Kohli and BCCI to take care of these kids. But I guess these guys don't know anything about cricket. We should only stick to trundlers because every trundler is accurate like McGrath and only swing is enough to get wickets at the international level.
  8. Porel didn't bowl after he twisted his ankle. Don't know the extent of his injury.
  9. Pandya should be careful of one quick full delivery from Morkel
  10. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Its ok he can score attractive 30-40 runs.
  11. Kohli just can't resist poking at the ball outside offstump.
  12. Parthiv needs to score a 100 to make up for his drops.

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