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  1. Bumrah being hammered today. India should have batted first.
  2. Bumrah and Bk have bowled quite a few deliveries on the middle and leg today.
  3. That's very impressive pace in this heat. Bro what about bowlers from other teams?
  4. Mosher

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Nathu is still not in the playing 11.
  5. Hope Khaleel plays in place of Chahal for the final. His pace and bounce and his slower ones will come in handy on this pitch.
  6. Jayasuriya. Prasad getting hammered at the hands of Jayasuriya is still fresh in my mind. So is Manoj Prabhakar getting smashed and then he started bowling spin.
  7. Mosher

    Pathetic middle order is an understatement

    That will solve a lot of problems and Kohli has a stellar record at 4. But will he let go of the no.3 position?
  8. Mosher

    Pathetic middle order is an understatement

    I am talking about when Kohli comes back.
  9. Mosher

    Pathetic middle order is an understatement

    As many of us "negative" fans have been saying for some time now, this is a weak ass middle order. This team will keep getting exposed more and more against good bowling teams. If the top 3 ends up getting out cheaply we will struggle to put up a good score or struggle to chase 260+ scores. Not much time left to strengthen this weak middle order. Hope this doesn't come back and bite us in the ass during crucial matches in the WC.
  10. Khaleel has already shown he can bowl around the wicket and go wider of the crease and use the angles intelligently.
  11. Another instance of captain cool losing his cool. The mask keeps slipping away.
  12. Khaleel can bowl quicker. His quickest has been 145k on this tour but have seen him clocking 148k in domestic cricket. Early days in his career but he has already shown that he is a smart bowler. He has a good yorker, bouncer and slower ball. Can bowl round the wicket without losing control. He should get more games now. Want to see how he performs against better teams.
  13. I am talking about his intent to score which we are seeing here, goes missing in other games. It's like he is content to score a 50 at 65-70 SR. Padding up stats.
  14. Rayudu who usually tuks tuks is jumping around the crease smashing the bowlers. Wonder why he doesn't bat with this approach in other matches.
  15. Rayudu smashed that like he did to that old man.
  16. I think Biryani will play like he did in IPL today and go back to his tuk tuk next match when KL won't be there in the team.

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