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  1. Actually Sundar is very calm. Doesn't get rattled under pressure. Hopefully he will comeback well.
  2. MI back in it. Awful over from Sundar.
  3. Good counterattack from MI. Not consolidating.
  4. Umesh 144k. Back to his normal pace today.
  5. Umesh bowling some beauties. Beautiful outswingers at 140k.
  6. Kishan gone too! Umesh you beauty! What a ball!
  7. Its the crappy hairstyle that's lucky for him :p
  8. Yes he does but want the kid to get some confidence by picking wickets.
  9. Give Mavi another over and clean this up.
  10. The dreaded short ball from the spinner claims another batsman. Pant out
  11. Proper shots today bro. No cross batted slogs till now.
  12. Pant if he calms down a bit early on. He can really punish the bowlers. For those who say he doesn't have a off side game have not seen his batting much.

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