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  1. Brilliant 100 from Rohit
  2. Manju won't shut up talking about Rohit's 100
  3. Pandya toying with the bowler
  4. 4 now. Pandya on fire!
  5. 666 Pandya. What a shot!
  6. 4 more. Great shot from Pandya
  7. Need a big over now
  8. What a shot from Kohli! Wow!
  9. Planning to watch it. Heard its good. Especially Nawazuddin's acting.
  10. Cheeky from Rohit. Brilliant batting.
  11. Bhajji should be in Roadies and not be a commentator.
  12. Top cut shot from Rohit
  13. Rohit beast mode on?
  14. We should be glad that at least he doesn't thigh slap when he gets out

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